Nonscence And Reality

2008 brushes by leaving dabs smeared with crys..

Dragging into the next leaves deeper falls of greater importance,

A person left with a head full of memories,

And the things in between lye there waiting to be clinged,

These choices all hear em..they make sound,

But is it real? is it true?

Hurry they're waiting! waiting for you,

I don't want to go, can I stay here lost,

I would love some time to ponder,

Distant eyes filled of lies,

The difference between nonscence and reality,

Just a tad bit more complicated than it seems,

Simple things in life mean more,

Little attractions bring bigger reactions,

I feel empty but I look whole,

Maybe some day I'll truly know,

Looking Looking Looking..

But seeing isnt believing,

Free me, Free me,

I would want it so badly if faces wouldnt look at me so madly

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February 6, 2010

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