Universal Deceit

The world of universal deceit
Has put blinders over most of their eyes
While existing in the realm of defeat
Has left millions unable to see the lies


Light and love are no longer accepted
When darkness captures hearts and minds
Now it seems the tide has shifted
The day is turned to night.


The veil is being stapled to the face
Of every boy and girl
And each and every person
As it spreads across the world.


A plague of death and horror
For those with eyes to see
An unrelenting shower
Of death and misery


For those that say they're right
And for we who know they're wrong
The truth shall set you free
Which is why its not passed along


In a world of universal deceit
Telling the truth is a revolutionary act
No set of lies can ever stand
When confronted with the facts.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

First writing in a long time.. Really Rusty

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