The importance of teacher training in educational evaluation

Undoubtedly, a solid and updated initial and continuous training of teachers is one of the determining factors in the improvement of pedagogical processes to achieve the so-called and ethereal quality of education, especially that referring to the training processes developed daily in the classroom. The commitment to the quality of education is a priority interest as a possibility to mark the development of the countries and a recurring discourse of the educational authorities that represent the State.

Teacher training is a complex process that can not be understood in isolation, because a number of factors determine, regulate and articulate. In this historical context, teacher training has not been a relevant policy in the country, let alone training in educational evaluation and related topics. Many good intentions, much apparent concern and a speech that highlights the importance of teaching and its ongoing training, but few concrete actions in terms of teacher training, although progress and efforts are observed, the allocation is still low and timid of resources in government budgets; In addition, the policy of teacher training is imprecise and disjointed

Today more than ever, issues related to evaluation are fashionable, there is much talk about evaluation, especially that of students, but there is still more work to be done to transform their practices because, "although the importance of evaluation for the improvement of the teaching process, the truth is that the practices on evaluation are repeated almost mechanically "(Santos Guerra, 1999, p.378).


It can be said that continuous training, training, updating and teaching improvement in evaluation is scarce, there are few spaces offered to study specifically the educational evaluation. On the other hand, progress is made in the epistemological consolidation of educational evaluation for its resignification from concepts, principles, purpose and eminently formative characteristics. In some cases, the regulations express epistemological positions that direct their application and also recycle pedagogical discourses.

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Is Antigone a Study of Human Actions, with Complex Emotions. Why?

Sophocles play Antigone is a great example of an Ancient Greek poem. This tragedy is full of questions that were important for people a long time ago and did not lose its actuality until now. The main heroes are searching for truth – should they follow their hearts and unwritten rules of society or listen to decisions of kings and rulers? Sophocles play shows the whole range of people’s emotions – love for family, anger, pain from losing close people, and desperation.
Each character of Sophocles tragedy fights with his fears and prejudice. Internal conflict tors apart the main heroine of the play. Antigone has to go against society and disobey decree of her uncle Creon, in order to follow her family duty and the words of the ancestors. She truly believes that Polyneices has to be buried according to all the rules and traditions. Antigone is shown as a brave woman, who stays faithful to her believes, even knowing that she can die. “But I will bury him [Polyneices]; and if I must die, I say that this crime is holy: I shall lie down With him in death, and I shall be as dear To him as he to me” (Sophocles 55-58). She cannot see anything wrong in her actions; she believes her crime is “pure” and will be forgiven by gods and people.
Creon is shown as a cruel dictator, who put law and government higher than fear for gods and respect to traditions. He is listening neither to Antigone nor his son Haemon. He believes in what he is doing and does not have mercy even to his niece. He realized his mistakes only after losing everyone he loves – his son and wife. “Big words are always punished, And proud men in old age learn to be wise” (1041-1042) – these words show that Creon gains his wisdom only through the taste of loss and suffering.
Play “Antigone” is a reflection of that time society. Sophocles perfectly described heroes’ inner conflicts. It is a real study of human actions, the story of  internalfight and a great book of people’s emotions.
Works Cited
Sophocles. Antigone. An English Version by Dudley Fitts and Robert Fitzgerald, 1 st ed., Brace and company, 1939.
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Use of Credible Sources Improves the Quality of Writing

Quality is one of the most important parameters, which helps in smooth completion of an essay without involving any sort of complexity. To enhance the quality of essay writing, it is necessary to consider and use appropriate information that improves the contents. The use of credible sources supports in gaining reliable and valid information that, in turn, improves the quality of the essays.

Increasing competition in the academic field has put immense pressure on the students. You receive many essay-writing tasks from your college throughout the academic year. Writing quality essay is important for you, as it would enable you to get good scores, which can add to your academic achievements. However, you may face several difficulties to write quality essays especially when you experience a stressful situation wherein you need to complete several academic tasks such as assignments and essays within a limited period. In such cases, you may not have adequate time to conduct thorough research on the essay topics and read the information to build quality contents in your essay.

