A Friend Forever

Christ will forsake me never; He is indeed my friend forever,

He had offered His life, for me, so that I could live eternally,

And He had approached me first, even as I was at my worst,

God came into my life that day; and Christ moved in to stay.

It began the day I read His Word, about things I never heard,

The more of His Word I read, the more I believed all He said,

About God’s Son and Who He is, and how by Faith I am His,

A child of God’s Own Family; to be with Him through eternity.

He is a Friend, unlike any other, Lord and God, yet a Brother,

The One, who for me, had died, walks daily, right by my side,

As God said He’d never leave, from the moment I did believe,

And He’s with me every day, helping me on life’s Narrow Way.

Christ put me on this path, when for me, He took God’s Wrath,

When with God, I was at enmity; He put God at peace with me;

Removing all my fear and dread, He fills me with hope instead,

While on a path towards Eternity, which began back at Calvary.

On this earth, I never walk alone, since I am one of God’s Own,

While upon that path to Paradise, with my Savior, Jesus Christ,

And as I leave this world of sin, my life with God will just begin,

In Heaven forever I will spend, with my Savior, Lord and Friend.

(Copyright ©06/2010)

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