Here Is To The Unseen Heroes

To be a good person
To be nice
Is not a weakness
It takes great strength
To do the right thing
And treat others
With the dignity
They deserve
When we live
In a world
That rewards
Those who
Make their living
Doing nothing
But lying
And screwing
Over everyone they see
So here is to the heroes
The ones you
Almost never see
The people to strive
To make a difference
In the lives
Of every troubled
Kid they see
The foodshelf workers
Who work for free
Just to make sure
Others have
Enough to eat
Those who
Don't just walk
Passed those they see
Living on the street
Those who see
People suffering
And try to do
Something about it
Those determined
To make life better
For those society
Largely just don't see
Yes here is to you
The every day
Unseen heroes
Who find a way
To against the odds
Make life better
And renew my faith
In an otherwise
Corrupt society

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