O tell me where in God's universe

Are you and your divine true love

I want you beside me in my arms now.

I know not how this craving seized me but somehow

I felt like a lover who has lost his wits and reason

And watching the grand pageantry hover overhead,

Wanted nothing more than but you in my arms now.

Can't you see how the maidens of nightly stars

Are tiptoeing softly with the moon's glow

It's as if a lucky bride is going to her bridegroom

And the entire sky is solemnizing their pledge now...

O, how I pine for you and just you despite the distance

And keep watching the bedazzled heavens above!

Ah, if you had had even a hint of how I need you

You too would have been my bride, by this time now...

In desperation does my love-lorn self spend nights

Perhaps this fact too only does God know...

For more than four seasons you have said you loved me

Assuring me too that nothing has lessened now

But when I have to spend my barren nights all by myself

Talking to the silent suspense given birth by my own woe

Then I wonder how much more would I have to wait now...

O ye stars, please O ye nightly jewels and planets!

Make my beloved feel the fire of my passion

The flares that reach higher than the Nebula*

And are making my red blood become poison...

Yes, I plead with hands outstretched and eyes starry

And urge the North Star to tell my "Sweet Sin" now

That of her true love for me, I am as always, certain

But she may have to write the epitaph on my grave now.

O my "Sweetest Joy" come and fall in my arms

Fill the void and mock at the distance

Kiss me and embrace me femininely

O you, the embodiment of Eve's best genes

Even if in a rapturous vision...come,come fool me now...

For, without you my masculine soul and the being I am

Only books will tell the world and with much elan.

After you finish composing my epitaph of love now...

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palewingedpoetess's picture

do not to fret
she will come
this love you speak of
and she will make the world
gape in awe at the sincerity
of such a time tested love
in your own heart this very
truth runs deep
in you there is no more darkness
left to question
just the beauty of where your life
was meant to lead
the warmth of what just is
guides you to be strong
you stand proud where before you
you walk passed parts in yourself
where you once cried
feeling alone and forgotten
but as you know
God never forgets
and he brings to the table
all gifts that are meant to be
and now all that is in your
bursting heart
is thoughts of you and her
finally becoming 'That Enchanted We'..............
so all the best Sir Poet to you and your beloved Lady She!
you know who! why type it?