Monthly Archive for September 2013

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Tethered Poem metaphorist Sep 14th
Resilience is futile Poem SSmoothie 6 Coffee Sep 14th
Dodge the Beast Poem collix davey jones, death, Decisions, ocean, sailing, sea Sep 14th
Masters of the universe Poem nighthawk21 Sep 14th
Author of Happiness Poem jordanchambers 3 happiness author easy Sep 14th
Imagine Life (Through The Eyes Of A Child) Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 14th
We Are One (And We Are Strong) Poem LittleLennonGurl 1 Sep 14th
(I'm Not Talking About Cheese) Poem deepblue 3 Sep 14th
Amidst Nature Poem bishu Sep 14th
Festival Poem bishu 2 Sep 14th
Fine.... Poem DeathlyAngel 1 Sep 14th
THAT OLD TABLE Poem joy family, Memories Sep 14th
The Solemner Poem Samentalmonkey Beauty, lost, love, mood, People, Solemn, Stranger, train Sep 14th
Gentleness Poem trumpet7 Sep 14th
Self Control Poem trumpet7 Sep 14th
My Dream Poem Eebee love, marriage, relationships, romance Sep 14th
LA CUEVA DE LA SIMPLICIDAD Poem heavensunrise Sep 14th
Lure of the Lovely Poem alisonsailer Sep 14th
Free Me Poem Jernigan # heart # love # passion # pain # listen # freedome Sep 14th
4 no 1 Poem Leo87 2 Sep 14th
Thread. Poem Disgusting Depression, Hate, Lonely, love, used Sep 14th
Just know when you're lost. Poem Disgusting 1 alone, fake, Hated, lost, sad Sep 14th
Devouring light Poem nighthawk21 Sep 14th
3 Eyes Poem poetic-cosmo 3 Sep 14th
Hell Broke Lucy Poem alisonsailer Sep 14th
It happens as you walk away Poem SSmoothie 2 Sep 14th
The way you hate me. Poem SSmoothie 2 Sep 14th
ADDICTION Poem chris Sep 15th
Wicked Nightmare Poem lcprettiboi83 Sep 15th
Hope Poem FLboy555 #hope Sep 15th
Little Red Poem PensiveStranger Sep 15th
Night Rain Poem FLboy555 3 Sep 15th
Nightlife Poem Seraphim Apathy, atlas, broken wings, Cursed, Dark, day, death, Depression, doom, helplessness, Life, light, loss, love, night, Pain, Peace, Redemption, sadness, second chances, Seraphim, time, War Sep 15th
We Are In This Together Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 15th
Closed door... broken chapter Poem Livirennie1 Sep 15th
you fucked me over Poem Moonshadow 1 Sep 15th
Rain Poem pinkdot7 Sep 15th
Diversion Poem 48daniel 1 Sep 15th
Left Behind Poem RoC 2 Sep 15th
91513 Poem 1 Sep 15th
SO LONG SALUSTIANO Poem joy getting older Sep 15th
Something Special Poem ADAPT Sep 15th
The Road Poem liltigg10 Sep 15th
If you never had to go away Poem liltigg10 Sep 15th
untitled 4 Poem liltigg10 Sep 15th
HEAL Poem liltigg10 Sep 15th
Untitled 5 Poem liltigg10 Sep 15th
Crushing knowledge Poem Garret Sep 15th
untitled6 Poem liltigg10 Sep 15th
I Wish I were..... Poem sweetwater 2 Sep 15th
The Race Poem YouAreReadingMy... heart, individual, individually, obstacles, one, one by one, overcome, overcoming, Pain, Race, round, running, Struggles, team Sep 15th
A Part Of You. Poem sweetwater Sep 15th
Coffee Poem YouAreReadingMy... bitter, Coffee, craving, cup, delicious, Drinking, galore, mug, sweet, taste, thirst, thirsty, Throat, tongue, white, yum Sep 15th
Sacrifice Poem Aishira 3 Sep 15th
The Night Poem YouAreReadingMy... blankets, comfort, creatures, darkening, Darkness, discomfort, horizon, light, Moon, night, shadow, shadowing, shadows, silence, sleep, stealth, stealthily, sun Sep 16th
