Monthly Archive for September 2013

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Another Bend Poem trumpet7 Sep 8th
HOSPITAL Poem chris Sep 8th
Oh What a God. Poem Keepongoing Sep 8th
Hypocrisy Poem GodsLark 1 Sep 8th
Dog Poem GodsLark 1 Sep 8th
Sorry Mom Poem GodsLark Sep 8th
Relinquish Poem Envy 1 Sep 8th
My False Face Poem YautjaHuntress melancholic depressed lonely void Sep 9th
Darkness Poem Roxy #sadness #depression #darkness Sep 9th
Not a Scream but a Sigh Poem YautjaHuntress death sigh Sep 9th
Spine Reef Poem Sivus 1 Sep 9th
Melting Pot Poem bishu 4 Sep 9th
man, mind your own! Poem 9inety Sep 9th
At this point Poem JustinJamaal 1 Sep 9th
Sand Spur & Datura Poem Sivus Acceptance, Metaphor, nature, Plants, story Sep 9th
BOOKSTORE GIRL Poem chris Sep 9th
ONE MAN AND HIS GUITAR Poem joy Music Sep 9th
Time Poem Eebee time haiku optimistic Sep 9th
As much as I hate it Poem SSmoothie Sep 9th
popular opinion Poem lovingdaisys 1 confused, Culture, lies, lost, religion Sep 9th
God We need you Poem christianpoetry... Sep 10th
I have a feeling Poem christianpoetry... Sep 10th
I close my eyes Poem christianpoetry... Sep 10th
Jesus you came to me Poem christianpoetry... Sep 10th
Price Check Poem Sivus Sep 10th
Peacock Poem Mikaykay #sad #alone Sep 10th
The Caged Bird Part 1 Poem Lady_Makkara Sep 10th
Dep[w]r[iting]ession H[elps]urts Poem Lady_Makkara Depression, Writing Sep 10th
O College! my college! Poem Lady_Makkara 1 Sep 10th
The Caged Bird Part II Poem Lady_Makkara Sep 10th
Someone Near Poem ADAPT Sep 10th
Useless Poem Lady_Makkara Sep 10th
Self expressions secrets Poem RaelynRocks #selfexpression#alwaysbeyou#neverquit#beunique#standout#bedifferent Sep 10th
Cruel Beauty Poem DeathlyAngel 2 Sep 10th
Footnote: Learning From Uncle John, Mid-Western Poet Poem Starward Sep 10th
Footnote: Soviet 'Martyr,' Fashion Wearer Poem Starward Sep 10th
Rebirth Poem Psychosis 1 Sep 10th
Let Me Hold You in My Arms Poem KingofWords holding together Sep 10th
Clear Poem Abraxiis 1 Sep 10th
Midnight snack Poem SSmoothie 14 Sep 10th
WINGS OF LIBERTY! Poem pbenarumairaj 2 birth, boyhood, childhood, dislikes, dreams, infancy, likes, manhood, mistakes and the worry of life after death. Sep 10th
Virtual Poetry Poem allets Sep 10th
Glasses of Gin Poem allets Sep 10th
Lake Front Poem allets 2 Sep 10th
Bretta Poem allets Sep 10th
Someone Poem allets Sep 10th
The Wait Poem allets Sep 10th
Enigma Poem allets 3 Sep 10th
lost ones Poem juliothegreat Sep 10th
Impact Poem Anonymous Sep 10th
Welcome to a place Poem Disgusting Abuse, Addiction, death, dreams, Fear, Hate, love, Suicide Sep 10th
The Two Minute Poet Poem allets 2 Sep 10th
Comatose Poem dancewmoonlight Sep 10th
Cleansing Poem Psychosis Sep 10th
Venting about People... Poem Miiranda31 people habits excuses reality Sep 10th
A shhh lullaby Poem hurtandlost Sep 10th
Freedom Poem dancewmoonlight Sep 10th
The Road More Traveled Poem LadyRaine Sep 10th
Where I Am From Poem courtney27279 Sep 10th
THE POET IN US ALL Poem joy 1 POETRY Sep 10th
In the Monkeys Beach Prose humanpulse Sep 10th
Ink to paper is thoughtful Ink to flesh, hard-core. If Shakespeare were a tattooist We'd appreciate body art more. ― Terri Guillemets Prose Lady_Makkara Depression, personal essay, self harm, tattoos Sep 10th
I need to feed my cat Prose Lady_Makkara awareness, Injury, Rape Sep 10th
The Pegasaur Prose Lady_Makkara fantasy, Redemption Sep 10th
Tomorrow I may die Prose MatthewWayne 2 Sep 10th
Cancer Coaster Prose Rose.T.Morrell 1 cancer, Illness, love, trauma Sep 10th
Hi, I'm crazy Poem Anonymous 2 Sep 11th
Hookah remembral Poem Anonymous Sep 11th
I Promise You... Poem DeathlyAngel Sep 11th
My dear My Dear Poem RaelynRocks 2 #love#relationships#missinghim# Sep 11th
Night Poem bishu Sep 11th
Retirement Poem bishu Sep 11th
The Melancholy of a Bodyguard Poem Mr_Brightside Beauty, Bliss, bodyguard, Depression, DESPAIR, fantasy, idolize, knave, love, melancholy, perfection, poem, POETRY, princess, Religious, underclassed Sep 11th
Never Forget Poem LittleLennonGurl 2 Sep 11th
Worm Poem bishu Sep 11th
-Bide your time and hold out hope- Poem Mr_Brightside Beauty, bide your time, caring, Depression, Devotion, Hope, Life, love, relationships, sadness, selfharm, Suicide, tears Sep 11th
Explosion Poem bishu 2 Sep 11th
Throttle Crockett Poem Sivus Disappointment Sep 11th
Between water and wine Poem Le'Vasseur 2 Sep 11th
I wish I knew how to wish come true Poem Dessert 1 Sep 11th
Stranded Solo Poem new_wave_franky 4 A love poem love Sep 11th
The Fortune of Helena Poem PensiveStranger 1 Sep 11th
Grief Poem jessie2376 2 Sep 11th
I Believe Poem GOHIL48 10 Sep 11th
fight of love Poem johnson637 Sep 11th
Come to me Poem 9inety 5 Sep 11th
We're Rich Where it Matters Poem metaphorist Sep 11th
Coping With Loss Poem metaphorist Sep 11th
Unglued Poem metaphorist Sep 11th
Freddy Is Dead Poem ramonathompsont 2 Sep 11th
Mommy</3 Poem cnlee9868 Sep 11th
