does it call for love?


does this call for wisdom?

is the human number 666?

i disagree its is a fake it is not genuine

i am clean and good

no evil. i hear no, i see no, i fucking speak no!!!

take my hand if you dare i am not simple

i require high maintenance and a sense of understanding

comprehend what you hold when you hold my hand

like nothing else i proceed quick

a run away trail

a run away train

no stop no hesitance no backlash

just proceed. do you bleed?

when you do, do you think?

does it make you think who you are? does it make you think if you are you real?

do you feel? can you feel me?

am i real?

am i not?

do i stop when i move? do i move when i stop?

do you understand when i talk?

when i drink do you await?

do you feel who i am ?

do you love a person like me?

i'll bleed for you, will you bleed for me?

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about a person i care so much about

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