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My cousin's Nintendos

My cousin’s Nintendos



My cousin is cool, he's my best friend, but he has a big problem… his video game consoles. They are so shiny, they are so bright, they promise to take you to adventures and to win fights. He takes them with him all the time, to the school or even to the moon. He can’t forget them because without a player 1 the world would end.

He doesn't care if it's a beautiful day because it doesn't counts if he can't play. First it was his GameBoy that was blinding him, not because eye care but from his reality. Then it was his Nintendo DS that doubled not only the screen but the trouble (and let’s not talk about his 3DS). He doesn't eat food, he consumes Mana from the magical woods. He doesn’t commit any mistakes, because he has earned enough experience points. You would not want to bother him, he’s level is over 9000. He doesn't care if it's Christmas, he doesn't care if we are at the mall because not losing his game is his biggest goal.

We never see each other so often, because I live here and he lives there, and when I have the opportunity to visit him he seems not to care. We used to be so close but then he got trapped in another world (or worlds), I wanted my cousin back and the only way I found to do that was dressing with a shining armor and challenge him to duel. He took out another of his valuable possessions, it was not a diamont or money, it was a second player controller. So I took my sword and entered to his world and discovered that it was not bad, at all. We began fighting each other until a monster came and fight together. We defeated the boss, and we broke the barrier. We were in the same world now, it just happened, I don’t know how. It was good to spend time together, again. This will last until he gets a new video game.


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Charly's guitar



Six strings that make the sound of poetry come to life, a yellowish tobacco color with fluent stripes that flow on its body make this guitar unbeatable, crystal clear, suffocating in a world of darkness and shinning ambers, the PRS shows its majestic sound as it rocks and rolls throughout the rehearsal. I was always asking myself, how could he make poetry with such an angelic guitar, my question will always be unanswered, but my soul shows how love and passions can bring this little hard wood work show its true emotions throughout the body of the player. And I think, wow… so close but yet so far, I sometimes play with his friend guitar, but far, far from being as good as him. I remember the first time I saw the sun, same old feelings that were never gone. Shinny as the sky, and sneaky as a little kid, but that guitar will beat both of them and rule the world by itself; majestic, fluent, free from chains, and that guitar is like a beast, it will never, ever, not even in my dreams, be as good for me as it’s good for Charley or for any other rather than Charley’s hands. He loves the guitar as he loves his soul, he express his emotions like no other, he plays it, and its like listening to the best orchestra, or the best band in the world. Charley is the guitar player in my bad, which I’m the singer, I sometimes listen to him and the other members of the band playing their instruments and I fly away to another place in the universe, or maybe another dimension, and throw away my feelings writing a good song.  He takes the guitar everywhere to prove himself how much he loves it, he plays it all the time! When he’s home, at friend’s, and as good of a friend he is, I need to recognize that his guitar remembers me of how good he is, he teaches me techniques he has mastered thru the years, and maybe I play guitar as well, but what I play may be considered as noise compared to how good he knows his guitar and how good he plays it, I wish to have his talent, I wish to play that guitar everyday, because that same guitar would win a thousand million hearts by just the presence of it.




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My name is Fernando Sandoval,im 19 years old and born in Monterrey NuevoLeon Mexico. Im a student in the ITESM currently studying engineering in innovation and development focusing in NanoTechnology and Artificial Inteligence. My hobbies are going to the gym, hanging out with my friends, clubbing, singing... im currently the singer of a band, and next week we're recording our first demo! Thruout my life ive been writing lyrics to my own songs which i might be posting . Im in to talk to anyone who wants to show their criteria about my works, Im all ears. I wrote my first full song when i was twelve, obiously in spanish which is my first lenguage.

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