My grandfather was a farmer, a hardworking man, the happy one kind. I'll always remember summer mornings when I visited his place, we woke up very early to collect some milk and to feed the cows. My grandfather had the farm 45 minutes away from my grandmother's house, so at the time we returned from milking (with a big jar of milk), my grandma already cooked a delicious breakfast, served on the table. I always ran straight to the table and ate some cheese, without caring about my dirty and sweaty hands. The wait of seeing my grandpa enclosing the horse, give him water and take away the saddle was eternity for me, and of course to my hunger.


My grandfather's favourite hat was a beige one a little battered by time but it was the one that every child in the house wanted to use at riding mornings, the first one to wake up had the right to use. The hat had a feather of some strange bird, and leather string around it. My grandfather always told us that this hat was a very special one, 'cause he conserved it since his younger years and it was a gift from an uncle. He liked to put it on when he and my grandma took walks to the beach; when he drove my mom and her siblings to school; when he visited my great-grandparentsand. But now it was the hat that stayed with him every morning crossing the field. The hat was so old that the lyrics of the brand inside were almost impossible to read; it was a little too big for my head but I loved wearing it.


Morning walks to the barnyard, long ones for a boy of my age, but enjoyables by the hat covering the sun and my grandpa's talks, this last one made the walks so much easier and of course, made them feel quicker. When we arrived home he took the hat off and hung it next to all the other hats; some of them large, others colorful, some velvet ones... but that beige, old, the most damaged and full of memories made it the favourite hat. Nowdays visiting my grandma's place and seeing the hat, I close my eyes and start to remember every story and all the amazing talks with my grandfhater as we walked. All those moments between my grandfather, me, and the hat.

grandfather, me, and the hat.
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