all my entire life
I have gravitated towards love
why even as a child
my goal has ever been the same
to be just a little closer
to those nearest of
and now
upon my horizon
and most especially
woven in the very fabric
of my heart
there lives a man
who mirrors just such need
in me
and I am hopelessly caught
up in the will of his own heart's
loving greed
our words to each other are our love tokens
the deep surreal connection we feel
our own private tapestry
so much more deep, vibrant, amazing,
warm color he's brought into my life
while he swears I saved a drowning man
and was born to be his one true wife
I am running madly blind towards him
and not one scrap scared at all
because down to the very deepest region
in me I know that
my soul knows this love being offered
and it refuses to miss such an
important call......................
(June 16, 2010 257am )

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own.

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