My Ode to Russel Brand called Wizen Man


Greetings Russell how do you do?

Just had to write a poem to you

Universal mind just told me

of your interest in the unseen

including me


I am the wizen man too

at least that's the name given by you

to Daz the Druid, that’s me

expert in body electricity

druidry; eccentricity


and I have got an amazing team

permanently helping me

there’s my guardian Angel Uriel

without her, would be so much hell

she's swell


then there's Universal mind too

the one told me about you

connected to everyone now

an amazing database endow

holy cow


the goddess earth spirit

in the team, without her in it

wouldn't win the silent war

she has quiet weapons galore

she's no folklore


not forgetting Gebler too

spirit of the earth: True

knows stuff buried in the ground

such knowledge is sound

does astound


My higher self is great too

Subconscious Daz is also true

to the values I hold dear

soon I will be in high gear

tho no beer


iv been directed to more doors

to open, will underscore

the lightworking that is required

to improve this humanity mire

will not tire


and im writing you this poem too

only cos been told to do

definitely the light

is going to need highlight

potential: Infinite


the dark cant stand light at all

though to most sounds mental

that we reside in dark times

even though the sun still shines



before I go, you meditate

and you live with love not hate

below are some special words

meditate with them to leave the herd

not absurd


one is to up your light

the other astral travel out of sight

there's also my glass of water trick

ask your dreams if i'm with it

divine edict


peace be with you cockney sparra

and keep workin on that aura

getting some great attention

with out of this world questions

worldly impression


and if you fancy helping not only me

you would be helping the divinity

the dark have lost anyway

thing is, depends on how messy

get ready


the future plans

of this druid and magician

minimizes collateral damage

system demolition manage

potentially savage


peace x


glass of water before bed, put any thought or question into the water for 2 mins, drink the water, go to bed, you will dream about the answer or thought


Meditation words (hebrew in brackets)

Light= th/en/es/day vey/em/day (thnsd vmd)

kundalini= tey/ey/key/vey/key (tekvk)

astral travel= es/hey/vey/i/day vey/em/day (shvid vmd)







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