Suffocate Poem cnlee9868 2 Sep 11th
Dust In The Wind Poem ramonathompsont Sep 11th
take a pill Poem Leo87 Sep 11th
shes everything but..... Poem Leo87 1 Sep 11th
TE'O Poem chris Sep 11th
We rise, we rest. Poem Love_rhino balance, complete, empowerment, love, positive, radiate love, soul, Soulmate, wholeness Sep 11th
Gentle on my mind Poem word_man 1 Sep 12th
SIXTY YEARS Poem springishere71@... 1 Sep 12th
Missing Poem death 1 death, loss Sep 12th
The Last Day Poem elliot_jordan2003 1 Sep 12th
the world we live. Poem Leo87 7 Sep 12th
Living in a dream Poem nighthawk21 2 Sep 12th
-Casper- Poem Mr_Brightside 1 Beauty, control, entertainment, entrance, evening, Fall, false, Ghosts, hypnotize, model, Silent, spirits Sep 12th
Feeling confident. Poem RaelynRocks #positive#poems#famous#feeling#confident Sep 12th
Over The Magic Rainbow Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Teavolt! Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Buck Nasty Breast Milk Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Three-Six Policia (Part II) Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
The Fabric Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
A Lotta Sense, But No Cents Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
I Guess So Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
In love with what I could trust about you Poem SSmoothie 5 ideas about love Sep 12th
Loves rotations Poem RaelynRocks 1 #love#forever#relationships#madly#in#love#read#poem Sep 12th
Two Tornados (Perfección) Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Psilly Tale Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
My Only Friends Are Bullets Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Three-Six Policia (Part I) Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
fuckery and sex. Poem SSmoothie 4 fuckery and sex. Sep 12th
Drunk On Yellow Paper Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
In Oil We Trust Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
The View From Here Is Amazing Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Another Day Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Learning To Drown Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Today Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
I Do What I Could Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Don't Give A Shit Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
One Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Lost The Plot Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Hello, Good Luck, Goodbye Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Pine Poem beccaloni nature Sep 12th
Bright Nights Now Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Director's Cut Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Happy Birthday Self..... Poem DeathlyAngel Sep 12th
The way home Poem nighthawk21 Sep 12th
Peace Out, Bitches! Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Pigs Are Bad Hotel Clerks Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Me Encantan Las Drogas Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
She's What? Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Just Be, Habitually Happy Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
It's A Long Drive To Mexico Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
The Universe Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Too True, Me And You Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Falling Asleep Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Inside Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Days In Silence Poem thrzasmack 1 Sep 12th
Lucy Loop Hits For The Kid On The Stoop Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Fiction Is Only Skin Deep Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
My Symbolism Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Sandbox Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
How Poem chris_814 Sep 12th
My Baby Poem chris_814 Sep 12th
My Savior Poem chris_814 Sep 12th
How To Cure Insomnia Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Alien Pirates And What Not Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Rent Turtle Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Secret Valentine Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
People Know People Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Backyard Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Mom Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Please (Part II) Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Exit Stage Right Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
The Correspondence Between Time And Love Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Apathy 2 Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
One Year Closer Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
COUNT NOT YOUR MONEY...! Poem pbenarumairaj Money can be liberating but it corrodes the cake of custom! Sep 12th
