an avalanche of words
smitten in rhyme
he croons with his
heart's dagger/pen
I smile and I long
as I read on and on
the woo that wags
its tail after his every when?
I am utterly intoxicated by
his clever questions put to the night
with his odes and "whiskey Lullaby s"
he is the core of beauty itself
that his love repeatedly decries
the stars know without his presence
and propping
I won't long survive
he frames my world with a myriad
of color and depth
with but the splendid gold of his heart
how did I live before he arrived
I lived in my head that's how
with that of a conjurer 's bribe
I got my comfort from books
and music
along with the lines that poetry
and now here he is
a bigger dream than my own
come to life
it's as beautiful as it is surreal
it's all better than even say
'A Magic Carpet Ride'
ya know
it came to me
only just now
but a moment's hesitation
it held to reveal
by my supposed saving him
from the brink of emotional
I saved me
and now for us two ere' we
there is alas a there there!
so please do forgive me my dear Ayn Rand
for pinching to tweak your most famous line's ware
(June 14, 2010 1151pm)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

thrillingly and tearfully written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own. This is my reply to his eight of ten poems written in one sitting on this day's eve of this amazing year.

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