God (Inspired by)

We are not that different, you and I.

For we both have faith in the invisible-

sleepwalking in the darkness

hoping something will rouse us.  

We pace around watching shadows

dance against our eyelids

beckoning us into night’s recesses.

But unlike me, you wander aimlessly

with nothing guiding you except

the air surrounding your slumber.

I, in comparison, have my sights set

on a open door at the top of the staircase;

the light leading me into consciousness.

I feel the hands of the Sun pulling me in,

waking me from my nightly coma

with renewed vision and a bright perspective.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: “For the Sleepwalkers” by Edward Hirsch

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Starward's picture

You certainly have your finger on the pulse of the soul. This is an excellent poem.