Monthly Archive for September 2013

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Pocket Poetry Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
ABC... Poem Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
Flower Of Hope Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
Obtain Your Goals Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
Change Self Perceptions Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
FOCUS ON COMPLIMENTS Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
Realistic Expectations Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
Turn To Support Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
Baby Steps Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
Molding Yourself Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
Reaction Control Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
Life Enrichment Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
Belief Blessing Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
Brimming Blessing Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
Power To Change Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
FREE ME Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
Don't Judge Yourself Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
Problem-Solution Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
Creativity Flows Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
Pick A Fresh Idea Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
Love Today Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
Speak From Within Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
Everyone Counts Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
Quote by Gary Zukav Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
Quote by Dr. Terri Kennedy Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
Verzions Of Faith Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
Hug Basket Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
Golden Friendships Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
Self Belief Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
Best Smiles Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
You're A Winner Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
Assertive Stands Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
Unknown Destination Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
Alter Negativity Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
NO DWELLING Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
Silence Negativity Poem Anonymous Sep 20th
Cold heart Poem Imprinted-soul 2 Sep 20th
Unforgettable Prose humanpulse Sep 20th
Flame Prose Eebee 2 child, death, sorrow Sep 20th
Closer to Love Poem metaphorist Sep 21st
Fearlessness Poem metaphorist Sep 21st
The Hospital Poem metaphorist Sep 21st
Fire in My Fingers Poem metaphorist Sep 21st
Family Feud Poem metaphorist Sep 21st
Samson Poem metaphorist 1 Sep 21st
Worthy of Love Poem metaphorist Sep 21st
Hoarder Poem metaphorist Sep 21st
Things Never Change Poem metaphorist Sep 21st
I don’t know what to do with this painting Poem running_with_rabbits 4 Sep 21st
4am Thoughts Poem poeticlady thoughts from a poet Sep 21st
He has no idea what he is missing Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Sep 21st
Delirious Man Poem TheonlyletterX #hopeless #moods #anger #confusion #secrets Sep 21st
False rivals Poem Sorrow 1 Deception false rival wrong medieval sadness sorrow Sep 21st
Why do I write in coffee shops again? Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Sep 21st
Broken Rock Poem TheShadowKnows Sep 21st
