Injury Or Death Correlated To Hunting And Fishing 38 Categories

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1. Hunters trip on their guns slipping on ice or mud or wet leaves, going over fences, shooting themselves or others. They sometimes discharge a rifle in twisting an ankle in a gopher hole or over roots. They can fall into unguarded ravines.
2. There are many instances of bow and arrow hunters shooting others accidentally or impaling themselves on their own arrows.
3.. Guns can misfire. Hunters sometimes look down the barrel of a rifle wondering why it didn't fire, only to have the gun discharge.
4. The use of animal urines to attract animals to their deaths can boomerang.
5. Injured animals (stags, boar, bears etc) who are fighting for their lives can turn around and attack. There are many videos on the internet of injured or enraged animals attacking hunters.
6. Hunters often have heart attacks in the woods as they try to pull or carry or lift very heavy dead animals.
7 Hunters are frequently injured in tree stands. Injuries include falling asleep and then falling out of the stands.
8 Hunters lost in the woods suffer from heat or freezing, hunger and thirst. Hypothermia from sitting in duck blinds can happen quickly.
9. Ticks on deer and other animals or in the grass can burrow into hunters. Lyme disease is caused by bacteria on the ticks. Snakes and mosquitoes bite
10 Foxhunters mounted on horses are often thrown to their deaths or injured.
11 Hunters are not immune from the impotence which is related to animal flesh consumption. Michael Klaper MD has lectured around the country on vegan diet as a cure for impotence.
12. Eating flesh from hunted animals shortens life expectancy by causing heart attacks, strokes, aneurisms, embolisms, many kinds of cancers, kiAndney disease, thousands of varietues of food poisoning.
13. Animals have a number of untreated diseases, some of which are transmitted to those who eat the venison etc. Mad Deer, Mad Elk, and a number of other spongiform encephalopathy diseases make eating the cadavers of animals hunters kill even more dangerous. Figures on cervine spongiform encephalopathy have been censored by state and federal agencies
intent on protecting hunting industries, tourism, restaurants, gun merchants, outdoor equipment sales etc.
14. Field dressing is a euphemistic term for skinning and gutting the killed animal. Hunters and fishermen and women often get knife injuries in the process.
15. Small planes with hunting party passengers in remote regions of the West and Canada crash. Boats capsize (the image is of a potential accident).
16. There is hearing loss from guns discharging.
17. Hunters sometimes fall into other hunters' covered pits, get caught in snare traps, or step onto a bear trap.
18. Killing endangered species in other countries can result in fines or imprisonment. The Smithsonian was involved in a scandal when it accepted the stuffed carcass of an endangered species animal.
19. Hunters are sometimes injured by a rifle kickback, a weapon's misfiring, the razor sharp edge of an arrow.

20. They have fallen from tree stands

21. In building tree stands they have been seriously injured by chain saws.

20. Hunters often mistake hikers, campers in the woods for animals they are stalking. Countless adult and child residents of nearby
communities have been killed when hunters discharged weapons in woods close to the homes.
21. Countless children have died, finding their hunter parent's gun stash and using the weapons to play, for instance, cops and robbers.

22. Animals running in terror from hunters leave their bodies in fright and agony. Besides the painful death to trillions of animals are the countless animals who have died slowly from hunter injuries or the animals who are maimed but continue to live in pain with arrows protruding or infected gunshot wounds. Cleveland Amory reported seeing a deer with 12 arrows in her, still walking around. Billions of bear cubs, doe, etc. have been orphaned by hunters. President Theodoroe Roosevelt is remembered more for the 1 orphaned cub he adopted than the hundreds of bears he killed.
23. Fish die of suffocation, smashing or being knifed. Their eyes, gills, throats are ripped out by multipronged hooks.
24. Dogs are injured by wild boars, in fox hunts. by ticks. Beagles are kept confined in small cages by many hunters.
25. Horses are injured by broken necks and legs in fox hunts.
26. Falcons are injured in a variety of ways by hunters who use them to catch birds and small animals.
27. Pets are sometimes killed by hunters who are poor shots, who have vision problems, obstructed views, lack of awareness of a residential community.


28.. Radiation cancers from Fukushima and illegal nuclear waste dumping around the world by other nuclear facilities, stomach cancer, lethal food poisonings including anaphylacic shock from shellfish, choking, mercury and other heavy metals destroying memory and hastening Alzheimer's, Mad Fish disease from prions expelled into the water etc are some hazards of fish eating.
29 Fishermen often catch fishhooks in face, fingers etc.
30 They can be spiked in femoral, hand or other arteries by catfishes, bitten by sharks.
31.They can be drowned in storms, knocked out of boats by the ramming of sharks, whales
32 Deep sea fishing is listed by many organizations as one of the 5 most dangerous occupations in the world. Drowning,
being caught in the nets are other hazards.