I Hold The Power Poem Eebee 2 I suck at tags, power, Revolution Sep 16th
Little Black Angel Poem Envy Sep 16th
in the dream Poem BeckieMoo Sep 16th
When I first laid eyes on you. Poem Kolors-to-forget-him #love #relationships #smile #heart #life #years #mine #Mature Sep 16th
Who Am I? Poem Mikaykay Sad alone confused Sep 16th
THE HARMLESS MASK Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Sep 16th
Lipstick Poem bishu 4 Sep 16th
My ode to BBC Radio Wales Poem DaztheDruid 2 Dad, death, Radio, wales Sep 16th
My ode to Zahara at BBC radio wales Poem DaztheDruid wales Sep 16th
Abyss Poem Urban 1 # heart # love # passion # pain # listen # freedome, emotion, Feeling, sadness Sep 16th
A Final Sin Poem cevance 9 Sep 16th
The Start of a New Day Poem YouAreReadingMy... anew, awake, begin, being, creature, creatures, day, Human, it, morning, new, person, Rise, start, the, wake, waves Sep 16th
She's Still Waiting Poem tasha860 Sep 16th
TIDES OF DESTINY Poem K.D 3 Sep 16th
Crashing down Poem cnlee9868 Sep 16th
The Old Stone Wall. Poem sweetwater 9 Sep 16th
It's Your World. Poem sweetwater Sep 16th
Tides Poem Samentalmonkey bay, death, mood, ocean, sailor, War Sep 16th
Pain Poem cnlee9868 Sep 16th
Round 5 Poem cnlee9868 Sep 16th
Part 1 Poem cnlee9868 Sep 16th
:/ Poem cnlee9868 Sep 16th
Music as Two Poem cnlee9868 Sep 16th
Music as two Poem cnlee9868 Sep 16th
Fantasy Poem LeCheek Sep 16th
a song entitled wars a racket Poem DaztheDruid racket, syria, War Sep 16th
ONE Poem chris Sep 16th
REUNION Poem chris Sep 16th
COOKING TIPS Poem joy cooking, Humor Sep 16th
Clear Poem ADAPT 2 Sep 16th
The True Meaning Of Poetry [Written by Zibusiso Ngcobo] Poem bestflank 2 Sep 16th
Woven Factors Of Karyn Poem Anonymous 2 Sep 16th
Haunted Poem Psychosis Sep 16th
Lonewolf Poem FLboy555 #alone#Thinking#peace#grief Sep 16th
Figment Factors Poem Anonymous Sep 16th
A BEAUTIFUL NIGHT...MADE EVEN MORE BEAUTIFUL! Poem emmenay A love poem with a visionary and philosophical touch on the truth of undying love. Sep 16th
FREE Prose K.D Sep 16th
death Prose K.D Sep 16th
UTOPIA Prose K.D 3 Sep 16th
Blinded Prose K.D Sep 16th
REAl Prose K.D Sep 16th
DEATH !! Prose K.D Sep 16th
Rastahfarian Poem allets Sep 17th
Poetry By Definition Poem allets 2 Sep 17th
Cosmic Yawn Poem allets 4 Sep 17th
Outward agony Poem Ephialtes #BreakUp #Relationships #Love #betrayal #hate #guilt #anger #rage #sad Sep 17th
Guns OR Grace Poem gruvyeve 2 Sep 17th
broke Poem LeCheek Sep 17th
yea dont know what to title this Poem LeCheek Sep 17th
ما عاد فيكِ مكان لمثلي Poem nasheed Sep 17th
I want to make poetry Poem LostInMyOwnHead 6 Love? Sep 17th
words of a murdered child Poem Ivorykeys 4 #feelings #hurt #freestyle #poem #darkness Sep 17th
Ashes Of The Phoenix Poem nightlight1220 13 ashes, dust, dusty, fire, Phoenix, phoenix bird, shadow, shadows, sun, suns Sep 17th
the physic Poem Ivorykeys 2 #alone #depression #sad #lonely #pain #tears #waiting #upset #feeling #years #secret #mind #inside #letitout Sep 17th
my cold demeanour Poem Ivorykeys # winter # wistful # sad # happy #memories #person Sep 17th
Why Cry For Him? [written by Zibusiso Ngcobo] Poem bestflank Sep 17th
WHISPERING TO THE MOON Poem danielacesta 2 Sep 17th
The emotion Poem danielacesta Sep 17th
Our planet Poem danielacesta Sep 17th
NIMROD'S PROXY Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 17th
