in all the swirling confusing muck
a lovely sort of surprise arrived
'A Sliver Of Sunshine' rested upon
my mind
my beloved's youngest daughter
posted me a message
so terribly concerned herself
about her father's accident
we managed to console each other
with lighthearted chatter
amid cherished tidbits of he
as he is at home with she and
her brothers
in all the fear that lingered
behind the warm facade I put on
for her
she made me smile
her tails shared about the man we both
so dearly love
was damn adorable but for the lingering
fear we both kept in check
I'd like to think I helped
I gave as many reassurances as I could
he's a tough guy
I reminded
and he's a fighter
it was nice to spend time with her
one so very much like him
as I felt if I can't be near or a part of him
in such moments being with someone so
much a part of him is the next best thing
talking to her gave me peace
perhaps maybe even a tiny insight into
how things could one day be
life with her, her brothers and him
their dad along side me
a family...................
(June 19, 2010 6am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

written after having a lovely conversation with the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own, his daughter and how our conversation eased both our fears a bit at least for those moments speaking.

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