33. Murders have been disguised as hunting accidents
34. Hunters can encounter farmers who don't want them shooting in the woods. Thomas Dillon killed five hunters in Central Ohio
35. A gathering of inebriated hunters can spell tragedy from shooting as alcohol opens the floodgates of anger.
36. The act of killing mammals and birds reduces the barrier between nonhuman and human beings. Criminal profilers and others have reported data which shows that those who have abused animals are more likely to become serial killers of human beings.


37. Hunters often mistake hikers, campers in the woods for animals they are stalking. Countless adult and child residents of nearby
communities have been killed when hunters discharged weapons in woods close to the homes.
38. Countless children have died, finding their hunter parent's gun stash and using the weapons to play, for instance, cops and robbers.


There are some who hunt to feed their families or themselves. Perhaps they
more than others realize that those who buy meat in a grocery store are delegating the slaughter to someone else, often the noncitizens who are forced to take the very worst most dangerous jobs.The USDA, the biggest promoter of animal slaughter in the US, reported that in 2018 9.59 billion land mammals, 9.16 billion chickens and 236,860,000 turkeys were murdered for food.Around the world trillions of mammals, birds, and fishes are annually slain,

in the process causing myriad kinds of human diseases, climate change through deforestation, methane emissions, energy waste. 7.2 billion people are currently bulldozing more acreage every year for monoculture agriculture.

Millennials have caused the percentage of hunters in population to drop below 5%. The cult of masculinity, that one must kill animals in order to prove manliness, has fewer adherents every year.
This writer has never been involved in a debate about the 2nd amendment.

Stag attacks hunter
wild boar attacks hunter

hunter in Alaska attacked by bear
5 bears in Alaska attack 65 year old hunter

Lion attacks safari hunter
Doe injured by hunter's arrow attacks him

Louisiana man injured by deer he harmed

A New Hampshire man transporting a bear he'd murdered was injured in his vehicle rollover

Milton California a group of deer hunters have confrontation with man who doesn't want them hunting the man is shot

Injured hunter chooses death over paralysis

Steve Irwin crocodile hunter who speared countless animals dies
being speared by manta ray
/> Thomas Dillon killed 5 hunters
tree stand injuries
hunters in Swiss and US emergency rooms
Outdoor Life speaks of Mad Deer, Mad Elk

Cleveland Amory reported an animal with 12 arrows in him was found walking around in the woods. Sometimes hunter-injured animals take months to die.
Only 4% of US citizens hunt.

Ohio hunter falls 22ft while hanging tree stand - YouTube
/> Mar 31, 2012 - Ohio hunter falls 22ft while hanging tree stand. libertymediagroupllc... Reluctantly I pushed off the tree and fell 10 to 12 feet. With a bum knee...

Kid Falls 20 Feet Out Of Tree Stand - YouTube

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No Anodyne, Goldilocks And The 3 Bears, OSU Teaching Cruelty

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Animals on whom

people dine..

 all died without

an anodyne.



A young woman married
a man who shortly after
went on a week long trip with
his male friends.
After his return,
She went down to the basement
and was shocked to see
three bears' dead bodies in the process
of being skinned,
hanging from the ceiling.

Running screaming upstairs,
she inadvertently sparked
rage in her inebriated
hunter mate,

who threw
her down the steps,
breaking both arms.

The next day when he
went to work,
the wiser Goldilocks
replaced the old
with new gold locks.




Paralyzing mice is criminal

Caging them causes fright.

Mice have little might

but they have many rights



Ohio State University in a premed course required each student to sever the spinal cord of a mouse.




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Fletching Weapons Against Mourning Doves

Animal Rights

With his initials
he carved his arrows
after them he did fletch
And then his slave
bird dog he sent
the murdered
bird to fetch.
It was a morning dove
for whose dead body
he was fletching.

He killed doves,
symbols of the Holy
Spirit and of peacemakers.
saiom shriver

Footnote: Unelected Republican Supreme Court Justice
Gorsuch, the only justice on the court or in many
decades to receive
fewer than 60 votes by senators, is a dove hunter
as is the billionaire Philip Anschutz who financed
the propaganda promotion of Gorsuch.
Gorsuch is one of the 5 males making up the pentocracy
of the antedeluvian court whose antidemocratic scotching
of the will of the vast majority of the US.


saiom shriver



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74 Ways The Republican Party Is The Party Of More Cruelty To Animals

Animal Rights




Whether one is Democrat, Green, Libertarian, Socialist, Republican or other, the Republican Party is the party of the most animal cruelty.  Please in November vote out every Republican congressman

And those Republican senators among the third of the Senate up for reelection.



Every GOP senator except the ailing Izakson who was 1 of 2 remaining senators who cosponsored the brutal AETA legislation which criminalizes videotaping of factory farms, slaughterhosues, etc. voted to invade hibernation dens to murder bear cubs. No Democrat did.


13 state attorneys general, all GOP, claim states have a right to torture chickens in tiny cages and have sued Massachusetts over its

law requiring that eggs in Mass be sold from chickens in less cruel cages. The 13 are AL AR IN LA MO NB ND OK SC TX ut wv WI.


