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debating, talking, cooking, painting, reading and writing, making more sense out of this life.

My life is 30% relaxation, 20% hard-work, and 50% nothing. In that nothingness, i find madness, the sadness of life, and the impossibility of existential realization.

I love poetry to the extent that sometimes i think of marrying it. I am mercurial for I easily switch interests: from arts, to sciences, to acting, to debating, to poetry, then back to my favorite - myself.

I'm a bibliophile. My collection is extensive. I rarely read them, though. I simply adore books. I find half my life by just looking at how magnificent these things are.

I believe that I'm still in my growth-gap years; that one day, I'll wake up seeing myself 7 inches taller (yeah, seven is perfect!) than what I was the previous day. But just in case I won't, I'll still be happy - I'm blessed with other things.

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A black hole :)

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the greatest enjoyment is - to live dangerously. Build your cities on the slopes of Vesuvius! Send your ships into un-charted seas. Live at war with your peers and yourselves!


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