My Jewish People - I am your proud son!

My Jewish People, Israel - I am your proud son!
I'm made of tortured flesh of yours and of your ancient blood.
Since Torah given was to us under the Sinai's sun,
Your enemies tried burying us into historic mud.


Egyptian pharaohs kept my kin in slavery by chains.
The straws turn slow into bricks by Jewish sweat and pain.
Just longer look at giant plates of mighty pyramids,
You'll see that Jewish blood and tears - through their seams they bleed.


My people's cry and songs of pray - they to the Lord have gone,
Being far away from our Land - in bonds of Babylon.
And kindly G_d has heard our plea and granted our return
To our country, our temples, to our ways we yearn.


But spared by Alexander the Great, not long we lived in State of our religion.
Our love for Freedom, our brave revolts caused angry hate of Rome.
Enraged by courage of the Jews, it sent its iron legions.
They plowed our sacred Temple, the streets, where we were born.


The Romans scattered Jews across their vast empire land,
In hope that in by doing so the tale of Jews will end.
For thousands years after that the Jews didn't have their Home.
Ukraine's Cossacks killed my kin in savageous Pogrom.


In Spain our haters burned the Jews in Inquisition flames.
The Germans tried to wipe us all, as an entire race,
By gassing millions to death in concentration camps,
Where for five years Jews were brought packed into cattle trains.


Gas chambers witnessed Jewish deaths in scare and despair.
The Nazis made the pretty bags from skin, and wigs from Jewish hair.
Five years chimneys fumed with Jewish ash into the shameless air.
And World in silence watched all that with no help to dare.


Yet we survived it all in all, the people of the G_d.
Oh Israel - you're back with us, protected by the Lord!
And sacred Wailing Wall in freed Jerusalem
Will always be with us, forever and for good, Shma Israel! Amen!

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