The 13 are

AR Leslie Rutledge R

IN Curtis Hill R

LA Jeff Landry R

MO Josh Hawley R

NB Doug Peterson R

ND Wayne Stenehjem R

OK Mike Hunter R

(before him Scott Pruitt sued CA over same issue)

SC Alan Wilson R

TX Ken Paxton R

UT Sean Reyes R

WV Patrick Morrisey R

WI Brad Schimel R



Every GOP senator except ailing Izakson voted to invade hibernation dens to murder bear cubs. No Democrat did.





11 of 12 state attorneys general who sued California over its egg law

were Republican. Only Iowa of cruelty enforcers was a Dem AG




Trump & GOP: Republican Party Of Animal Cruelty, War, Execution & Denial Of Human Rights


The 13 are

AR Leslie Rutledge R

IN Curtis Hill R

LA Jeff Landry R

MO Josh Hawley R

NB Doug Peterson R

ND Wayne Stenehjem R

OK Mike Hunter R

(before him Scott Pruitt sued CA over same issue)

SC Alan Wilson R

TX Ken Paxton R

UT Sean Reyes R

WV Patrick Morrisey R

WI Brad Schimel R




11 of 12 state attorneys general who sued California over its requirements that eggs sold in the state be from less tiny factory farm cages were Republican. They were Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Utah and Wisconsin. All had Republican attorneys general except Iowa, which has a Democrat. Only Iowa of cruelty enforcers was a Dem AG

One of the 12, before he began destroying all of the US, was Scott Pruitt.




Every single Republican senator except the ailing Izakson voted to invade hibernation dens to murder bear cubs. No Democrat nor Independent did. The vote was 52 to 47. Izakson himself and Inhofe of Oklahoma introduced unconstitutional legislation called AETA which criminalizes animal protectors' videotaping

of the torture of animals in slaughterhouses, factory farms, fur farms, animal research labs etc. Trump in April 2018 signed the bill into law.



In the House, 225 Republicans and 5 Democrats voted to allow hunters in a 'national wildlife refuge' to invade hibernating mother bears'

dens to murder their babies.


- -


IV Are the hunters who stalk tiny doves in the woods a form of pedophile? Trump nominated a dovehunter, Meo; Gorsuch, to the Supreme Court.

V Only 4 of 50 governors have murdered prisoners as of April 27, 2018. in the barbarism called execution. All are Republican. They are Greg Abbott of Texas, Rick Scott of Florida (running for the Senate), Kay Ivey of Alabama and Nathan Deal of Georgia. It is they and the 5 unelected

Republicans on the Supreme Court (Roberts, Thomas, Gorsuch, Alito and Kennedy) who have kept unconstitutional executions continuing in the US.

Not until 1913 was the right of citizens directly to elect US senators acknowledged. The United States will not be a democracy until citizens'

right to elect Supreme Court and federal judges is acknowledged. Until that happens 5 Republican men can derail the wishes of the vast majority of 360 million Americans.

VI Paul Ryan fired the US House chaplain of the House because he prayed for the poor.

VII Ryan Zinke who insists that the flag be hoisted when he is present in his office has defied a federal court order

regarding his unconstitutional action in turning grizzly bears of Yellowstone over to Utah, a state dominated by Mormons heavily invested in animal slaughter industries. Utah has heinous factory farms and promotes hunting.

VIII Greg Abbott, executing governor of Texas, is distributing 5 billion federal $ for hurricane relief not to the

neediest but to wealthy homeowners.

IX The Republicans in the Senate have approved torture advocate Trump's nomination of an advocate of torture, Mike Pompeo to be Secretary of State. Trump hopes that Gina Haspel who waterboarded prisoners at illegal CIA rendition sites will become the head of the CIA.

X Donald Trump ran as a peace candidate but since installing himself in the White House has unconstitutionally and in violation of international law bombed or authorized other violent acts in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Niger, Somalia, and Yemen. He won neither the popular vote nor the electoral college. States such as Ohio had Republicans like Jon Husted violating the rights

of Democrats to vote. Husted removed several hundred thousand Democrats, Greens, Liberatarians etc from the voting roles. The Kansas Republican Party with fraudster Kris Kobach as Kansas Secretary of State. was another example of denial of the franchise to nonRepublicans.


How does the minority GOP Party win elections?