Stoop Kid Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
I Wanna Buy A Fast Car Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
God's "Chosen" People Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Heaven's Leaky Sink Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Dude, Vampires Are Real Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
I Like To Travel Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Bullies Are Bitches Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Spider-Man Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Brent Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
700 Is Not That Bad Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Icabod Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Keep On Keepin' On Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Lights Out Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Ideal Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Nine Eleven two thousand and thirteen Poem prboggs 1 Sep 12th
Miss you Mumma Poem gre0012 #Love#Pain#heart# Sep 12th
The Aftermath 9-11-13 Poem prboggs 1 Sep 12th
Love happened Poem SSmoothie 2 Sep 12th
The Monster I Was Poem Eebee Depression, Lonely, monster, Pain Sep 12th
Started With A Kiss Poem Eebee anger, Betrayal, death, Lonely, Pain Sep 12th
Cornered With No Way Out Poem Eebee 1 death, Loneliness, Pain, Suicide, trapped Sep 12th
A Sympathy Gained Poem damien 2 Sep 12th
This Is The Title Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Knifes and forks colliding Poem wheneveriturnaround 1 blue Sep 12th
Please (Part I) Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Booming Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Apathy Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Please (Part III) Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Perfection Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
Envy Poem thrzasmack 1 Sep 12th
Naught May Sprout From Thee Poem allets 2 Sep 12th
Don't You Wanna Marijuana? Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
darkest before the dawn Poem 9inety Sep 12th
Peace Among The People Poem thrzasmack Sep 12th
The Process Of Decay Poem thrzasmack 1 Sep 12th
What is the feeling of Emptiness. Poem boardergirl road to recovering Sep 12th
Ballad to Life Poem HuliganFish 3 Sep 12th
Don't tell him you miss him Poem wantingthatrelease #BreakUp #Relationships #Love #alone #embrace #passion #random #words Sep 12th
WHERE WE DRAW THE LINE Poem joy 1 War Sep 12th
Anorexia Poem Disgusting Anorexia, Illness, low self esteem, Starvation Sep 12th
Death: The Grand Interruption Poem metaphorist Sep 12th
The Funeral Home Poem metaphorist 1 Sep 12th
Time Poem EvieTravieAllie cradling, growth, swift, time Sep 13th
You can't copy and paste life. Poem RaelynRocks 1 #whitegirlproblems#cametomind#read#comment#poetry#lonly#alone#realizations Sep 13th
Daddy Paradox Dimension Poem bandofpoets bandofpoets, bop, Daddy Paradox Dimension, paradox Sep 13th
This I Must Estimate Poem bandofpoets band of poets, bandofpoets, bop, paradox Sep 13th
WAR is Good Poem bandofpoets 5 band of poets, bandofpoets, BOP B O P, War Sep 13th
Say Goodbye Poem elliot_jordan2003 Sep 13th
Where you are Poem sweetchaos 3 Sep 13th
Amy Poem sweetchaos Sep 13th
Until the wind blows Poem sweetchaos Sep 13th
he was smiling... Poem Morningglory 6 Sep 13th
Soon Poem snakie_marie #Life #Hope #Encouragement Sep 13th
Penny Panhandler Poem The_Carpenter 2 big dreams, change, depressed, dreams, Hope, Life, Luck, runaway, small town Sep 13th
A Withered Flower Poem millyardo love Sep 13th
Scaled Down Poem collix Sep 13th
Useless....Music help me Poem DeathlyAngel 1 Sep 13th
Edwinas Ghost Haunts Us All Poem PeterChristophe... 2 Sep 13th
When Skipper Roberts Empties Her Heart Of All Anxiety Poem PeterChristophe... 5 Sep 13th
Volcano Poem bishu Sep 13th
Mango Tree Poem bishu 1 Sep 13th
Retreat Poem bishu 2 Sep 13th
Choke Poem SSmoothie Cuntism. Sep 13th
My ode to Francois Hollande, French PM Poem DaztheDruid France, Peace, syria Sep 13th
My ode to Montereau Poem DaztheDruid France, montereau, Ode Sep 13th
I Am A Dark Poet Poem Eebee 2 Dark, Depression, Gloomy Sep 13th
The Horror Will Go On Poem ramonathompsont Sep 13th
Gold Poem bishu Sep 13th
Nomads Poem Miiranda31 Sep 13th
holding on by a thread Poem 9inety 2 Sep 13th
Hospital Blues Poem SH95 1 Love fear hurt pain hospital waiting girlfriend fiancée nervous Sep 13th
TOWERS Poem chris Sep 13th
ADJOINING ROOMS IN PARADISE Poem joy death, family Sep 13th
Adrift Poem qt_poet Sep 13th
Untitled #2 Poem DarkLight Sep 13th
Fitting Poem lewriter241 4 #society #life #reality Sep 13th
ABC -KAH Poem kevinh 1 Sep 13th
For Libby Poem robbie #BreakUp #Relationships #Love Sep 13th
Gone Poem robbie 1 loss Sep 13th
The Kitchen Poem robbie Break up longing lost love Sep 13th
Rainbow Unicorn History Poem denzelbridges happy Sep 13th