how you've been a busy boy
all banged up
reclining in your freshly
donned hospital gown
dictating love lines
oh so eloquently
might I add
to a pretty young Doctor's assistant
as you emote
to further astound
a beautiful image for the mind to
you all bruised up in bandages
fighting pain
as you profess Glorious Compliments Of Love
is the stuff romantic fervor
shamelessly inspires
to fluidly proclaim
and you sir have it blessedly down pat
a near criminal poetic
in a wounded sick patient's attire
kiss me
and tell me
to what ends
does thy love
steep such flame
dare I even ask
need I to know
not at all
I say
for you write it in your
every word
speak it in your every thought
sing it in your every song
your own heart hails only
from the finest goodness
there is
that of God..................
(June 22,2010 513pm)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own even whilest he wiles away his days recovering from his wounds in a hospital's bed. Ah but it is so true, true love knows no blockades worthy of its passage to the heart it beseeches. Well done my love, I read every one of your latest testimonies of my supposed unparalleled wonderfulness. ILU2 thank you!

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