Ninety of the criminal ways

XII cormorant slaughter by Trump's US Army Corps of Engineers

XIII from the ZinkeLinks article at AP

1. Zinke coordinated the passing of a bill which made it
legal for stalking hunters to murder bear cubs in their dens.
Every GOP senator but ailing Izakson voted for it. Not a single
Democrat or Independent did.
2. Zinke is working to have offshore drilling off of every Atlantic state. To accommodate Trump's Mar A Lago and executionergovernor Rick Scott's tourism business he exempted Floridaand is being sued by some other states. All marine mammals, reptiles, fishes, coral are endangerd by this.
3. The slaughter of 90,000 wild mustangs and their roundup by
helicopters has gone ahead despite objection by 80% of the public.
4. Zinke is an avid hunter and like Roy Moore likes to travel a lot on the back of a horse. Less than 5% of the country are
hunters, some for meat, others for trophies. An examination of
serial killers in our country reveals that over 90% of them were
taught to kill in hunting, lab research on animals, slaughterhouses, or war. Dept of Interior press releases indicate he wants to extend hunting. it follows that if he is successful there will be more psychopaths.
5. In bringing hunting for the first time into our national park
sanctuaries and helped by the congressional (blood)sportsmen's caucus, (something Senator Rob Portman tried to do in the Bush
administration) he is terrorizing animals through stalking hunters,
and endangering the lives of all those who live near the park or work in it, to endanger visitors to the park.
6. Zinke is trying to end federal protection of the giant redwoods called sequoia, massive sentient pillars several millennia old, habitat for many animals.
7. Zinke is working to eviscerate NEPA in order to remove public power from his plans to give oil, deforested timber, minerals and ranchers federal lands at pennies on the dollar.
8. Zinke claims to want to prevent forest fires, but he is raising prices for entrance to national parks while reducing the costs of ranchers' grazing which deforests lands removing raininvoking trees
9. Wilderness Watch and others sue Zinke over plans to build a road in Izembek which was designated by law as wilderness.
10. Zinke rolled back hydraulic fracking regulations, and in
so doing endangered all people, animals, birds, fishes
and reptiles through poisoning the watershed and causing
earthquakes (Pruitt's OK has had 5000. Mike DeWine's OH has
had over 1000.)

XIV 57 Of Many Ways Donald Trump Harms Animals


Donald Trump: The Many Ways He Harms Animals From the animals he's bombed in 4 countries to the veal he serves in restaurants, Trump has killed millions of animals.


Trump in March of 2017 killed 1000 civilians and millions of animals in bombings in Mosul, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen. In April he added to his violent record with

over 50 misxsile strikes in Syria, acting without congressional approval. In addition he dropped what was called 'the mother of all bombs' costing 16 million dollars (while he cut aid to famine torn Africa) on the innocent people, vulnerable animals and fragile environment of Afghanistan.


Trump's record re animals: a partial list:


1. Two of Trump's sons are trophy hunters. In 2017 one of his sons celebrated Earth Day by shooting innocent prairie dogs

2 Trump started up Trump Steaks which failed.

3 Trump's subordinates erased the entire USDA lab inspection

data base (inspection of cruel animal torture research labs)

4 His daughter Ivanka uses the fur of murdered rabbits, skins of murdered cows in her clothing and shoe lines. (Her sweat shops in China have 62 hour shifts and low pay)

5 The hunter dominated National Rifle Assoc. gave Trump support

6 Because Donald Trump before 90 days had gone by had already illegally immorally and unconstitutionally bombed 4 countries (Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria) he continues the mass animal slaughter of wars in which animals are bombed, crushed by tanks, seized to be eaten,abandoned by refugees etc.

7 Trump's appointment, Ryan Zinke to Dept of Interior is a former Navy Seal who enjoys stalking innocent animals in the woods and then murdering them. He and has harmed many species since taking office.

8 Countless mammals, birds, fishes are murdered for Trump restaurant food. a. veal obtained by electroshocking mothers away from their baby calves before killing the calves b. He and Mitt Romney dined on the severed legs of frogs at Trump Towers. c. At Mar a Lago Trump provides caviar ripped from the ovaries of sturgeons.

d. Countless chickens pigs and cows are in factory farms. Their stolen products

are served in Trump restaurants.

9 There are very few grizzlies left but Trump and Zinke want them no longer protected as they and senators like Rob Portman of Ohio work to bring hunters into the national parks, endangering children, tourists, those who live on the park borders, and the defenseless animals.

10 Trump appointed the US' main proponent of the mass slaughter of pigs,

the governor of Iowa, Terry Bradshaw, to be ambassador to China.

11 Trump has asked primate abuser Francis Collins to stay on as director of animal torture center, National Institutes of Health and is keeping vivisector of millions of animals Fauci there.

12 Trump was considering superhawk, chickenhawk and former meat lobbyist

John Bolton for the State Dept.

13 Trump responded to the pushing of Alaska senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan by legalizing the murder of Alaska bear cubs and wolf puppies

14. Trump wants oil drilling, mining, tree killing in the national parks. If he wins, many animal bird and plant lives will be lost.

15. Trump reduces protections for marine mammals, turtles, fishes, octopi, coral reefs etc. He is working to end the protections of the Endangered Species Act nationally as well as ending the funding of state programs to protect endangered species.

While Rex Tillerson is better than other cabinet members, Trump nominated the former Exxon CEO (whose company many years paid no taxes, whose company never paid in full the Exxon Valdez oil spill fine) to head the State Dept. Now Trump wants drilling in the sea

16. Trump has allowed the Army Corps of Engineers to continue their mass slaughter of cormorants.

17. Trump's Zinke, head of the DOI, is portrayed as all cuddly by CBS for allowing dogs in the workplace.. no mention by CBS of his plan to murder bears

Any day now, US Fish and Wildlife will release a plan to end Endangered Species Act protections for Greater Yellowstone's grizzly bears and allow states to move forward with trophy hunts.

