ah, there is the crest
for romance
where thee stands
lone discreet wolf
heralded as man
blight less warrior
of fabled amour
tempted tempter
more alluring than before
sweetest shade willow
sunning his branches all
standing guard to protect
the damp fragile feathers
of his glorious lady loon
Sir Lancelot would be proud
Sir Galahad t' would indeed
deeply bow
whilest the world would sigh
even though she would not
fully know why
you smile inside thus so
radiating your spirit's arch of
male loveliness personified
beaming now from your
prominent male visage
simply because
your Articulate Beloved
happened to stroll by
leaving the more observant
on lookers to ponder
why are those two standing apart
so wide
ah because the moment is not yet ours
to fully reply
ah but just you wait world
big dramatic sigh
for our path is near
and it's just about to be all ours
to do with and decide.............
(June 15, 2010 127am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own.

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Muhammad Naveed Ahmed's picture

You make sigh
You make me cry
Inwardly I shed
Till I fall asleep
Hugging your picture
And not remembering
Anything but
That I cried and cried
And just like the nightingale
That loves to feel the red rose's stab
piercing thorn-like that red dagger
I knew not even the moment I gave you
All my redness and happily died...
Would love to do so every night
For I love you like the truths
That still glorify the pages
Of God's pure heavenly scriptures.