Vintage Words


Teachers sometimes drone

to the point of generating stress

responses in their students.

Yawns meet mundane ramblings 

when a course in anything is charged

with a lackluster presentation totally

empty of inspiration.


They can not bear often droned

lectures absent of crisp language,

a touch of humor, or a dash

of rhetorical device? 


Truth is anyone can find value

in anything well said. I wish 

I had taken linguistics to know

the true roots of things.


Teachers are not lazy, maybe too

busy, but had anyone with knowledge

suggested reading the entire

dictionary when I was ten, then

that could have been a wiser

course to mastering the best

usages of emphatic language.







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You're Welcome :)

and thank you for thanking me, I appreciate it :)

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Me suffered a woody slime called matchemphy

Me suffered a woody slime called matchemphy rotting my wood .Eebee genl,man/lady has indeed poked up a raw nerve.



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Shiver Me Timbers!

Okay respected Popeye, poet. Wood rot and raw nerves - sorry, most humbly. ~Lady A~

Lady A