18. Trump has removed environmental protections for whales and sea turtles

19. He and Zinke have removed protections for Yellowstone bears

20. At Trump's golf courses, people are not allowed to drive golf carts on greens, endangering toads, butterflies etc. Trump ignores the rules.

21. Trump has broken his promise to rein in the pricegouging animal torturing drug companies.

22. His border wall if implemented would harm thousands of species of animals and plants.

23. As Trump, Pruitt and Bannon continue to dismantle the EPA, 20 years of secrecy

about DuPont's Chemours division poisoning animals and fishes of Cape Fear River

now poison Wilmington NC's drinking water.

24. Trump and Zinke are planning to reduce Olympia Washington national park's mountain goats. Murder of the goats is being considered.

25. According to the pig butchers' site Trump before Nov 2016 was on record supporting ag gag laws and the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act

which criminalizes peaceful protest.

26. Before shilling for Trump,

Steve Bannon promoted Sarah Palin for president (Was he involved in convincing McCain to put her on his ticket?)


27. After Trump and Zinke opened up marine mammals, Yellowstone bears, Olympia Washington goats to slaughter and animal habitat to oil drilling, they plan to sell out wild horses.

28. There are very few grizzly bears left but Trump, Zinke, Rob Portman, senator from Ohio, the NRA want to open up the national parks to hunters. Hunters have killed into extinction countless species.

29. Trump nominated a dovehunter to the Supreme Court

30. Trump Zinke and USFWS rescinded Obama's ban on bringing ivory and other

trophies from elephant murder into the US

31 Trump's criminal neglect of Puerto Rico has killed people and animals who have died of thirst, lack of food and medical care

32. How is the Trump regime like the dairy farms receiving subsidies from the US govt? It separates mothers from their children through ICE, through repressive jailing of marijuana using mothers, and from women in the military killed in illegal immoral wars

33 Trump and Zinke promote trophy hunting of bison in Grand Canyon ... murder of bison and endangerment of tourists

34 Trump has promoted the animal torture budgets of NIH, the CDC, USDA, DOI, the Pentagon, the CIA, the Dept of Justice, EPA, Dept of Transportation, VA, and other agencies torturing animals in labs. In some way or other virtually every federal agency harms animals.

35 Trump has violated the Arctic wilderness sanctuary, as Henry Paulson of Goldman Sachs before him in regards to Nature Conservancy opening it to cattle ranches, by letting oil drillers into it. They poison the animals' watershed and destroy their forest habitat

36 Trump and GOP did not pass a single animal protection bill in 2017

There were five bills of which a majority of the House (Democrats and Republicans) approved, but House GOP didn’t approve a single animal protection bill in 2017.

37 Under Trump, FEMA during the Puerto Rican hurricane crisis was bringing in Vienna sausages, cheeses, and chocolate puddings..

(corrupt contracts)

38 When Trump and Ajit Pai of the FCC ended net neutrality, opening up censorship of

citizens and all internet users by huge corporations, they expanded the muzzling of groups which protect animals from vegans ti animal rescue groups.

39 Trump, Pruitt, Zinke and Perry have decided that 90% of US coastal waters will be subject to oil drilling, despite the fact that there are massive dead zones in which all the fish have died already in the Chesapeake and Gulf from BP's neurotoxin Corexit, from illegal nuclear waste dumping, insecticides, fertilizers, thousands of chemicals, illegal human waste dumping etc. This if it were to happen would slaughter trillions of fishes, as whale as countless whales, dolphins and other marine mammals. Trump has seen to it that Florida where he has Mar a Lago will not be included, only everywhere else.

40 The failure of Trump and his cabinet to provide sufficient aid to states with record breaking

numbers of fires from the summer of 2017 to the recent California fires has meant

the death of billions of mammals, birds, reptiles, bees, butterflies

41 Cliven Bundy and his 2 sons owe Americans 1 million $ in federal grazing fees...

It's time for Trump to end the support of climate extremes, human disease, and

mammal murder caused by meat. It's time to stop allowing federal lands to be used in that way.

42 Murdered animal cadavers under Trump's rule will be even more toxic to consume since

a. Trump's USDA has fewer meat inspectors and b. the USDA has fewer filthy and diseased meat and fish recalls

43 Trump,DOI Ryan Zinke, the NRA, Safari Club Int'l, trophy hunters, the Congressional (blood)Sportsmen's Caucus are working to have hunting in our national parks. Senator Portman of Ohio has also worked to endanger the animals and people in our parks.

44 Trump and Zinke have withdrawn Obama legislation which held utilities responsible for protecting millions of birds.

45 "At the bar of the Trump International Hotel in Washington, you can order a crystal spoonful of Hungarian wine for $140. Cocktails run from $23 for a gin and tonic to $100 for a vodka concoction with raw oysters and caviar. There’s a seafood pyramid called “the Trump Tower” that costs $120, or you can hit BLT Prime, a restaurant where the $59 salt-aged Kansas City strip steak comes with a long-shot chance of seeing the President sitting nearby." Alex Altman of Time Mag

46 Cliven Bundy and his 2 sons owe Americans 1 million $ in federal grazing fees...

It's time for Trump to end the support of mammal murder by allowing federal lands to be used in that way.