Stop stealing people’s spot lights Poem running_with_rabbits 7 Sep 21st
Pit of Beauty Poem TheShadowKnows Sep 21st
Monsters Poem TheShadowKnows Sep 21st
Night of Tears Poem DeathlyAngel Sep 21st
THE BEAUTY OF A SINGLE ROSE Poem joy family Sep 21st
You are dying Poem Kolors-to-forget-him #alone #depression #sad #lonely #pain #tears #waiting #upset #feeling #years #secret #mind #inside #letitout #openup #suicide #selfharm, Abuse, alcohol, blood, Drugs, dying, poem, Poems, Suicide, word, Words Sep 21st
Bring Sunshine Poem Anonymous Sep 21st
Quote by Will Smith Poem Anonymous Sep 21st
Choose Happiness Poem Anonymous Sep 21st
Simply Friends Poem Anonymous Sep 21st
Responsible For Yourself Poem Anonymous Sep 21st
Papers Of Your Life Poem Anonymous Sep 21st
Friendship Hope Poem Anonymous Sep 21st
ART Poem chris Sep 21st
THE DANCE Poem chris Sep 21st
Always the battle never the war Poem necro-zydrate Sep 21st
I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU Poem chris 1 Sep 21st
THE WAY OF THE JOURNEY Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 21st
HABLEMOS DE LA ESPINA PROFUNDA Poem heavensunrise Sep 21st
Our Forever Puppy Shyy Poem SweetHaven #Love #Dogs #Pets #Friendship #Death Sep 21st
Drops Poem CinnamonBees 1 Sep 21st
The game with myself Poem unknownever #alone #depression #sad #lonely #pain #tears #waiting #upset #feeling #years #secret #mind #inside #letitout #openup #suicide #selfharm Sep 21st
Have you ever wanted love so bad? Poem JustinJamaal 4 Sep 22nd
far away Poem Nadine_18magdy Sep 22nd
A researcher’s lament Poem cynosure Sep 22nd
My Army Girl Poem poeticlady 2 army Sep 22nd
Pro Verbs Poem JoBo Wisdom proverbs friends enemies anger love Sep 22nd
Personal Peace Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 22nd
Man Poem jesse3263 1 #love #peace #life #encouragement #God #Faith, Fear, king, love, man, power, story, woman Sep 22nd
Passing Thoughts Poem amazingmrdonut Sep 22nd
So Much Violence (Something Must Be Done) Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 22nd
more depression Poem amazingdizzy Sep 22nd
The Peace I Am Meant To See Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 22nd
Something Must Be Done Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 22nd
Think For Yourself Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 22nd
Your Smile is Paradise Poem KingofWords #love #relationships #smile #heart #life #years #mine #Mature Sep 22nd
GIVING TO THE MAX Poem joy giving Sep 22nd
Quote by Mahatma Gandhi Poem Anonymous Sep 22nd
You Poem rsonico DJ_RSonico, Romar Sonico, you Sep 22nd
People Bring Happiness Poem Anonymous 2 Sep 22nd
You Are Poem rsonico are, DJ_RSonico, Romar Sonico, you, You Are Sep 22nd
Wrong Timings Poem rsonico DJ_RSonico, Romar Sonico, Timings, wrong, Wrong Timings Sep 22nd
Thank You For Poem rsonico for, Romar Sonico, thank, thank you, Thank You For, you, You For Sep 22nd
Color Beauty Poem Anonymous Sep 22nd
Picture Poem rsonico Picture, Romar Sonico Sep 22nd
Love Poem rsonico love, Romar Sonico Sep 22nd
Inspired Poem rsonico Inspired, Romar Sonico Sep 22nd
I Regret The Day That Poem rsonico I, I Regret, I Regret The, I Regret The Day, I Regret The Day That, Romar Sonico Sep 22nd
"I am...." Poem Anonymous 2 Sep 22nd
Games Poem rsonico games, Romar Sonico Sep 22nd
Down Poem rsonico down, Romar Sonico Sep 22nd
Change Poem rsonico change, Romar Sonico Sep 22nd
Your making me blush :) Poem DeathlyAngel Sep 22nd
Pro Verbs vol. 2 Poem JoBo Work life speech rich poor anger love hate Sep 22nd
Pacing Poem SpecialSense 2 Sep 22nd
Mindless Poem SpecialSense 2 Sep 22nd
Don't Save It. Poem SpecialSense 1 Sep 22nd
