Ronald Reagan,*

Margaret Thatcher,*

And Gorbachev*

Along with General Ziaul Haq*

Brought mayhem in Afghanistan

Under the pretext of saving those people

From the 'atheist' communism of the Soviets.

They trained even school-going boys of tender age

In the use of sophisticated military weapons

And after devastating the once peaceful land

They told their obedient soldiers to pack and leave

And let "them" carry on the unfinished business

Of destruction in Kabul, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon.

These U.S. guys and their perverted allies

Have in them the remnants of Chengiz Khan*

And they want to avenge what Hitler to the Jews did give:

Killing, homelessness and annihilation

Because they were the "first chosen ones of God."*

With every young Afghan fighting a war

Programmed in his heart and soul

As a "holy war" against unbelieving Russians,

The Afghan debacle began in the late '80s

By Reagan, Carter, Thatcher and Zia*

To become a "Jihad" as the decades went by

Even though none of these nincompoops know

What the real meaning of "Islamic Jihad" is!

I blame not any Muslim, nor a Jew

Nor do I doubt any good Christian

For what happened on 9/11, 2001.

Why in Christ's sake should I blame the innocent

Men, women and children of the world

Who are all created and loved by the same One God?

I am not a fool though more than often

I do very much look like one...

But even a mirror-reflected fool like me

Shall never blame the innocents

Adhering to any religion

Or belonging to any region,

Caste, tribe or nation.

For, as I said I may look naive and gullible

But am not of Ivan the Terrible.*

I laugh when I think of the real devils

Who use us as their pieces and pawns

In the greedy and lusty game of power

For temporal global rule, glory, and might.

Yet my "Sherlock Holmes" is coming

And knowing every fact of the cases here

He will destroy "Professor Moriarty"*

And his legions of fanaticism

Slowly and surely, one by one,

God willing, in the years to come.

Till then let me take "Goodbye Mr; Chips"*

And start reading it again with the good coffee

And biscuits made by Mrs. Hudson*.

And very soon will Dr.Watson*

Join us too as our companion.

And do all he can as he ever does

Even with his limping leg and fancy vision

In the last tussle with evil Moriarty.

Knowing well that Holmes will win

As God's timely help is with him...

I would rather read about Chippings*

And Katby*

And even watch the classic movie

On the DVD player for yet one more time

Before I doze off in the sofa's arms...

For, I am old and grey and do fall asleep

Just as W.B. Yeats* predicted

In one of his poems on a pilgrim soul.

So please, my dear poet friends,

Especially you O my "Lush Lilly"!

Let me not fight the travails of age

And allow me a peaceful and quiet slumber

To eee how cleverly Holmes does Moriarty beat

Not just in Iraq,  Afghanistan and Pakistan

But also in the battlefields of razed Lebaonon...

In dreams at least some wars can be won

So let me enjoy my war drums in dreams

And watch dear old Holmes win the 'fun'.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The names mentioned along with the stars here are names of well known world politicians, historical dictators and even historical events. All these can be researched by Googling.

Composed and posted on the 25th of June, 2010.

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