To enhance the quality of your paper, you must use scholarly articles while writing essays. This is because scholars who have extensive knowledge and understanding of any specific topic by conducting extensive qualitative and/or qualitative research write these types of secondary sources. Thus, the use of these sources in your essay would lead to the attainment of credible information, and that eventually will increase your essay quality. In addition, the use of books, authentic websites, government reports, and newspaper articles can also be considered reliable to be used as secondary sources of information to write academic papers.

You must also maintain the formal writing style throughout the papers because it is the basic requirement. You can also make a note of important points that you can write in your paper because at times there is a possibility that you can provide ample information, which is not relevant as per the requirement. You can also make a basic outline and plan the completion of the essay by segregating into various tasks. Then you can set your own deadlines to ensure final paper completion on time allotted to you by your tutor. Furthermore, as far as possible you must include sources that are recently published so that the information is relevant in the recent context. Hence, the sources that were published within the past 10 years need to be majorly considered.

Besides, using credible sources, you must also consider the writing style, paper format, and word count constraints while writing the papers. After rough completion of the paper, you can also send a draft to your tutors or supervisors to get a second opinion about your adherence to instructions and guidelines. After altering the papers, you must then revise and proofread the paper to avoid any grammatical, spelling, punctuation, or alignment errors. After considering these aspects also, if you continue to face quality issues, then you can take help from college essay writing service providers. They can write a paper instead of you if you lack time and knowledge, or writing skills.

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7 Useful Strategies to Get the Best Results in Your Assignments

Assignments can make or break your grades. Most students, however, don’t know how to manage their academic tasks. Nonetheless, with proper planning and time management, you can keep up with all your assignments and attain the best results.

I always advise students to consider enlisting the help of a good essay writing service when they find that they cannot complete a particular assignment because of inadequate knowledge of the topic or lack of time.

Here are seven strategies I found useful in managing my assignments while in college:


Make a plan that you can stick to

Start by making a custom study plan that works well with your schedule and number of tasks. Estimate the amount of time in hours or days that you need to finish each assignment and spread it out within the time you have left before the deadline. Spread out your study time evenly on your calendar.


Mark the deadlines of each assignment

If you have multiple assignments at a time, make sure you note down their deadlines. This precaution will protect you from the stress that comes with realizing an assignment is due when you are yet to start. Note these dates somewhere you can see easily to keep yourself updated on time you have left.


Start as soon as the teacher hands out the assignment

Start your assignment as early as you can. You will thank me later. Students wait until an assignment is almost due and then begin to rush to keep up with the deadline. Two weeks to the deadline may look like a lot of time for a standard essay. However, remember procrastination easily becomes a habit.


Find an ideal study spot

Being around people who have the same goals as you can motivate you to stick to your objectives. Consider this advice when you are looking for the spot to do your studies. A library is a good place to do your assignments as it is quiet and free from distractions.


Limit your distractions

Even if you find a suitable study space, you may still be carrying distractions in the form of personal effects. Your phone, laptop, and even uncomfortable clothing can greatly diminish your concentration. Keep your phone off or in a silent mode and away from your study table. If you are using your laptop for studying, try and have your notes offline to avoid distractions from the internet.


Always do background reading

Before you attempt to do your assignment, make sure you have read on the subject matter sufficiently. Have enough information on the subject or topic you are writing about on your essay/ assignment paper. Do further reading in addition to using your class notes.


Ask for assistance when you need it

If you are having troubles with an assignment, ask for help from a more experienced person. It could be your professor, teacher, TA, classmate or parent. Asking for assistance is not a sign of weakness. Instead, you can find clarification where you are stuck or be corrected where you are wrong.

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How to Manage Time While Writing a Finance Essay

Are you struggling with time management when writing your essays? You need not worry about that because, in this article, we will look at some of the best tips you can apply to help you manage your time while you write. Lack of proper time management can result in fatigue, stress and even frustration. As a result, your essays are poorly written, and you have to repeat them from time to time or suffer heavy penalties.


Analyze what your ultimate goal is

Before you sit down to write your essay, analyze what goal it is you hope to achieve? You are working on a finance assignment, and you hope to impart a few things on finance theories to your audience. The ultimate goal for you as a writer should not just be writing and submitting the essay; it should be imparting knowledge.