this more than anything is a nippet of a story i have been writing... Poem necro-zydrate Sep 17th
Devotee Poem SSmoothie Sep 17th
Hold closer the lesser moments Poem WhatIAmOrWillBe 1 Sep 17th
Reality Poem WhatIAmOrWillBe Sep 17th
I Can't Write Happy Poem Eebee 1 Dark, depressing, sad, Writing Sep 17th
Continue? Poem Eebee Dark, Depression, ignored, sad, Suicide, trapped Sep 17th
Growing UP Poem CRIS 2 adolescence, puberty Sep 17th
Dreams Poem Samentalmonkey love passion dream mood Sep 17th
No Ones Got My Back Poem AirAm 2 Sep 17th
solo journey (Drunken Waltz) Poem grimfate Sep 17th
War Of My Worlds Poem grimfate 2 Sep 17th
Back then was everything Poem WhatIAmOrWillBe Sep 17th
Why me? [written by Zibusiso Ngcobo] Poem bestflank Sep 17th
Religion or Faith Poem trumpet7 1 Sep 17th
Transforming Me Poem trumpet7 Sep 17th
God of All Comfort Poem trumpet7 Sep 17th
of a tempest Poem sheridan_grilli Reflection Sep 17th
Twilight Perk Poem LadyRaine Sep 17th
Intire Poem nightlight1220 3 entire, Life, love, soul, wholeness Sep 17th
Reader The Judge Poem nightlight1220 3 Beauty, human behavior, human emotion, interpretation, knowledge, Life, love, Purpose, self introspection Sep 17th
Come Home Poem Vallantiel 4 Sep 17th
MORE THAN A POEM Prose danielacesta Sep 17th
I PRAY Prose chris Sep 17th
Ironically Reality Poem Envy 1 Sep 18th
I am a tomato [written by Zibusiso Ngcobo] Poem bestflank Sep 18th sorry Poem DeathlyAngel Sep 18th
She does, the other one too Poem DeathlyAngel Sep 18th
My Dance, My Drums, My Love Poem LovingLovelace 1 Sep 18th
Opposites detract Poem SSmoothie 3 Sep 18th
Love In The Dark Poem damien Sep 18th
Today Was Your Day Poem WhatIAmOrWillBe 1 Sep 18th
The Other Side of Leaving Poem WhatIAmOrWillBe Sep 18th
Becoming Poem grimfate Sep 18th
The silly burden of proof Poem SSmoothie 9 Sep 18th
Darkned Light Poem Maelnor #Desire #Fear #Life #Death Sep 18th
Gold Poem Maelnor #Weakness #Falseness #Conspiracy #Hopelessness Sep 18th
Dawn Poem Maelnor #Hope #Anxiety Sep 18th
Jealousy Poem Maelnor #Heartbreak #Jealousy Sep 18th
Oh No, You're Dead Poem Eebee Dark, death, insane, Mental, Murder, torture, twisted, wtf Sep 18th
Eden In The Clouds Poem AquarianMale 5 Sep 18th
how I feel for you Poem Alex12349 # addiction # love # passion # relationship Sep 18th
Abortion Is A Killer Poem ramonathompsont 4 Sep 18th
Body Language Poem 9inety 12 Sep 18th
Abstract Perceptions Poem Anonymous Sep 18th
Darkheart Poem grimfate 2 Sep 18th
Transitioned Butterfly Poem Anonymous Sep 18th
Compliment Builder Poem Anonymous Sep 18th
Built Self-Esteem Poem Anonymous Sep 18th
Used Goods Poem Anonymous Sep 18th
Nameless Poem Anonymous Sep 18th
Praise Starts... Poem Anonymous Sep 18th
Don't Isolate Poem Anonymous Sep 18th
NOT GOD Poem Anonymous Sep 18th
Express Poem Anonymous Sep 18th
CLIMB Poem Anonymous Sep 18th
Limit Settings Poem Anonymous Sep 18th
Inevitable Problems Poem Anonymous Sep 18th
Emotional Health Poem Anonymous 2 Sep 18th
Relapse Poem jessie2376 2 Sep 18th
THE DREAM Poem joy Dreaming Sep 18th
Path Ways Poem Anonymous Sep 18th
Fears and Armor Poem itsthesmallthings Sep 18th
Heaven Poem metaphorist Sep 18th
Everybody Cries Poem metaphorist 2 Sep 18th
All I Ask For Poem metaphorist Sep 18th
Through His Eyes Poem metaphorist Sep 18th
