She Stared at Me

She stared at me,

Like an eagle from the sky,

I didn’t exactly know why,

She did that strangely!


However I noticed one thing,

There was no anger in her eyes,

Since eyes know no lies,

Oh! The stare was so mesmerising!


She was so hypnotic that I couldn’t move,

Perhaps it was crush, perhaps it was love!

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*How Do I Breathe Without You*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

You always reappear 
You come and go as you please 
All i need is your gentle stare 
All i need is your touch 
But you act like such a tease 
All i want is for you to care 


I need you by my side 
I miss you so much 
Your real feelings you hide 
Just let them free 
See what happens 
You never know we might just be 


How do i breathe without you 
I've loved you with all my heart 
I thought you knew 
But you just tare me apart 


When you turned your back on me 
It really killed me and left a scar 
I needed you here by my side 
But you left and got in your car 
You ran away only to hide 


Don't you understand 
We were meant to be 
Don't play these games don't pretend 
If you don't want my heart 
Give it back to me 
Tell me though without you 
How will I be able to breathe 



Brown Eyes

She comes through the doors and my eyes are locked.

I can't help but stare she got me on the clock.

Round and round we go.

I stare into the unknown.

I see the passion in her eyes.

Something I wish I could hide.

Her brown eyes get me.

No matter how hard I try.

She is always there and nothing can hide.

The brown eyes get me.

They get me everytime.

I can't get lost.

Lost in her brown eyes.

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