where has thee been
off shooting fowl
on the prairie of hen
so go' way.....................
(Oct. 11. 2009 1214pm)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this attempting to do some Haiku. I asked fellow post poems poet Muhammad Naveed Ahmed who writes many of just such these poems if this was haiku. He kindly informed me no it is not. I kept this but forgot about it for ages until I was cleaning old drafts out in my email and thought well even though its not haiku I will put it on my web page as it was once upon a time in my twisted mind my idea of haiku before I was shown. So even though its not haiku you 'less is more writing' poets should at least enjoy it for its brevity and humor if nothing else. Note too, it should by all acounts be in Journal #36 but I did not find it till a long time after Journal #36 had been filled up so I am putting it in Journal #38. 

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