Your Fingerprint Poem metaphorist Sep 18th
Sleepless nights, wheres my little girl? [written by Zibusiso Ngcobo] Poem bestflank 3 Sep 19th
loose control Poem mrcalif 4 Sep 19th
Hopeless Poem onceiwasaneagle #alone #sad #pain #hurt #lonely #loneliness, Depression Sep 19th
Dream Poem NightPollen Sep 19th
Cool Winds Poem Keepongoing 2 Sep 19th
Writing poetry is so fucked up. Poem Beavis 20 Sep 19th
Justice isn't only not blind, she's a greedy bitch Poem Beavis 11 Sep 19th
Patience... Poem Beavis 15 Sep 19th
Escape Velocity Poem Beavis 7 Sep 19th
Beautiful things. Poem boardergirl beautiful life Sep 19th
He asked while you failed Poem DeathlyAngel Sep 19th
Fail To Recognize Poem TheonlyletterX 2 anger resentment unappreciated neglected lonely frustrated hate Sep 19th
Will Not Reciprocate Poem TheonlyletterX 2 Love sadness pain unrequited anger despair Sep 19th
Too many chances... Poem DeathlyAngel Sep 19th
Junior high slow dance - Riddlez the poet (country) Poem belial_lair 1 Sep 19th
Cup of Coffee- Poem SoulKritiC 1 #dreaming Sep 19th
Love Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 19th
Salve Poem SSmoothie 4 Sep 19th
For Halloween (I Am Anxiously Waiting) Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 19th
Sly silver smile Poem Dessert Sep 19th
The Death of Life Poem batmanfan373 1 #life Sep 19th
No Hope Poem batmanfan373 1 #slenderman Sep 19th
Majestic Star Poem grimfate Sep 19th
A CYNICAL ROMANTIC Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Sep 19th
Really I Am Poem LostInMyOwnHead Schadenfreude Sep 19th
English Class Poem Eebee 5 anger, foul language, frustration, hatred, Irony, Rage Sep 19th
Lust In The Wind Poem ramonathompsont Sep 19th
STAR MAN Poem Hgaut810 Sep 19th
The Owl People Poem Hgaut810 Sep 19th
Our Dreams Are A Battlefield Poem ramonathompsont Sep 19th
bang Poem robincj 2 Sep 19th
Save Me Poem robincj Sep 19th
Awake Poem robincj 1 Sep 19th
When No One Listened Poem robincj 4 Sep 19th
Communication Keys Poem Anonymous Sep 19th
Befriend Who?? Poem Anonymous 3 Sep 19th
Tree-house Treasure Poem Anonymous Sep 19th
Word Usage Poem Anonymous Sep 19th
Recovering Put_Downs Poem Anonymous Sep 19th
Daily Hugs Poem Anonymous Sep 19th
Positive Coping Poem Anonymous Sep 19th
Balance Beam Life Poem Anonymous 1 Sep 19th
Blessings Count Poem Anonymous Sep 19th
Body Talk Mixture Poem Anonymous Sep 19th
Don't Be A Liar Poem Anonymous 2 Sep 19th
True Words Poem Anonymous 2 Sep 19th
a perpetual melody Poem rudyrich 2 #dance #nature #moon Sep 19th
NO GUILT TRIPS Poem Anonymous 2 Sep 19th
MY CATHOLICISM Poem joy church Sep 19th
Why? Poem Hgaut810 Sep 19th
Battlefield Poem RockofShades Sep 19th
Reflections at Sunset Poem metaphorist Sep 19th
Defining Death Poem metaphorist Sep 19th
Beautiful Eulogy Poem metaphorist Sep 19th
Journal 1 Poem PensiveStranger Sep 19th
Blue Jay Poem allets Sep 19th
Family secrets: The legend of Gallior the 1st Prose bestflank Sep 19th
Your Love Was a Garden Poem metaphorist Sep 20th
priorities and other things. Poem rudyrich Sep 20th
Kicking Around Time Poem allets 11 Sep 20th
LEMONADE STAND Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 20th
Man of Stone Poem snakie_marie #secret #love #friend #ignored Sep 20th
I'm tired of trying Poem AirAm Sep 20th
I'm so hurt Poem AirAm Sep 20th
The Cow's Song Poem allets 3 Sep 20th