Hating Me

I look down at myself there is nothing to see

I don’t feel beautiful

I want to feel free

Free of my body free from this mind

Nothing I do is good enough

I can never walk the line

Failing every day of my life

Pull it to my lips

And swallow hard not thinking of my hips

And legs and my broken heart

Hours later it’s a knot in my throat

Hours later regret and anger

Why do I do this to myself?

Where is the will power I once held?

I used to cry at night hating the face in the mirror

And then I was calloused and careless

Eating, eating, EATING

Where do I turn now?

How do I succeed?

My world is turned upside down

I want to bleed out

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't like myself anymore!

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Thank you Craig. You're awesome