The homeless are not bums! Poem randyjohnson anger, HOMELESS, sad Sep 22nd
Pro verbs vol 3 Poem JoBo Enemies God Jehovah revenge love hate wisdom Sep 22nd
EDEN UNADORNED Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 22nd
Mutual Desolation Poem god36 # addiction # love # passion # relationship Sep 22nd
Dear Jenny, Poem catherine Sep 22nd
To girl of your dreams. Poem EvieTravieAllie 2 Sep 22nd
Life I Wanted Poem ashleynicolej24 romance love past relationship Sep 22nd
You Poem mikelarocca1005... 1 Sep 22nd
Destroyer Poem Mustang224 Sep 22nd
Not really sure what to call it Prose amazingdizzy Sep 22nd
Was it worth it Poem Mustang224 2 Sep 23rd
Pro Verbs vol.4 Poem JoBo Bible love wicked righteous love hate friendship Jehovah jealousy Sep 23rd
Illusion Poem Opia Sep 23rd
My Love Poem Keepongoing Sep 23rd
The Perfect Friend © Poem ShannenWrass My Best Friend, Shannen Wrass, The Perfect Friend Sep 23rd
Time Out To Cry © Poem ShannenWrass Shannen Wrass, The Perfect Friend, Time Out To Cry Sep 23rd
Things Must Change (Before Its Too Late) Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 23rd
Lastima- "Adios!" Poem SoulKritiC adios Sep 23rd
Love Like The World Depends On It Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 23rd
Again Poem AlejandroBonfil Sep 23rd
PERSEVERANCE THE HALLMARK OF SURVIVAL! Poem pbenarumairaj 5 Man needs to be patient and hardworking to survive. Sep 23rd
Autumn Leaves Poem cevance 3 autumn leaves, Season Sep 23rd
Schizophrenic Poem batmanfan373 #schizophrenia Sep 23rd
You Came In Pieces Poem PensiveStranger 2 Sep 23rd
Mother of us all Poem Imprinted-soul 1 Sep 23rd
it's Darkest.... Poem giajl Sep 23rd
When You Win Sometimes There's , Poem giajl Sep 23rd
Common Knowledge... Poem giajl Sep 23rd
Class Photos.... Poem giajl Sep 23rd
Tears Like Water.... Poem giajl Sep 23rd
A Glass Before They Go, Poem giajl 1 Airborne, Falklands War, Parachute Regiment, War, War Poetry Sep 23rd
In Leafy England's Vales Poem giajl Sep 23rd
The Ultimate Response or, Poem giajl Sep 23rd
True Within Me Lays... Poem giajl Sep 23rd
Just A Walk in the Park Poem giajl Sep 23rd
Venus in a mirror Poem 9inety 5 Sep 23rd
For Some, For All.... Poem giajl Sep 23rd
I've got windex, Where's the newspaper? Poem schmuckjones 2 Sep 23rd
With Heart Poem Desperado # addiction # love # passion # relationship Sep 23rd
PRETTY BUTTERFLIES Poem heatherburns35 Sep 23rd
TIDAL WAVES Poem heatherburns35 Sep 23rd
IMAGES Poem heatherburns35 Sep 23rd
SEARCHING Poem heatherburns35 Sep 23rd
Smashed Glass Poem damien Sep 23rd
Guileless In Flight Poem Sivus Sep 23rd
ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL Poem joy Football Sep 23rd
Acceptance Sought Poem Anonymous Sep 23rd
Compliments? Poem Anonymous Sep 23rd
Can't Change People Poem Anonymous Sep 23rd
2 Way Acceptance Poem Anonymous Sep 23rd
Emotion Meter Poem Anonymous 1 Sep 23rd
He Said... Poem qt_poet Sep 23rd
Blood Money Poem metaphorist Sep 23rd
It's a Miserable Life Poem metaphorist Sep 23rd
My Last Words Poem metaphorist Sep 23rd
Beneath the Surface Poem metaphorist Sep 23rd
I'm Glad That I'm Dead Poem Envy Sep 23rd
To be honest Prose JustinJamaal 1 Sep 23rd
6 Poem nat_w_dogg 1 Sep 24th
what if we would split? Poem dogs4life_77 Sep 24th
Wrong timing Poem shootingStar Sep 24th
The Entertainer Poem pinkdot7 Sep 24th
Abstraction Poem Narcoticmancer 1 # addiction # love # passion # relationship #ex's Sep 24th
broken Poem justinsomeone 1 #Love#Pain#heart# Sep 24th
Your Voice is a Song Poem KingofWords 2 Just Want To Hear Your Voice Sep 24th
Life and Death Poem Ephialtes #death #Heaven #Afterlife #Funeral #Love #Acceptance #Life #MovingOn #Profound #Existential Sep 24th
