My father's guitar

It’s an acoustic Pearl from 1972. Though it is an imitation from a Gibson from the same year, it sounds marvelous.  Its maple color shines through the piece, its ornaments are antique but unique. The guitar used to have some flowers and doves as ornaments on the side of it.  They were really feminine, that’s why my father took em  out with female varnish. Nowadays he regrets for that, since the doves and the roses, were part of the originality of the guitar, its design. This guitar came to my father, as a gift from my grandfather. However my grandparent did a great effort to buy him that guitar, because of their economic situation the gift delayed several months. As soon as my father received the guitar, he was truly amused and started to play some songs. Time waited, was truly worth it. He learned on it, he practiced and he composed songs with one of his friends. He covered Beatles, Pink Floyd and many rock songs of those years. When my father met my mother on a dance club, he played a song within some friends the same night he knew her. The guitar that played that day was this one. This guitar is something special, above all the guitars my father has, no one compares to this. This one has a sentimental value, and can´t replace with no other.  This guitar has passed through three generations and still sounds amazing. The sounds of the strings are unique, that no modern guitar could try. This guitar was the used as a tool for my two brothers throughout their learning of guitar and now for me.  We always play all together some Rock and Blues at my basement’s house. In fact, we did our own songs as a family including this precious guitar on the instrumentation. Unfortunately, this guitar has acoustic problems. So many years have passed that the use of it, degraded the acoustic box and needs a fix.  We decided as a family to leave it as a piece of collection of my own family.  Though the guitar is inactive and my father misses it,  we would never forget the memories we did with it.  That shiny maple guitar, with some doves and roses missing, is in great part of our family. We did music with it and we will remember every second we interact while rehearsing.