Monthly Archive for September 2013

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Writing's Worth‏ Poem Anonymous Sep 26th
Universal Deceit Poem Dreaming_of_Rev... Sep 26th
Prose Poem (My Grandfather's Fishing Gear) Poem chilosada #grandfather #prosepoem #fishing Sep 26th
Tina's Clock Poem luciavillarreal-t 1 Memoir, Reminisce Sep 26th
A DROP IN THE BUCKET Poem joy teaching Sep 26th
Pretty Poem Poem bittersweetpoison 2 Sep 27th
sentient mold Poem darkwattie227 Sep 27th
No sunlight Poem nighthawk21 1 Sep 27th
Brown Eyes Poem jordan1986 brown, eyes, stare, staring Sep 27th
Without You I Am Free To Be Me Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 27th
Here Is To The Unseen Heroes Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 27th
Limerick#1 Poem bittersweetpoison Sep 27th
I Can't Get Rid Of You Poem lovelife123 4 Sep 27th
There Will Come A Day Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 27th
Moving too fast scares the fuck out of me…always has always will Poem running_with_rabbits 8 Sep 27th
Floating Along Poem bishu Sep 27th
Bullies (Do Something About It) Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 27th
Break The Mold (Be An Individual) Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 27th
Love And Words To Live By Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 27th
They attempt to crash my mother's joy Poem meso 2 Sep 27th
Within Poem creativehue10 1 Sep 27th
It’s Shakespeare [Sheikspeare] not Sexpeare! Poem KingofWords 2 Shakespeare Sep 27th
Every Morning I Wake Up Choking And.... Poem life_used_to_be... 4 Sep 27th
It's Been Too Long Poem darkpool 1 Sep 27th
Sarah Poem ramonathompsont Sep 27th
My father's stache Poem jano.jimenez father, hello, mostache, stache Sep 27th
My family´s weekend meetings Poem RogelioGomez Sep 27th
I Gotta Fall Outta Love Poem ramonathompsont Sep 27th
From The Snake's Back on Ugly River (Haikus) Poem Sivus 3 Cincinnati, Haiku, observation, Ohio River, practice Sep 27th
Coping With Writing Poem Anonymous Sep 27th
Socialization Poem Anonymous Sep 27th
Puzzle Poetry Poem Anonymous Sep 27th
A NEW ADVENTURE Poem joy retirement Sep 27th
Writer's Worth Poem Anonymous 1 Sep 27th
This Ain't Love Poem ramonathompsont Sep 27th
To Be Truly Blessed Poem trumpet7 Sep 27th
When the silence calls.. Poem danielacesta Sep 27th
My father's watches Poem gerardojmz Sep 27th
listen Poem danielacesta 1 Sep 27th
My dad's baseball glove Poem edgarmarroquin1 Sep 27th
My father's fishing rod Poem jorgegtz Sep 27th
My mother's agenda Poem marianajaramillo7 Sep 28th
The beautiful moon and her two tyrants of love Poem SSmoothie 1 Sep 28th
Immortally yours Poem SSmoothie Sep 28th
My Grandfather’s Hat Poem adrianvr Sep 28th
Halloween Is Coming Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 28th
Why Are We Still Waiting For Equality Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 28th
Unwell Poem SSmoothie 3 Sep 28th
Visit Poem bishu Sep 28th
Even When Gone, She Visits Me Poem TheShadowKnows Sep 28th
I LOVE PASTA Poem joy BIGOTRY Sep 28th
Blessing Of Being A Poetess Poem Anonymous Sep 28th
Rainbow Of White Poem Anonymous Sep 28th
Collages Of Gratitude Poem Anonymous Sep 28th
Let Me...Be Me Poem Anonymous 1 Sep 28th
My Father's Car Poem karinagarzau Sep 28th
My grandparent’s ice cream business. Poem JM-Sandoval Sep 28th
Melting Mascara Poem GOHIL48 10 Sep 28th
My Grandfather's horses Poem StephanieGarza1994 Sep 28th