47 Trump's and Ajit Pai's removal of net neutrality allows internet giants

to censor animal rights and environment groups

48 Trump and Zinke work to allow loggers on federal lands. In the past these loggers have caused birds' nests to fall rolling away empty, their smashed fledglings or splattered eggshells on the ground.

49 a giant leap backward Trump and NASA do radiation testing on monkeys...

many years after the movie Project X was made about Dr Don Barnes' refusal to irradiate primates at Brooks Air Force Base

50 Trump, Ryan Zinke, Mick Mulvaney, and Brian Steed allocate over 1 billion dollars being subcontracted to cattle ranchers to terrorize wild mustangs hunting them with helicopters and sending them to slaughterhouses so that their presence doesn't bother big oil drillers and cattle killers.

51. In Sterling Virginia, Trump cut down 400 trees along the Potomac destroying animal and bird habitat when building one of his many environment destroying golf courses. (See NYTimes)

52 Under his nominee for the VA, Shulkin 'At the VA Medical Center in Los Angeles U.S. taxpayers have been funding a narcoleptic dog colony of Dobermans for the sole purpose of being given methamphetamine and then euthanized so their brains can be dissected.' *1

53 Money is diverted from veterans to animal torture. At yet another VA Medical Center, McGuire in Richmond, VA, dogs have pacemakers placed in them. Eventually the dogs are all killed. *2

54 Trump nominated Scott Pruitt knowing he was an executioner of prisoners and a wholly owned subsidiary of fossil fuel interests. In addition Pruitt sued to wipe out California's law giving chickens bigger cages.

55 Trump and Chao have been inactive in improving vegan options on Amtrak. He has been inactive in improving vegan options in all federal agencies.

56 Trump Zinke, NRA, Safari Club lobbied to invade mother bears' hibernating dens

and murder their bear cubs in a national park wildlife refuge in Alaska. Every single Republican senator except the ailing Izakson voted for it. Every single Democrat senator voted against it. Trump signed it into law in April 2018.

57. In his immoral unconstitutional violation of international law in

bombing Syria in April of 2018, Trump may have burned research animals alive in research centers.

58 Trump's Army Corps Of Engineers has once again taken it on itself to murder cormorants  Public outcry has changed the plan
  to invasion of cormorant nests to destroy their eggs. The Army Corps apparently thinks that only humans not cormorants should eat salmon.
  Cormorants have an excuse but humans do not for causing suffocation to innocent beings whose bodies are full of radiation mercury etc.
59. Trump's selection Sonny Perdue for the USDA sent through the gate to perdition by murder 1.3 million native animals in 2017
Trump's USDA murders 1.3 million native animals in 2017
60 Politico article: "Ronn Torossian’s firm is connected to Eric Trump Foundation. worked in defense of Iowa-based Kosher meat magnate Sholom Rubashkin, who would soon be convicted in federal court on dozens of fraud and money laundering charges
In December 2017 Trump commuted the remainder of Rabaskin’s sentence, the first time he has exercised that particular presidential power"
Dr Richard Schwartz, author of articles at jewishveg.  com/schwartz
 has said "Kosher meat is impossible to achieve.. there is always blood in the tiny
arterioles" (paraphrased)
61. Animal, bird and fish flesh, eggs and dairy cause more deaths in the US annually than war, traffic, cigarettes combined.
The Trump dominated CDC continues to lie saying that tobacco is the biggest killer and to focus on the 3% of food poisoning
fatalities caused by human handling or water and sewage contamination of vegetables rather than the 97% caused not by
external conditions but the intrinsic ecoli (colon bacteria) in all cadavers of murdered mammals, birds, and fishes,
or contamination of products containing milk or eggs.
62. Trump and Pruitt support filthy coal which kills miners in explosions, caveins, diseases such as black lung and emphysema.
Pruitt has reinstituted mountaintop decapitation with itsdynamite... it murders animals, destroys their habitat, poisons
their water, turns green carpeted mountains into muddy piles.
63.  Trump, Pruitt, Zinke and Perry support fossil fuels over solar, wind, thermal and other nonviolent energy systems.
Their promotion of oil for the Koch Brothers and other petroplutocratshe
a. chokes to death marine mammals, birds, fishes, turtles, octopi, coral etc with oil spills
b. They poison all the above with Corexit, a nerve toxin
c. They destroy animal habitat on land through drilling
d. They poison the watershed with oil spills and therefore poison animals etc
64. Trump's EPA has been inactive about 5,000,000
plastic straws distributed in the US daily... many end up in the sea
killing or harming sea beings. Pruitt has done nothing about the Texas sized island of never biograding plastic
between Hawaii and California which kills many sea creatures through suffocation or entrapment.
65. Animals as well as humans must breathe
Calif Wash and 13 other states and DC are suing EPA over reduction of air quality standards and emission standards in cars... which would make American cars less competitive in world market besides harming all beings who need air.
66 Trump's and Perdue's food stamp program kills and injures animals, people and the environment.
The program should be reformed... rather than subsidize animal murder and the human disease it generates, with concomitant health care costs, it is time for any resident of the White House Senate or House to promote fruit stamps
which could be used for fruits and vegetables, seeds, nuts, of infinite avriety.
67 Trump and Perdue of the USDA are wiping out Michelle Obama's healthy reforms to school lunches as they reinstitute
   more meat fish dairy sugar etc while ending a requirement of fruit and vegetables at every meal.
68 Trump and Pruitt are working to roll back wetlands protections... which if successful will harm birds reptiles and fishes while and further heating up the planet in summer
69  Trump picked animal killing vivisector Eli Lilly exec Alex Azar to head HHS...
after saying that he Trump wanted to campaign against pricegouging drug companies. Eli Lilly worked with Senator Bill Frist of United Health Care in the G W Bush administration to exempt drug companies from liability for deaths and injuries from their toxic vaccines.
70. Trump is working to make slaughterhouse lines faster and more dangerous... 'let them determine their own evisceratioe speeds'

