Soul Trippin’

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Don’t be afraid, 

youve made it  t h i s  far....

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Supertramp Blues

Studio Recordings

Don’t be afraid

youve made it this far....

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to hear my guitar  

My father's Guitars

Since I had memory, my father has always have a guitar on his bedroom, through the times he had changed his guitars, but in spite of this he had never changed his love for music and he had never been without a guitar. He had always had a strong passion for the rock music, he used to be in a band long time ago when he was at school, and after all that time my dad had never lose the love of playing music just for himself. When I was 10, my father has always played his old 12 chord guitar on the night just before dinner, it was normal to me to always hear music inside the house at any time at the day because of my father, is like I'm in a musician's world, and I don't feel sorry or stuck because I don't play any instrument, because that is something that I know that I was not born to do, but even so me and my mother are the silent audience on any place of the house feeling great to hear those beautiful chords of the guitar, and sometimes he doesn’t even know that sometimes our neighbors wait for the time that my father’s starts to play the guitar. But specially the guitar is the sound that makes me know what is my father feeling in that precise moment, because when he is excited or happy about something on his life like a new big project on work, he plays his old hard-rock music playlists, that are all crazy and beautiful at the same time, but never losing the way he transmit those feelings through the guitar. And there is another days that he feels stressed or having problems with his family or work, and I feel that after all, they are not bad at all, because we as a family knows that our father is stressed, then we sat in the dining room to eat this weir cheese that my mom buys and drink wine with my sister and sometimes with cousins, to listen to their songs a little more relaxed style. Because we know that the guitars that he had are just an object that represent the problems that are constantly changing, I see it somehow that we all have issues in our life’s, and if you stay with them all your life, you’ll be not able to deal with them you’ll be stuck forever on those issues that life gives you, or you will just loose that interest for the things you love to do, in the case of my father to play music with his brand new guitars.

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My father's guitar

It’s an acoustic Pearl from 1972. Though it is an imitation from a Gibson from the same year, it sounds marvelous.  Its maple color shines through the piece, its ornaments are antique but unique. The guitar used to have some flowers and doves as ornaments on the side of it.  They were really feminine, that’s why my father took em  out with female varnish. Nowadays he regrets for that, since the doves and the roses, were part of the originality of the guitar, its design. This guitar came to my father, as a gift from my grandfather. However my grandparent did a great effort to buy him that guitar, because of their economic situation the gift delayed several months. As soon as my father received the guitar, he was truly amused and started to play some songs. Time waited, was truly worth it. He learned on it, he practiced and he composed songs with one of his friends. He covered Beatles, Pink Floyd and many rock songs of those years. When my father met my mother on a dance club, he played a song within some friends the same night he knew her. The guitar that played that day was this one. This guitar is something special, above all the guitars my father has, no one compares to this. This one has a sentimental value, and can´t replace with no other.  This guitar has passed through three generations and still sounds amazing. The sounds of the strings are unique, that no modern guitar could try. This guitar was the used as a tool for my two brothers throughout their learning of guitar and now for me.  We always play all together some Rock and Blues at my basement’s house. In fact, we did our own songs as a family including this precious guitar on the instrumentation. Unfortunately, this guitar has acoustic problems. So many years have passed that the use of it, degraded the acoustic box and needs a fix.  We decided as a family to leave it as a piece of collection of my own family.  Though the guitar is inactive and my father misses it,  we would never forget the memories we did with it.  That shiny maple guitar, with some doves and roses missing, is in great part of our family. We did music with it and we will remember every second we interact while rehearsing.





Music is a constant, never-changing friend

that always knows just what to say.

Music is an understanding perspective

you search for every day.



Voices can lend your mind support

and lyrics can make you feel tough.

 But when you listen behind the mask


there you’ll find the world of love.



Every note tells a story that dances

 on the beat of a drum and vibrations of a guitar-string.

The hidden sounds are a greater treasure

 than hearing gods sing.



Synchronized harmonies

calms your thoughts and soothes your tears.

In teasing melodies you’ll find

that life’s mysteries are no longer part of your fears.



Music helps your mind to forget

but your soul to remember.

Music encourages your heart

 when the world thinks you’re ready to surrender.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

There is more to music than just lyrics and melodies. You have to close your eyes and let the music flow through your mind. The true art and beauty is found in the small details. Music speaks to your soul and always has a way to put your thoughts and feelings into words.

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His morning glory

the man lived his life, in the end, became a sad story..

wishing for her...

his morning glory.

loneliness was his plague..

walking along the concrete, his shadow amplified his defeat.. 

a pill for each sorrow.. 

doesn't care to wake for anything tomorrow..

will he ever be able to see her smile again..?


the guitar was his outlet..

& precious was his long hair, a golden crown..

like an angel to all around..

but the demons took his hand...

promised a better land, as they dragged him down...

robbed him of all his color... 

he gripped tightly to what was left..

but grace slipped through his finger tips...


pages, chapters, paper & writing..

short lived escape route.. 

books were some of his closest friends..

little did he know, how I worried about him..

wish I could of done better..

though I was just a child, it all feels the same to me..


like I watched his growing disease of depression make progression...

the darkness overwhelmed him, & choked him in his sleep...

I knew it was the day..

& after that, I myself haven't longed to awake in the morning...

every night I doze off, tossing & turning..

I feel like i'll wake up to someone dead..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just wrote this today.. 3.22.13

about my Uncle who lived with me for a few years before & after my fathers death.. 

my Uncle passed Oct. 25 2007.. 

I hope he finally has some true peace, wherever his spirit may be.. 

My Black Guitar

Got a parcel from a good friend
Covered with papers: I just rend
Now It's in front of me: what do I see?
A black beauty. A guitar for me!


Branded case, black head.
Brown fret, two picks, A belt
They probably call it an acoustic
Gotta find a safe place for it


Gotta find a safe place for it
To hide it from Neighbourhood kids
They'll harm it I know those freaks
Or will suck my mind and ask for treat


Oh wait! How will I learn this thing? !
Need a teacher for it to strum the strings
But fuck it let's use internet videos
Let the strings ding the way it goes


chords , tuning, so complicated !
Need a simple way, don't make me frustrated
Damn! these strings hurts like razors
It's a love-hate situation for a fresher


But now I found Marty Schwartz
He can easily teach you every chords
Removed difficulties that made fends
Taught me how to play
''Wake me up when September ends''


I love to play it Because you do too
Pretending to jam just like you do
May be one day I'll become a star?
Oh! I love it! My Black Guitar

Author's Notes/Comments: 

99% of what I wrote up there is a true story :P

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