Requirements of Teaching English in China

Requirements are the first thing you need to know before even thinking about applying for something. If you haven’t already heard, China is spending a huge amount of money on English teachers. They need to educate their children to grow up to be able to work with people from all around the world.  That’s why English has become key for them. The demand for English teachers has increased significantly, compared to previous years. Do you want to become an English teacher in China? Let’s see what you need in order to do that.

A Bachelor’s Degree

The first thing required from you is a bachelor’s degree. It’s a must for becoming a teacher. It’s the qualification they need, in order to count you as an individual who has the knowledge to teach and can be relied upon to teach in English. It doesn’t matter which subject your majored in.  You just need to provide the authorities with the certificate of your degree and then move on to the next requirement.

Valid Passport

Passports are the most important things for a traveler and you need a passport to enter China.  A valid passport is required. The Chinese government has issued the requirement for a minimum of five blank pages in passports for visitors.  Before you do anything else, check your passport and see how many pages you have that are blank. If you don’t have a passport yet, what are you waiting for? Go get one!

TEFL Score

The next step is your TEFL course qualification. It’s a language course that you need to complete, with at least 110 hours teaching time, in order to be accepted as an English teacher in China. Most of the schools are looking for teachers with 100+ hours completed. However, first pier cities require 120+ hours of TEFL completed. They reach out to the top level teachers. Are you up for it? Get admitted now!

Security Clearance

The last thing you need to collect before applying for a job are security clearance certificates. You need to apply for a security clearance certificate at your local police station.  This provides the Chinese authorities with proof that you do not have a criminal record in your native country. You also need a medical health certificate that states you are in good enough health to travel - this can be obtained from your local medical centre or family doctor.  


After you have completed the above, go on over to the website of  workandliveinchina.com. They employ teachers for various companies, schools and educational institutions all over China.  They will take care of everything - from accommodation and facilities to the flight tickets, airport shuttle pickup and more.  Simply register and apply and you will be on your way to China. Good luck!

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Why English class is important?


English is a very important language that everyone should be well conversant with and should also be able to fluently speak using it. English is a globally accepted language and a majority of the people around the world mostly use this language to communicate with each other and pass messages. It is also important to take up English class as the majority of the books used in most curriculums make use of the English language.


It is therefore very important for you to learn English language as it is what the majority of the people use across the world to communicate, you should at least be able to understand and comprehend what is being said or even better be able to communicate back.


Furthermore, when you decide to learn the English language you will be able to increase your chances of securing a well paying job especially if you are in a foreign country that is not well versed with the language. Therefore, by learning the language you further market and expose yourself to more and better job opportunities.


Moreover, it is important to study the English language as it will allow you to understand most websites in the internet as most of them are written using the English language which means that English is a global language that everyone should be well versed in. by being able to converse well using the English language you will be able to voice your opinion in forums and also contribute to discussions.


Also, English is one of the simplest and easiest languages to learn in the sense that it is based on a simple alphabet. It is also fairly easy and quick to learn the language as compared to when you are trying to learn other languages.


It is important to study the English language as it is the language that the media mostly employs to pass their messages.  So if you have the knowledge of the language you will not have to rely on translations and subtitles which means that you will be able to consume the information full without any difficulty or distractions. You will therefore also be able to enjoy reading and watching things much more.


You should get to study the language so as to try and avoid the language barrier. This is because a large portion of the world’s population usually speaks the English language. You will, therefore, be extremely lucky if you are able to read, write, and talk in English.


Having knowledge of the English language and being able to speak using the language will make you eligible to many schools as most of them make use of the English language while giving out their curriculum. Lacking the knowledge of the English language limits your options because only a few schools offer a curriculum in a foreign language and even so it is also extremely expensive. It also makes the learning process tedious and also it consumes a lot of time.


You should, therefore, take the initiative and try to learn the language. You stand to benefit a great deal from learning the language. The English language will also expose you to the culture and beliefs of other people which will make you appreciate them even more. Enroll know for the course!


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My father's guitar

It’s an acoustic Pearl from 1972. Though it is an imitation from a Gibson from the same year, it sounds marvelous.  Its maple color shines through the piece, its ornaments are antique but unique. The guitar used to have some flowers and doves as ornaments on the side of it.  They were really feminine, that’s why my father took em  out with female varnish. Nowadays he regrets for that, since the doves and the roses, were part of the originality of the guitar, its design. This guitar came to my father, as a gift from my grandfather. However my grandparent did a great effort to buy him that guitar, because of their economic situation the gift delayed several months. As soon as my father received the guitar, he was truly amused and started to play some songs. Time waited, was truly worth it. He learned on it, he practiced and he composed songs with one of his friends. He covered Beatles, Pink Floyd and many rock songs of those years. When my father met my mother on a dance club, he played a song within some friends the same night he knew her. The guitar that played that day was this one. This guitar is something special, above all the guitars my father has, no one compares to this. This one has a sentimental value, and can´t replace with no other.  This guitar has passed through three generations and still sounds amazing. The sounds of the strings are unique, that no modern guitar could try. This guitar was the used as a tool for my two brothers throughout their learning of guitar and now for me.  We always play all together some Rock and Blues at my basement’s house. In fact, we did our own songs as a family including this precious guitar on the instrumentation. Unfortunately, this guitar has acoustic problems. So many years have passed that the use of it, degraded the acoustic box and needs a fix.  We decided as a family to leave it as a piece of collection of my own family.  Though the guitar is inactive and my father misses it,  we would never forget the memories we did with it.  That shiny maple guitar, with some doves and roses missing, is in great part of our family. We did music with it and we will remember every second we interact while rehearsing.




Forever and........

Marriage ?
Forever and........

Fresh maid and English rose.

I doffed my cap !
And hitched my heart unto a star,
Entwined with broken thorn.
That what, with time, was sublime.
Though in the myriad of life
Didst not stand the test of time.
   Giajl © Jim Love 
Extract from the diaries of "Jock Love A Soldier & A Poet" : On the Road :   Hellenbach CFT 1986.
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Cynical Bastard

So, my English teacher called me a cynical bastard.
She doesn't recall the night I was at her house, completely plastered.
In the bedroom, it made no difference that I had no dad.
All she knew was that it was her time to hop on, and that she'd been bad.
Everyday, I sit in her class; I put up with her shit.
She's really pissed off because I made her swallow when she pleaded for spit.
Revenge will take its place once I spread the word around the class;
That I spread our teacher's legs and pounded her tiny ass.
And as it nears the end of the week,
I'll call that bitch back up and get her under the sheets.
Why must we lie and make up false pretexts?
When you're receiving a willing male, for a month of sex. <3