This Life Will End

The Word of God

This Life Will End


It’s God’s time, not mine friend, when my life here shall end,

Written in His Eternal Plan, including every woman and man,

With all life’s hows and whys, mixed throughout, in disguise,

Where, in this life God leads, taking care of temporal needs.


Temporal is time down here, the Bible makes this very clear,

That all upon this earth will die, this includes both you and I,

Then all shall see their Creator, even if He is not their Savior,

It doesn’t matter if you believe; a visit by Him all will receive.


When on earth I no longer roam, I will be in my eternal home,

When I depart this earthly place, lifted up all by God’s grace,

With an Eternity for me in store, this life, is recalled no more,

For I will live with God forever, with death encountered never.


This is what’s ahead for me, as from here I step into eternity,

A place for me above in Heaven, far from all spiritual leaven,

With a heart and mind that’s pure, in perfection, forevermore,

Death for me is eternal life; into the presence of Jesus Christ.


Eternal Judgment I shall not see, as Christ’s Spirit lives in me,

For by faith, I believed in Him, so Christ forgave all of my sin;

The only thing better dear friend, than death, at this life’s end,

With the rapture, a possibility; Christ in the clouds to meet me.


(Copyright ©09/2013 Bob Gotti)

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