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Devon, England

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im a very active person, i like to go on walks/runs, cycling, going swimming, playing sports or generaly just going out with my friends. Love taking photos as well.

I also love listening to music (any genre) and watching films. i am very into photography and like to go out and take picturs when the weather is right.

Im Steve, i'm 21 and from England. I have only been writing poetry really for a couple of years. Before that i wrote short stories, but i feel that my poems say more about me/my life/my emotions than any story ever could.

I am a funny, kind, great person to get to know, so please don't hesitate to comment or add me on msn, bebo, myspace or facebook


I'm currently working and doing a management course at college, and i'm not too sure what i want out of life yet.
I like taking pictures, i try to catch as much detail/emotion as i can with my limited photography talents, on my facebook page i've got some of my photo's i've taken, take a look.

Can't really think of anything else to say, so i'll update this soon.


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Don't really know what navel means :-(


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