Anger NonViolent

Why? (Part 7)


Do people that I love
And care about
Treat me like
I am nothing but
A stupid,
Ignorant person?

I don't get it.

Why does the number one
Person that I love
Try to take away
My personal rights-
Including my right to
Voicing my opinion
Or write poetry?

That is just stupid!

Why does the number one
Person in my life
Treat me as though
I am a robot-
A being without
The need for feeling?

I just wish this
Stuff wouldn't happen
To me!

Can't anyone see
What this is
Doing to me?

It just doesn't make
Any sense anymore-
First I had all these rights;
Now I am almost
Down to none!

Tell me-
Why is this
Happening to me?

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Rich snob

You did something terrible and it makes you a bitch.
You threw away your mother when you became rich.
She worked her fingers to the bone to help you out.
When I say that you're a vile person, there is no doubt.

If it wasn't for your mother, you wouldn't even exist.
You think you're too good to acknowledge her and I'm pissed.
You really do suck and what you did was a horrible thing to do.
You think you're better than her but she's actually better than you.

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Tagalog Poems

Kung madali lang sanang kalimutan kaya lang pabalik balik,

kung pwede lang sanang burahin sa utak,kung sana'y pwedeng mawala sa isang pikit.

bakit ba ako yung nahihirapan,mukang sya ok naman,

saan ba ako nag kamali?  ano pa kaya ang kulang?


paulit-ulit na ganitong eksena,kabisado ko na mula umpisa hanggang dulo,

nakakapagod na,iisa din naman ang kwento,

parehas din naman ang ending,ako rin ang gago,

magpakatino o magpakaanghel man ako sa bait,iisa lang kinahihinatnan ko.


katangahan parin ba? yung limit ko sa sarili ko nilagpasan ko na,

para akong robot kung makasunod,pero talagang tinarantado pa.

ngayon pinaglalandakan na sa buong mundo relasyon nila,

anak naman talaga ng putang in*,durog pa ako,time out muna.


saya naman nila,tang in@,parang walang nasagasaan,

pirA-piraso pa ako oh,sila naman sagad sagad ang landian.

di man lang nagpalugit talagang di pa ako pinatapos umaray,

ngayon san ako maguumpisa? kung naghihingalo pa ako'y pilit na nilang pinapatay.




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Anger, Anger, Anger

Throw it to the wall and

feel it in your head

and in your hands

Hide it in your heart

send it on a paper airplane

to a place where it won't hurt

Scream it through a chain

of notes and sounds

that bounce of the wall

and echo in your thoughts

find relief in something

you once found meaning

now something that barely shines

rusted by our misfortune

tattatred and frayed

swaying gently in the wind

collapsing without a gust

breathe in and out

feel the pressure in your lungs


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Not Enough

I love you

Nice to hear, sometimes difficult to say

Especially if it's real & you don't want to move to soon

Not sure if it's reciprocated

{*sigh*} "Saying to much"

But I digress....

I love you; but is it love or lust?

Love or forbidden fruit:

See, it's not enough if you can't show it

Not enough if it has to remain hidden

Not enough if I can't tell my friends

Not enough when I feel cheated...

I love you -

That's supposed to bring joy, not confusion

Hope, not despair

When love hurts it's not enough

See it's not enough if it causes embarrassment

Not enough if you have to sneak to portray it

Not even enough if it's returned

In the end...If it's not sure, not pure, even a little tainted

It will never be enough

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What You Taught Me

You held my hand, and taught me to walk.
You told me I was special and taught me to talk.
The basics you gave, but you didn't stop there.
You taught me how not to care.
You never asked to be a mother,
Nor thought Id have a brother.
I was mommies little headache,
After all, it was her life I did take.
So over the years you continued to teach me,
Showing me exactly how I never want to be.
I've had time to learn, and time to observe.
Now I know an ounce of respect, you don't deserve.
Your selfish ways affect your own,
Yet not once has your compassion been shown.
Turning your back on your own family for your selfish reasons,
While your children wonder where you are as days turn to seasons.
I often wonder how you live with yourself,
Then I remember its all about you, just yourself.
So ask me what you have taught me over the time,
Its that loving you would be my biggest crime.
The greatest gift you ever gave me was hate,
Losing a son is now your fate.
Hate me as much as I hate you,
For its the only way for our feelings to be true.

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Consume Me

Consume me,
Seduce me;
Why should you give a fuck anyway?
Take me over,
Rape my soul;
Steal my very possessions,
Possess me.
Take back every memory;
Why should I care?
You weren’t there,
When I needed you most;
I couldn’t find you,
Through all my pain.
I reach for you;
But you never make your presence known.
So tell me again,
Why do my fingers still linger?
Arms out stretched;
Nothing in this restless breath of stale air.
Take me away,
From my very being;
Steal my soul,
Possess me;
I’m worth nothing to you anyway.
Shit on my dreams;
Tell me—
You don’t want me—
You never did.
Fuck me over;
Watch me split.
Crack me open,
Like a freshly roasted chestnut;
Eat out my insides—
Leave me empty,
And shit on my very existence.
Tear at the seams,
Reopen my wounds;
Caress my dust ridden, broken  bones.
Beneath the pressure of your touch;
I drift away,
Released from your pores.
You never knew I was here,
Standing before you.
To you,
I was simply a figment of your imagination;
The perfect daughter,
Who you let slip.
Never to be seen again;
A broken image laying at your feet.

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Written on 1/10/09

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Hate and Envy (My Torture)

As I look in to your eyes in that picture

all I can feel is hate as they're fixed there,

but I envy you as well for who you want.

I won't give up...even though I know you'll never stop.

But above all else, you don't know who's on my side.

If it's meant to be then I'll get her back,

and there's nothing you can do if it's right.

I know Christ is on my side even though it hurts so bad.

I can't hate you,

even though I can't stand the person you are.

I don't envy you,

because that will never be who I am.

Right now there's nothing I can do,

but sooner or later karma is gonna get you.

This is how I feel right now.

I hate you, and I just don't know how I can get over this.

The Lord is with me, but I'm not perfect in his way.

His way says I should love my enemies, and not to hate!!!

So this is me...forgiving you

Forgiving you for something which...

for something which I would have done too...

if I were in your shoes...

I don't blame you... you see...

I can't hate you...

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Tell me why..

People are going to have different views about the way that things should be.

Yes i stress but you act like an emotional mess what fuck am i too blind to see?

You cry and I die... a million times inside... as my emotions i hide behind my bullet proof pride.

Because you constantly whine , like an infant you whine, but you want me to provide a solution to every issue in your life because once upon of time i was your fucking bride.

What happen to my bestfriend that i married, why did she die?

Someone should have informed me on the time period i had for her to be alive and now im stuck what the fuck. Now we are the same, we both cry.

Why did the time run out on our love, God tell me why!


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My relationship is dying.

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