I love my country

And want to see it as beautiful

And pretty

As a loving woman is

During all her married life

Spending every moment cheerfully

And carefree

Making her home look like heaven.

But my dreams and hopes

And all my aspirations

Get shattered and spread far and wide

Like shards of crystal glass.

Ruffians and robbers are at the helm of affairs

Hypocritical charlatans hover around them

Flattering them till their tongues get twisted

And twirled inside their lying mouths into knots

Resembling venomous snakes.

I have lived and worked with these rogues

Who have learned the rules of fooling masses

At places like the Civil Services Academy

And similar institutions of higher training

Where they learn nothing but the art of deceiving

The poor, uneducated majority of people.

The ministers picked by the political majority of fools

That come to clown with our fates more and more

Without any fear of accountability.

I have seen how these elected and selected thugs

Grind their own axes with the help of their chosen clerks

Accountants and secretaries

And who have well-trained lawyers and advocates

Barristers and attorneys

To defend them from honest judges

Like Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry.*

I will avenge all the wrong-doings and evils

Suffered at the hands of the villains

In civvies and in uniforms

God willing, God willing, God willing,

One day I will make them curse

The very day their mothers gave them birth...

I love my God Almighty and His Prophet Muhammad*

And the Prophet's righteous progeny the most

And in the lesson of the Karbala battle

I have learned how to taste and drink

The Kausar* drink from Paradise.

No, my dear friends and countrymen,

All you ladies and gentlemen

I will not bend to the likes of goons

Who rape my dear motherland now and then.

And who love to barter the honour of my state

And sell its treasures and heritage

To selfish whimsical foreigners

Resembling the likes of maniacs who

Won't shy of sharing their own wives and sisters

With the likes of such filthy mauraders.

Adding more and  more to their offshore bank accounts

In Switzerland and Arab-owned banks.

Fie on this scum and muck of my land!

Fie on it with my every spit!

I wish that God the Greatest Almighty

My most merciful and loving Allah

Makes me the most powerful man of this land of mine.

Then I promise to cleanse

With the will and help of my good Lord God

This dirty bunch  of anti-state goons

Who pose and act like gentlemen

At reception parties and diplomatic dinners.

And then who love to beg for even a fag

Of some imported brand

From their well-caring hosts around.

Can these beggars ever be straight

And honest with people like me?

Can they ever compare with us

The likes of me...the educated, the honest

And everyone of whom love their homeland?

Can these cheaters ever challenge my claims

And dare to debate or do battle with me

In world televised live bulletins?

Can these cowards ever honour even honour

The pledge they made with their own conscience?

Can these prime ministers, ministers ever defy me

Or can those who support them dare confront me?

Never ever ...for they lack the guts

That separates me and separates them...

Yet, God willing (InshaAllah) I say here

That I will rise up and strike when the right time comes

And destroy these pink and pale eunuchs in petticoats.

InshaAllah (God willing) I shall, one day, quite soon

Upon the rising of a holy moon

Do all that I have promised here

All ...with the will and help of Allah.

I will be ruthless to the merciless ones

Sitting in the assemblies and the parliament lodges

As well in the countrywide secretariats.

Once this scum of my land gets cleansed away

Nobody will ever dare to raid and rob

The jewels of my loving motherland.

One day I will,

God willing  I will,

Bring out the disbelievers

And all kleptomaniac fuedals

Into the open and let the people

Who have been wronged by them

Deal with them as they wish...

These loin-clothed servants of the British Raj

Will run away into hiding

With their machine guns and Kalashnikovs

And borrowed and stolen rocket launchers

Along with all other arms and ammunition

To hide into the mountains and caves

If not on the earth then on the moon's dark side.

Blaming Osama bin Laden.

Aye, so on, till they vanish into the earth's own bosom

Shall I with my God's will, help and strength

Make these self-defined "Mujahids" flee

From the earth to the moon

And maybe even to Mars for more safety

Just like the people they love to scare

And deprive them of their much loved desire

Ans a healthy ambition

To live and live like noble ones...

While this martyrdom-seeking soul of mine

Will love to fight and die a million times

Uprooting the trees of falsehood

Idol and devil worship, magic, bigotry

With the ink prepared from their own foul blood...

Just like those innocents that they loved to kill

Without paying a heed to their cries of pain and grief:

With sadistic pleasure that abounds

Like filthy semen spouting more ills

From their sand-papered-masturbated cocks

And balls dangling with no sperms in them.

Will I too make them run wildly

Into the realms of mythical fantasy.

And make the world look nice and clean

Caving in all gays and lesbians

In a great dungeon of the famed sea

Just like the Pied Piper with his flute

Rid evil from the German town of Hamlin.

Yes, this I will do to all the mother-fuckers

And incestuous bastards, in my mysterious ways

Just like Don Diego the Zorro* and William Tell*

The Rani of Jhansi* and Persia's Rustum.*

And Ali bin Abu Talib and Samson.*

These sons of harlots from Lahore's Diamond Market*

And other vice dens at hidden places

Where like gutter snipes they will be seeking refuge

From the justified wrath of God through me.

Yet no matter how much it takes

This is my vow that God willing I shall

Have their shrivelled nuts and bolts wrenched by me

And stuffed like sharpened wicket bails

Inside their dirty rotten asses dirty.

Only then can my Pakistan be redefined

As the land envisioned by the Qaid Jinnah*

And all those who struggled with him.

I am a ferocious tiger waiting for my hour

To pounce and tear apart the pussies of whores

And gouge the so-called manhood baskets

Of pimps and rapists and sex maniacs.

That roam about freely after midnight

Trapping unsuspecting young men and girls

And spreading the crop of filth and stench

On the roads and streets

Of my Land Of The Pure called Pakistan.

God willing I shall my pledge fulfil

God willing, this will alll be done

By the Greatest God through this human.

This honour taking great pride

In beautifying the loveliness

Of my most beautiful motherland.

Yes, God willing, I am sure and firm

That I will make my lovely homeland

Look like a beautiful bride once again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The names starred in my verses above are the names of God's messengers, prophets, saints and holy men and women who struggled against sin and evil and defended the minority righteous ones from barbarism and mass murder. Qaid Jinnah is th name and title of Pakistan's founding father M.A. Jinnah.
"The Land of the Pure" is what the literal meaning of PAKISTAN means. The Pied Piper of Hamlin, a town in Germany, is famous for cleansing the town of millions of rats that ate and spoiled the foodstuff of the Hamlin people, especially the poor ones. This poem was inspired by the wrong-doings rampant by the wrong policies of some leaders and politicians in Pakistan.


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