red light fuck me

do i not proceed, with a dead stare,

and a dead touch?

do i thank you very much?

do i give such a fuck?

do i stop when i proceed do i proceed when i stop?

do i drink when you drink?

do you drink when i die?

do you care. do you care?

when my mind explodes and my paint follows

do you understand?

does anybody do?

when your alone do you feel like your two?

that its not sufficient?

incredible am i, no. you dont care?

lets talk fuck up shit

i hate your family and friends there already dead, with their dead brain and meth.

meth? okay lets not sleep are you going to tell me your secrets? how do you breath?

trough organ functions or other peoples actions?

is my brain dead? no i speak non stop, because i am alive!!!!

lets talk some more!

gore? gore? gore?

why do you love me?

do i roar when you poke?

i write bullshit poetry for you, what do you do?

ok im almost brain dead i guess you'll read when you'll understand  !!!!!!!!!!!

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