here I sit
bankrupt of thought
lured into stale conversations
I've had a thousand times before
mindless interaction
an oxymoron perhaps?
where there is much of nothing
can anything remotely real
hope to be attached
I sit a top a wall
doubting anything but
a fairy tale fall
Humpty Dumpty be not I
and lack luster
one syllable conversationalists
(another oxymoron likely here)
holds no willing hostage to try
surprise, surprise
well, what do you know
first impressions can sometimes
be miscued
a pearl slipped out and fell to my feet
from a pile of slimy old sea shells
imagine that
that pearl being you
my new friend Sandeep...........
June 22, 2010 404am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for a new chat friend whom I thought would be boring and shallow but turned out to be deep and interesting. Altruistic in fact. Learning this changed my wrongful first impression of him and this poem came to me.

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