shock injects its bitter venom
is this happening yet again
the heart beats so numb
so far then so close
now once again
back to so far
have faith my love
repeatedly says
I do
Lord knows I do
but I'm so tired
it's a sick game of
soon but not soon
I hate drama of any sort
its pointless and crushes
those its weight falls upon
I just want to escape
all this madness
Tom Petty sang it best
'The Waiting Is The Hardest Part'
if it was all really easy I guess
in the end we'd not appreciate
so strongly what we have
but this back tail chewing gets to me
I just want him safe
and I just want him here
not wounded and so far away
I don't like being scared
and made to feel uncertain
knocked about by Grim Circumstance
my heart bleeds tears and disbelief
I feel like an immobile statue
who just discovered it has a beating heart
Insulate me God
I pray
I need safety in all this crazy
unstoppable madness
I leave it all in your hands
everything will turn out only
as you intend it to
and whatever that outcome is
in its reality
I will abide
heartache or no heartache.............
(June 18, 2010 647pm)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my initial reaction upon learning the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own was in a terrible auto accident. Blessedly, I have since learned from he, himself that he will recover alright but at the time of writing this poem I did not know anything.

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