the struggle Poem kayspoems Sep 24th
Alone isn't what I want Poem Simply_georgous12 6 Sep 24th
We Live In Hope. Poem sweetwater Sep 24th
O Father, My Father Poem lewriter241 #family #love #growing up #sad Sep 24th
Is Poem schmuckjones 1 Sep 24th
Rejuvenated Drone Poem schmuckjones 3 Sep 24th
Meandering River Poem a.griffiths57 5 natures course. Sep 24th
Addiction Poem robincj Sep 24th
Sunrise Poem robincj Sep 24th
RECIPE FOR WAR Poem joy 1 War Sep 24th
AN ARCTIC SUNRISE Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 25th
Today, Yesterday & The Day Before Poem Silver__lining Sep 25th
I'm For You Poem Silver__lining Sep 25th
Another Better We Poem Silver__lining 2 Sep 25th
All Cause Of You Poem Silver__lining Sep 25th
City Afternoon Poem bishu Sep 25th
Count Draculas Vampire Brides Have Sucked Me Dry Poem PeterChristophe... 17 Halloween Creepy Spooky Gothic, undead and vampires Sep 25th
Medicine Poem boston1 medicine anxiety love depression Sep 25th
Our Love is the Difference Between True Love Poem LovingLovelace Sep 25th
Hello Dream Poem LovingLovelace 3 Sep 25th
Fallen Stars Poem LovingLovelace Sep 25th
DIVINE COMBONATION Poem poetic-cosmo 2 Sep 25th
Beauty Lives in Her Eyes Poem KingofWords 4 before her eyes Sep 25th
behind her masquerade Poem 9inety 4 Sep 25th
HOLY TEMPLE Poem poetic-cosmo 1 Sep 25th
UNTIL AT LAST Poem heatherburns35 Sep 25th
Abortion Poem ramonathompsont Sep 25th
Softer Shelf Poem Sivus Sep 25th
Believe Poem ramonathompsont Sep 25th
Come What May Poem LadyRaine Sep 25th
Trust The Universe Poem Anonymous Sep 25th
Be The Change Poem Anonymous Sep 25th
Lizard Leisure Poem Anonymous Sep 25th
Seeing the good... Poem Anonymous Sep 25th
30 Year Stillborn Poem ramonathompsont Sep 25th
Friendship Token Poem Anonymous Sep 25th
Banana Party Poem Anonymous Sep 25th
Appreciation Vine Poem Anonymous 1 Sep 25th
I Give thanks... Poem Anonymous Sep 25th
A MEMORY Poem joy Getting old Sep 25th
Excerpt From a Pageless Codex Prose beliefshifter 1 Sep 25th
Discourse with Mediator Prose a.griffiths57 2 appeals., interviews. appointments Sep 25th
My Mothers Snow Globes Prose bobetrevino Sep 25th
Do They Not Know? Poem trumpet7 Sep 26th
Company. Poem Astral_Tides 10 Sep 26th
Fast Travels Poem ADAPT Sep 26th
The Pendulum's Promise Poem bittersweetpoison 1 Sep 26th
SO MUCH BEAUTY Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Sep 26th
Suburban Nobomi Poem bishu 2 Sep 26th
Will You Strive To Change The World? Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 26th
Urban Woes Poem bishu 4 Sep 26th
love little Poem lovingdaisys #love #hate #betrayed #left #alone #sad #mad Sep 26th
broken peaces Poem Budtheturtle 1 Sep 26th
her shadow Poem lovingdaisys Sep 26th
Rewind Poem JustSharein A Struggle Sep 26th
Think Outside The Box (For The Sake Of Humanity) Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 26th
Dead Poem Segrob Sep 26th
Hidden Thing Poem Segrob Sep 26th
gone Poem Glim Sep 26th
6/14/13 12:02 pm Poem Glim 1 Sep 26th
Solid Belief Poem Anonymous Sep 26th
4/29/13 4:45 am Poem Glim 1 Sep 26th
4/23/08 1:03am Poem Glim 1 Sep 26th
These Dreams Poem ramonathompsont 4 Sep 26th
I am Mr. Otherwise Poem 9inety 7 Sep 26th
Twin Bridge Poem ramonathompsont Sep 26th
Gray Matter Poem personwondering #Secrets #Love #Relationships #struggle #guilt #freedom #gray #thoughts #peace #life #free verse Sep 26th
Quote by Lou Holtz Poem Anonymous Sep 26th
Tree Of Thankfulness Poem Anonymous Sep 26th
Strawberry Compliments Poem Anonymous Sep 26th
True Connections Poem Anonymous Sep 26th
Hiking Through Blessings Poem Anonymous Sep 26th