My father's ties Poem andreaguerrero Sep 28th
This Life Will End Poem trumpet7 Sep 28th
my dad trycicle Poem luissedas Sep 28th
My father’s quarters collection Poem Osv.Rodriguez.96 Sep 28th
Incredible moon Poem danielacesta 1 Sep 28th
Feast of the Butterflies Poem danielacesta 1 Sep 28th
let's Poem yangiekwon Sep 28th
The Answer to the Only Question That Truly Matters Poem Canary 3 Earth, Existential, Humans, Space, spaceship earth Sep 28th
The big brick house Poem RColunga Sep 28th
My Grandmother’s Doll Collection Poem monzeoranday Sep 28th
My Grandfather's Truck Poem Maldonado Sep 28th
My Brother´s Camera Prose Eugenio16 1 Sep 28th
My grandfather's magnifying glass. Poem marieltijerina 1 Sep 29th
My Parents Red Door Poem Tatianaccantu Sep 29th
My Father’s motivation Poem nubiavillarreal Sep 29th
Goodbye Geoffrey Poem randyjohnson Actor, death, Dedication, Nonfiction Sep 29th
Maddness Poem jordan1986 anger, fierce, flames, Fury, insane, mad, maddness Sep 29th
apathetically speaking Poem nightlight1220 8 cchr, destroying creativity, drugged children, drugging children, killing virtue, lack, putting out the spark, society's lack, virtues Sep 29th
No One Around Poem jordan1986 Empty, Life, live, lost, no one Sep 29th
try to understand Poem gabz dare you, my mind Sep 29th
My Grandfather's Glasses Poem nicolevielledent Sep 29th
Prose poem Poem RDLM Sep 29th
Edifice - 4 Poem bishu Sep 29th
My Ode to Morrissey Poem DaztheDruid Morrissey Sep 29th
Peace in Work Poem TheShadowKnows 1 Sep 29th
Soul Poem SH95 4 Heart love relationship short point forever girlfriend lesbian anger passion strength Sep 29th
In those eyes Poem SSmoothie Sep 29th
I Am Thankful For Life‏ Poem Anonymous Sep 29th
Thank You From Me to You Poem Anonymous Sep 29th
Reader Appreciation Poem Anonymous Sep 29th
plain Poem Morningglory 13 Sep 29th
Etched Treasure Poem Anonymous Sep 29th
Embracing the Id Poem krishenm 4 Sep 29th
namaste Poem nightlight1220 4 namaste Sep 29th
The Outside Toilet. Poem sweetwater 2 Sep 29th
My Friend´s Zippo Poem carlos_alex11 Sep 29th
My father's handkerchiefs Poem cyntiacc Sep 29th
My Grandmother's Piano Poem elvira9420 Sep 29th
My uncle´s Tv Poem mauriciogarciae Sep 29th
Diliges Poem Apollo # heart # love # passion # pain # freedome Sep 29th
My Aunt´s Frogs Poem erickaherrera prose peom Sep 29th
For My Poetry Fans‏ Poem Anonymous Sep 29th
Expectantesque Poem Apollo #alone #depression #sad #lonely #pain #tears #waiting Sep 29th
The pain of the past Poem Christian 1 # addiction # love # passion Sep 29th
The living flame Poem Christian 1 Sep 29th
My Grandfather's Guns Poem diegoerg Guns Sep 29th
Reflection of autumn Poem danielacesta 1 Sep 29th
universe Poem danielacesta Sep 29th
My Grandma's Silver Necklace Poem DavidCtn Grandma Sep 29th
My father's hunting passion (guns) Poem alehdz8 family, father, Guns, hunting, love, Passion Sep 29th
My great-grandfather's coin collection. Poem aibarramtz_94 Prose poem coin collection Sep 29th
My father´s crucifix Poem sofia Sep 29th
My best friends guitar Poem anareli777 #poem #guitar Sep 29th
My mother's coat Poem annaLoves136 #english class #prose poem #mother Sep 29th
My fathers books Poem adrian.araman father books prose Sep 29th
My Brother's Pillow Poem AntonioRL Brother, brothers, family, favorite possesion, Pillow Sep 29th
My boyfriend's chain Prose melisussie Prose poem Sep 29th
Misunderstanding Prose humanpulse Sep 29th
