My Strength


I'll never let you take away who I am.

I will never let you take away who I've always been.

You will never crush my spirit.

You will never crush my determination.

You cannot, you will not limit me.

I will succeed in all that i do.

I will prevail.

I am stronger than that.

I am stronger than I knew.

I'm not sad, I'm not angry.

I may be sick, I may get tired,

but I will get a second wind

and I will push through.

Nothing will hold me down.

I am stronger than my disease.

My strength is my MS.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Multiple Sclerosis sucks... but you know what, I have it, it doesn't have me! I'm making MS my bitch! Lol :)

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Loaded and ready To fall apart's picture

Like the poem... you're very confident in yourself and that's believing that you can defeat it you having the confidence you will, and by believing that God is with you to help, you will defeat it.....

btw..what is Multiple Sclerosis?? I'm not really sure. Can't remember.