71. Republican congressman Chris Collins, the first congressman to endorse Trump,  has been arrested for insider trading involving millions of dollars of the stock he had in an animal torturing drug co. Other Republican congresspersons invested in the vivisecting co. Innate Immunotherapeutics are Reps. Mike Conaway and John Culberson of Texas, Doug Lamborn of Colorado and Billy Long of Missouri –

72. Senator Claire McCaskill's opponent Josh Hawley sued to keep factory farm chickens in tiny cages. The suit objects to California's law requiring somewhat bigger cages for the imprisoned chickens sometimes kept 9 to a 1 ft by 3 ft cage.

73. TheTrump regime wants to force California to be involved in fracking which besides causing earthquakes (5000 in Oklahoma in 1 year alone, 900 in Ohio) also poisons the water of animals and humans.

74 When Democratic governor Corzine of New Jersey banned bear hunting, his Republican successor Chris Christie reinstituted bear murder as well as vetoing a bill requiring bigger crates for pigs. Governor Patrick Murphy a Democrat has ended bear hunting in NJ parks but has yet to end it statewide.

Take action now to protect grizzlies from trophy hunting!







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Best night vision binoculars for hunting tiger at night

Tigers are very ferocious and wild animals and if you need you could hunt them without problems at night time. In this case, you want to use best binocular to goal its region. Tiger usually comes out of its residing places in search of meals or hunt. On moon-lit-night it is going to be easy to hunt tiger with binoculars due to the fact you may get a bit consciousness to look the placement of the tiger as properly. You need to be cautious of the tiger's attack before you cross on searching. Here are the ways to seek tiger with best binoculars for hunting in hand: 

1. Rent a jeep: the step of looking starts from hiring a jeep for you and with fine binoculars too. For your jeep, you will be in the jungle to seek tiger the jeep will stay included with rods for the safety of you. The tiger may additionally come and attack besides on you for its safety when you'll maintain attention on reviewing any tiger with the binoculars. You need to live on the jeep and keep on the use of the binocular to see the tiger. 

2. Take important binoculars: you also want to take all vital things on the jeep and an essential issue is the high-quality binocular. You cannot go near the tiger to seek or set your goal for hunting it. For this reason, you have to be cautious of taking this important high first-rate zooming binocular at night time. The night time binoculars paintings a little for the loss of recognition with binoculars. 

3. Shoot gun: you also need to take shoot gun with you despite the fact that you're having quality binocular. The binocular will help you to target the tiger that you need to hunt. You could target the location region of the tiger very without problems and hunt it additionally very smooth manner. You have to bring the tiger in hunting role with the help of binocular. So you'll be able to get its in right function to make a shot on it. 

4. Hold binocular: if you want to hunt tiger at night time you have to keep first-class binoculars with you. The binocular ought to be hung on your neck with a band. On looking scenario, you turn into emotional or once in a while excited. You need to take the gun in hand also so it is quite not possible to hold both in hand the binocular and gun a time. You have to deal with them in a proper manner to hunt the tiger at night time before you hunt it.

5. Goal for hunting: then you want to hunt the tiger targeting it with the assist of satisfactory binoculars for searching. You need to set your goal on the tiger then you can hunt it at night.

Following the factors of above, you can hunt tiger very without problems and in best manner at night with high-quality binocular. You need to preserve yourself very touchy and targeted whilst the use of binocular at night for watching tiger and its present-day role.

