War paint's blight

motionless flow of

war paint

tears of lost mountains

rock as bone

tree as flesh

sky as lips

oh, obscine moon, pruned-trimmed

drowened in 3/4 crush

incohabitated orphaned rock

water as saliva

breeze as love

light, as air

distance as mind when

fingers caress sound

angles of floods

yet to be spat out

sculpted plasma ostuarieris

amputated, stained

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Summer, 2015 Georgia. 

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The Trip

Lets go! They cannot keep us
From what we own!
Were lost for days
Treading a thousand thoughts!
Wait! Stop!
Everyplace is a house we then realize
Stop worrying, please come take a seat! 
Theres thousands!
Follow me through all of these doors!
This place is strange, this place is gray, miserable chain!
We need to get away!
where are we? We've been out here all damn day!
Well never find the secret!
Dont you miss us?
That girl, she knew where I was.
She located me because of my eyes.
I got you something you never even wanted
You were so thankful to the gesture and I saw
The intention went right through you
Please! Its only us!
None of it is real!
We exist to keep eachother real for now.
Maybe even later.
Lost ones found. 

Rainbow Fairy


Dance rainbow fairy dance
She glistens in a glow of white light
Fluttering away on two wings of levitating ice
Attached to her back she creates a beautiful sight

Prance rainbow fairy prance
In the alter ego of my imagination
Appearing into my personality giving it a chance
To grow attached to this fairy of a message she is obtaining

Unfold rainbow fairy unfold
Gossip traits filled into every individual
Mistaken trust under circumstances truths are told
From the unfaithful being cruel occurred judgement brought the mighty character

Move on rainbow fairy move on
Shed your wings to hibernate in your cocoon
This is you the fairy princess of rainbow colors will not sleep long
Protect my aura of your guidance
And sleep tight until next afternoon

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I think if I were a Fairy, I would be Rainbow. And Sparkly.

ALT (Tapping Distilled Unconsciousness in Search of Something Conventionally Pretty)

In vain I projected mine to yours -

polygonal waves came out to gush,

turning all substantial things to dust

that could've been used to bridge from me

to you.

What rhythms we'd created.

Now, when the land failed to stay, I walked

on the air as it turned to pixels;

fraying and then clumping in patterns

that were so precise, but couldn't be.

In a convulsive sequence they lit

and were so inviting and eager

for an unexpected step that feels


familiar - Resonating.

Eventually they forced me to dance

in order to proceed and survive.

But I didn't mind. A presence came

to accompany me in tandem,

mastering me in grace while never

showing its face.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I deleted a post earlier today with a title nearly identical to this one. The post wasn't worth keeping but the title was.

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Lost Myself

Volume Three

Lost Myself”


There is music playing in my head, as her bare feet glided across the stone pavers.

She was beautiful in her white funeral gown, with dead eyes she lead me to her own pyre.

I can see the flames burning away. I can feel the death creeping my way.

She comes to me in the image of beauty, a weakness in my heart she whispers to it.

Did I finally discover my insanity? Having conversations with myself.


The vision of death dances on in my mind,

to lose myself within the thoughts I find.

Silly dreams of such childish things,

where imagination is left to decay

all hope for humanity will rot away.”


Dreams that always fade before they begin, now reaching for the nightmares for solace.

Trying to live in love, desperate to live with love. Just another reminder of a fallen angel.

Wandering a morally corrupt wasteland, knowing no one will ever understand.


I traded the devil the best of myself,

and can think of a thousand reasons as to why I lost myself.

It's a fate that I deserve no less,

It's my date to reserve my death.”


Did I throw away my soul, did I abandon all hope. Lost myself to the madness.

Have I truly gave up on all of this? “The beauty behind the chaos.”

Trying to find myself in this darkness, following the scent of you.

Reserved my seat in hell as I followed the devil.

The skies will go dark and gray, the solemn moment before the rain.

When the heavens open up and the stars weep from above. “Wash away the pain.”




I have been lost for so long, a voice with no song.

I can remember the day I would scream “Where do I belong?”

As grace continues to pass me by, a dream turned nightmare when I close my eyes.

Beautiful memories fade over time as the emptiness will only grow,

trying desperately to find myself before I lose even more control.


With her finger she gently traces the beauty buried deep within my soul.

To wash the nightmares from this day, to keep the demons away.

She walks in a field of roses. In my dreams of ambrosia.

This reality we manifest is, 'experience this misery' we infect.

It's only when I find myself, can I escape from this hell.”



Author's Notes/Comments: 

My newest poem, just finished compiling it together.

As you will noticed from this, like the rare others I have this piece isint done in my normal style. I like to think of it as abstract when I go outside my comfort zone of a particular style of writing. Your thoughts?

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Glitter Salad and A Little Bit Of Glee


Eggs, Bacon, Pickles and Shoes. Birds, Cheetahs, and Big Balloons. Smoke it, Toke it, Light that shit up, just don't forget to put cookies in your cup!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Don't ask...I was bored...

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Peace With the No

Once deadened and planetary,
bound to grounded eternal halts
by the flailing ball and chain sat screaming
without reason or reconcile for my
consideration. Damn you with me
if it suits and engages, and as you're
distracted I'll sow
an interplanetary myth in
my name and vane, like
some sister witch with plans for
all sorts of portals and protocols.
For later use, or exploitation; a mine
rich in a theoretical space which we
will roll in like hedonist kings,
lost in endless ozone, gorged
on pointless deference and
that which we feel entitled to.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am the Kwisatz Haderach.

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A Landscape: One of Glen's Corners

Fat white clouds rolled through the blue and
obscured the sun.
Against the haunted blue skyline sat
a cyclops poised
on a rail. His centered ruby stare
emblazoned like
a fire coaxed into embers beneath
glass. Released,
capsules on wheels, containing
slow-to-rot sort,
slide into play through field and
through paved way.

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Quicker than our tires
could rotate, the tiles
turned alongside us,
thrashing nothing, making
soundless, windless thrusts
as if to propel, but
with nothing to
None saw, but I
couldn't take away
my eyes, and not
for fear, but for awe
of the way that they
didn't matter. Not to me,
at least. I turned
to face the back of a
familiar head, and,
stayed about the same.

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