My father´s cars Prose DanielRM Sep 29th
Charly's guitar Poem Fers94 Readings and videos Sep 30th
A system of control Poem nighthawk21 Sep 30th
My father's watch Poem MiguelAngel01 Sep 30th
My Mother’s Painting (Prose Poem) Poem irma.18 Sep 30th
Birds Poem sebastiancampos Sep 30th
My Grandpa´s Cigarretes Poem JuanCa94 Sep 30th
My Grandmother's TV Room Poem raulfgago Sep 30th
Grandapa´s crucifix Poem luiszambrano Sep 30th
My grandma’s kitchen Poem Alepadi12 Sep 30th
Prose Poem Poem luisagarzan Sep 30th
Domino Poem santosqalex 1 grandfather, poem, Pride, prose Sep 30th
Jewelry/Accessories of my mom and I Poem munegarza 2 Prose poem Sep 30th
My Grandma's Hairspray Poem AwesomeFred #Prose #poem #Awesome Fred Sep 30th
My mom's cigarette holder Poem brendasonrisas Sep 30th
My father's guitar Poem ivandlg95 air pitch music rhythm town tractor supply, English, guitar, prosepoem Sep 30th
In one of those days Poem danielacesta Sep 30th
WE MUST NOT BE AFRAID Poem danielacesta Sep 30th
Mirror, Mirror Poem Emunique Sep 30th
MY GRANDFATHER'S COWBOY HAT Poem PackoNaranjo COWBOY, grandfather, Hat Sep 30th
My father's red velvet helmet Poem ivan Sep 30th
My aunt's tea spoon collection Poem alma 2 Sep 30th
My aunt's parrot Poem Pamelamtzr Sep 30th
Thoughts from a Plane Poem noelleon 2 Sep 30th
My Grandfather´s Motorcycles Poem NetoChapa 2 Sep 30th
My Grandfather’s Library Poem crisgoin Sep 30th
My brother's car Poem Alexisaps Sep 30th
My Ode to Russel Brand called Wizen Man Poem DaztheDruid Sep 30th
A Warriors belief Poem Ivorykeys 1 #courage #anger #angst #hope #purpose Sep 30th
THE MAN IN THE MOON Poem joy fantasy, IMIGINATION Sep 30th
Breath of Life! Poem jesusmyjoy Bible, breath, breathe, nature Sep 30th
Lux Poem Apollo # heart # love # passion # freedom Sep 30th
Colors Of LIfe Poem Anonymous Sep 30th
Unmasking Poetry Poem Anonymous Sep 30th
It's Finished. It's Done. Poem Pierrepoint Sep 30th
My grandmother´s orchids Poem sofmora 1 Sep 30th
My grandparents´ apple tree Poem mike123 Sep 30th
Prose Poem Poem ArantzaArruti Sep 30th
Collarbone Ellegance Poem IselaMolinaVillares #love #family#identity Sep 30th
my grandparents house Poem ramonECT Sep 30th
My grandma’s crockery Poem raul16 Prose poem Sep 30th
❤Can't be described❤ Poem Simply_georgous12 Sep 30th
Nativity Scenes Poem deyrasepulveda Sep 30th
My grandmother's ring Poem MAARCELAAAAAAA education Sep 30th
Day IV Poem uglyalek 1 Sep 30th
Water Can Speak! Poem KingofWords 4 Power of Water Sep 30th
MY GRANDFATHER’S KOMBI Poem PauRaangel 1 #grandfather #prosepoem #family #car #trips #memories Sep 30th
New Experience Poem thisisme789 4 growing up, learning about self, touching Sep 30th
My grandfather's lotion Poem karlaibc 1 Sep 30th
Father’s safety working boots Poem anasofiapb Sep 30th
Grandma's ring Poem babygzz Sep 30th
Contaminate This Love Poem pinkdot7 Sep 30th
Rainbow Nature Poem Anonymous 2 Sep 30th
My grandfather's car Poem paola8figueroa Sep 30th
Shitty Mirror Poem LovingLovelace 2 Sep 30th
Pretty Little Whore Poem LovingLovelace 4 Sep 30th
Want To Harm You Poem LovingLovelace Sep 30th
A doctrine to new life. Poem MisterOwl 1 Sep 30th
Passio Poem Apollo 1 # heart # love # passion # freedom #peace Sep 30th
My Grandfather’s Library Prose crisgoin Sep 30th
My mirros’s father Prose Ivan809349 Sep 30th
“Grand Fathers’ Fishing Boat” Prose MNoveloCh #grandfather #prosepoem #fishing #boat #cool #first #chido Sep 30th