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A Day of Hunting


Rusty was an old man who’s favorite thing in the world was to hunt. He had a long beard and he was usually wearing a cap. He spent most nights at a bar named The Tavern drinking beer with his three lifelong friends Barry, Larry and Harry. Barry was a fat man with no hair left in his head or face except for a thick white moustache, Larry was a skinny bartender who worked at The Tavern and Harry was a superstitious redhead. One night they were all hanging out at the bar after Larry’s shift ended. Rusty started telling his friends that he was leaving early on the morning to go hunting. “I don’t even know why you go; you rarely hunt anything. It’s been what? Three years?” Asked Barry. “At least be sure to wear the same underwear, it’s good luck for hunters.” Said Harry. “Hunting is about patience, my friends. I’ll hunt something this time, you’ll see. I’m prepared to shoot whatever crosses my path” Rusty replied. “Any animal that crosses your path? “Asked Larry. “You must have compassion for at least one kind of animal.” Rusty laughed. “Oh Larry, I don’t think there is one. I would hunt anything, and if I don’t it’s because not all animals can be hunted. I mean, we are not allowed to hunt them all”. “Well, just watch out for white deer, it’s bad luck to hunt them.” Said Harry. Everyone rolled their eyes at him.


The next morning Rusty went to the woods, installed his camping tent and went walking with his rifle in his hand. After a long day of looking out for any animal he could find he decided to go back to his tent, light a fire and open a beer. It was a very quiet night; you could almost hear the silence. He was struggling to keep his eyes opened and suddenly he fell asleep. The next time he opened his eyes, there was a bear sitting at the other side of the fire. Rusty could feel his heart beating rapidly. He didn’t move, he just sat there looking at the bear. The bear just sat there calmly and seemed to be enjoying the fire. Then the bear stood up and started to smell everywhere, as if it was searching for something. All that Rusty could think about was that at least he was going to die doing what he loved. But suddenly, the bear did the unexpected. He grabbed two beers, left one near Rusty and returned to where he was sitting. Rusty couldn’t believe what was happening, but decided to go along. He opened the beer and they both started to drink by the fire. After a long time sitting there, Rusty decided to talk. “It’s a lovely night, isn’t it?” and the bear answered with a grunt.

After that, Rusty woke up. “Of course it was just a dream, I thought I was losing my mind” Rusty thought to himself and laughed out loud. He got up, had some breakfast, took his rifle and went hunting again. After a few hours of looking, there it was. He spotted a big brown bear not too far. He pointed his rifle at it, took a few breaths, put down the rifle and said out loud “Not you my friend, not you” and walked away.

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Loose Killers

Strike a bullet
In the chest of a human
And it's murder
Strike a bullet
In the chest of an animal
And it's hunting
One holds aggression
And questions sanity
The other holds normality
And questions nothing
Let me have you imagine
A human approach you
In the safety of your home
With a ready gun in hand
And have you not
Put up a front in defense
Why is an animals defense
For their lives
This world has become ignorant
We think ourselves the only
Ones worthy of living
And fighting for our lives
We live in fear of other nations
And the war they may bring us
May it never cross your mind
Animals have been in fear of us
And the war we brought them
Too many years back to count
We too are animals
Should it slip your mind
We are animals
With different habits
One of them -
Thinking murder is natural
Should you grasp this concept
You will somewhat understand
Hunters may be held to the same
Respect as serial killers
Both hold no remorse
For taking lives
Why should one deserve
A different merit than the other
-- F.D.D.

Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks


user img

Nicholas Sparks has had over 10 books place first on the New York Times bestsellers list.

He has sold tens of millions of copies of his books in many languages, with several made into movies.  He has a special love for the state in which he lives, North Carolina.*

He doesn't need to peddle hard core sex to have high ratings.

His love stories are captivating... most with happy endings.  His characters are memorable.

But why, Nicholas, does nearly every book have to promote fish suffocation and many mentions of heart attack causing flesh.  Why do you have to glorify ranching and hunting?

You have extraordinary empathy for human beings and pets.  Hunted deer are simply animals you haven't met.


*North Carolina is an exception to the rule that Southern states are the vast majority of the last 9 execution states.  Ohio's governor John Kasich has made Ohio the only Northern state involved in judicial, prosecutor and governor driven government murder.

May all authors help save the forests of the world by contracting for rice, cotton, 100% recycled or other less violent paper.

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There’s a story out of Norway about a hunter on the loose

Who, in the forest, aimed his rifle at an unsuspecting moose!


The hunter shot but the moose never looked up, no he never even slowed

As the bullet missed him by a mile and hit a man on his commode.


The man was in his cabin’s bathroom with the doors and windows shut

When the errant bullet entered and lodged inside his gut.


He was taken to the hospital after his surprised discovery

And is expected, despite his injury, to make a full recovery.


If you think about it, this man was shot with no warning…no appeal

I wonder if he now knows how a hunted moose must feel!


The embarrassed hunter was quickly taken to the nearest police station

Where he’ll have to answer questions during his interrogation.


Does anyone else see the irony in this bumbling hunter’s plan?

How he shoot’s a man on a toilet and he ends up in the can!


While the unsuspecting moose, as fate would have it got away

To roam the forests, and if he’s lucky live another day.


If not irony then perhaps there’s poetic justice in this case

Because there’s a moose alive in Norway today with a big smile on his face.




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