My father´s crucifix

My father has a beautiful crucifix that he has kept for the past 25 years. It is a very fine gold crucifix with a very detailed and delicate figure of Christ on the cross; the crucifix hangs on a thick chain also made of gold. It doesn’t matter the day, the hour, if there´s work to do or vacation to enjoy, my dad always has this crucifix on his neck. Maybe the reason why he never takes it off is because of the way it makes him feel because my mom was the one that gave it to him before they were married, sometimes I feel as if the crucifix was part of his own body. My mom bought this crucifix in Europe when she went with her friends, this unexpected gift was a very sweet detail from my mom, even though she was with her friends having fun in her trip to Europe she decided to buy something unique and special to my dad, and most importantly something that last forever. My dad always wanted a crucifix like the one he has but he never expected that the person that bought him this special gift was the one the he married. This beautiful possession has been through all the rough and painful things my father has lived but at the same time the happiest moments too. Every now and then, I watch my father doing all his daily activities wearing that crucifix with the hope that one day I could give someone a gift like that, making them feel so grateful that they use it all the time and even though years pass they keep using it as my dad uses his own. This makes me realize that sometimes is better off not knowing some things in life so they can surprise you, in this case that my dad did not know that my mom buy him the crucifix he always wanted and he got so excited about it. When I marry and have children I want that crucifix to be passed down to my children from as a legacy from their grandfather and so on to the next generations because this objects are the ones that represent the family “heritage” and are the most valuable and important memories that stay in our lives forever. Now that I visualize the crucifix means a lot to my dad not for the fact that it is made of gold but because of the sentimental value it has.

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