To Be Truly Blessed

The Word of God

To Be Truly Blessed


I hope you are blessed my friend, in the time that you spend,

While here on the temporal earth, living for all that life’s worth,

But true blessing you only receive, when in Christ you believe,

Believing in the Only Son of God, while upon this earthly sod.


Regardless of how long my friend, this life here soon will end,

But, here God would have you see, ahead for all is an eternity,

A time ahead, with or without, The Lord, is Who I speak about,

The Eternal Creator of every man, has indeed His Eternal Plan.


Time down here for you and me, is to think about that eternity,

That time everyone will know, whatever way you choose to go,

Here, with or without The Lord, by God you will not be ignored,

To ignore or hear God’s voice, leads you to that eternal choice.


Whatever choice that you make, one to embrace or to forsake,

The Lord God of all creation, shall affect your final destination,

In this time which is temporal, and a future one which is eternal,

As your present choices my friend, will impact your eternal end.


The choice my friend is to accept, The Lord, whom many reject,

To on this earth, be truly blessed, and to enter into, eternal rest,

But those who choose rejection, will step into eternal separation,

While those who chose Jesus Christ, shall enter into Eternal Life.


(Copyright ©09/2013 Bob Gotti)

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