untitled (true music)








untitled (former working title: true music)





as if one have
all the value judgements

in this—


tribulation period,



if only wind
instruments were
invented to share
a message, —


would souls
truly speak
in the present moment?



time & its insignificance





like metanoia
—a paradigm shift—
suddenly, anxiety
changing one's drift





from kabbalah
to phonetics
linguistics, semantics
hermeneutics of the Torah


from ancient

to the renaissance

what more can
one presage?









if a believer

prays to a false God

[of an othered religion]

permitted but








wronged sainthood






senile syllogisms & oblivion








—silhouettes for their perch








—silhouettes for their perch





as if songbirds have
nowhere to stay for the




the malcontents, too,
in the dizzying streets



if a forlorn hope is all
there is in my palm,



I figured birds can die,
yet while still alive and warm



the heat in the skin
would subside



but the pain is something
we never could hide



and if birdhouses are
for them—with feathers



fighters, rebels, our own

brothers can't be



because I live only—
to see them left in the lurch



and all those tree branches

—silhouettes for their perch








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Some tips about 4k wallpapers

OnePlus TV, abstract, colorful, 4K (horizontal)


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A Few Fireflies, Those Dragonflies, & A Hundred Butterflies








A Few Fireflies, Those Dragonflies, & A Hundred Butterflies



Forever beat up

Insouciant, without manners

Habitual feigning—


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Forest I








Forest I



Sleeping while awake

A log must notice mushrooms

Feeding off of him

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A "haiku" that emerged from this unholy time of day (wee hours) which must be a direct result of an experience or, maybe, just another well-constructed, affected poem to depict or evoke something that is yet to be discovered or untangled (all according to time).  It could be a philosophically directed theme since it is using vague references (my unusual metaphors) despite the use of ordinary language.

War paint's blight

motionless flow of

war paint

tears of lost mountains

rock as bone

tree as flesh

sky as lips

oh, obscine moon, pruned-trimmed

drowened in 3/4 crush

incohabitated orphaned rock

water as saliva

breeze as love

light, as air

distance as mind when

fingers caress sound

angles of floods

yet to be spat out

sculpted plasma ostuarieris

amputated, stained

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Summer, 2015 Georgia. 

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The Trip

Lets go! They cannot keep us
From what we own!
Were lost for days
Treading a thousand thoughts!
Wait! Stop!
Everyplace is a house we then realize
Stop worrying, please come take a seat! 
Theres thousands!
Follow me through all of these doors!
This place is strange, this place is gray, miserable chain!
We need to get away!
where are we? We've been out here all damn day!
Well never find the secret!
Dont you miss us?
That girl, she knew where I was.
She located me because of my eyes.
I got you something you never even wanted
You were so thankful to the gesture and I saw
The intention went right through you
Please! Its only us!
None of it is real!
We exist to keep eachother real for now.
Maybe even later.
Lost ones found. 

Rainbow Fairy


Dance rainbow fairy dance
She glistens in a glow of white light
Fluttering away on two wings of levitating ice
Attached to her back she creates a beautiful sight

Prance rainbow fairy prance
In the alter ego of my imagination
Appearing into my personality giving it a chance
To grow attached to this fairy of a message she is obtaining

Unfold rainbow fairy unfold
Gossip traits filled into every individual
Mistaken trust under circumstances truths are told
From the unfaithful being cruel occurred judgement brought the mighty character

Move on rainbow fairy move on
Shed your wings to hibernate in your cocoon
This is you the fairy princess of rainbow colors will not sleep long
Protect my aura of your guidance
And sleep tight until next afternoon

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I think if I were a Fairy, I would be Rainbow. And Sparkly.