Have reasonable deadlines

Before you start writing, look at the intensity of the work needed from the topic that you choose to work on. If too much research is needed, work with a deadline that you are sure works for you. Do not use too much time for an assignment that requires a little time and the vice versa. This way, you will create a lot of time to revise your work and even get ample rest.


Have a timetable for your work

A timetable not only helps to save on time. It is a means of management discipline. With a timetable, you know how much assignment you ought to have done within a given period of time. If you divided your assignment into sections, including the amount of time needed for each section in your timetable. This way, you will ensure that no time goes lost or wasted during that period you are working on the assignment.


Plan for your day

The best way you can do this in terms of time management is to use the previous night to plan for how much assignment you need to do the next day. Finance assignments are complex and tend to eat up too much time of one’s day. Plan ahead to ensure that you have substantial work done at the end of every single day until the assignment is done.



Taking breaks is also an essential part of time management. The more tired you are, the less you will work. In between your schedule, have a little time for rest and breaks. They are breathers and give one the energy to complete this finance assignment in good time.

If you are a very busy person, these may not apply however much you tried. There are custom writing services that greatly aid writers who are struggling with assistance. All you need is present your work, and the finance assignment services will connect you with a financial writer to work on your assignment. A sure guarantee is that they submit your work within the given period of time and ensure that it is of high quality.

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The 30-Second Trick for Satire Essay From Rocketpaper

satire essay

Implementing satire the right manner enables you to earn impact statements which would otherwise fall level. Practicing often will supply you with more confidence about ways to compose a satire essay. The same holds for college comedy, if you're interested in learning satire in movie form.

The most acceptable language, perfect quantity of irony, and a great dose of sarcasm are the components for an excellent satiric read. When figuring out how to write a satire essay, it's critical to bring a strategy that's part witty and part ridiculous. If it comes to satire, don't be reluctant to exaggerate points and utilize hyperbole to enhance the effect of your message.

The Satire Essay Game

In truth, it's more enjoyable to write since you're permitted to place your own imagination and your individual perspectives in your essay. Clearly every student thinks they have written professional essays but really they haven't because there are a number of standards and should your essay is unable to fulfill those criteria then there's not any way you have written professional essays. Feb 23, you've created original essays concerning the amazing depression by.

Naturally, in order in order for it to be outstanding, you require some suggestions so as to turn your essay interesting to see. Your mentor may also be in a position to provide you tips about how to further hone your thesis subject for superior reception. An essay was defined in a number of means.

The concept supporting a satire suggestion would be to poke pleasure for an individual or a specific group of individuals. Very excellent satire essay topics are those which are in a position to enhance your reader's interest. Various kinds of satire may also be classified in line with the topics it deals with.

Satire Essay - Is it a Scam?

Writers can also select controversial topics, like the manufacturing and farming processes popular in america. Locating a topic for a satirical issue shouldn't be difficult. Constructed by rsantoneray utilizing mla format.


Satire Essay

how to write a satire essay

Throughout the book, Voltaire advances the notion that the world is not quite as great as it could be. Explain in 1 paragraph or even a single sentence, if at all possible, the origin or issue you're opposing or supporting. Your writing needs to be potent enough to make people behave on the circumstance.

Our site was made to make certain you will create the very best surprise and work your professor. To write an outstanding paper you will have to be quite creative in order to keep the reader engaged while reading your newspaper. I would be impressed if I were able to discover the response to ethics in a tiny paper like this.

Even if one doesn’t love teaching it's an extremely rewarding job on account of the wages. I'm a sort of ages department. You could say, for instance, that going to college naked would indicate that parents would not need to cover their pupils' clothing, which can be a pricey thing because students are constantly attempting to receive their parents to cover the most popular faddish designers.

And there are many resources these days that you don't have any excuse to not learn by yourself. If you have got many choices, what you only need to do is to select. All services need to be transported to the child in that setting.

What About Satire Essay?

Whenever a few essay formats lend themselves to outlines in the first phases of planning, other methods work nicely in satire. Repeated exposure makes it feasible for the satirists to create a more powerful authoritative ethos. Exaggeration is among the most popular satirical practices.

It should reflect a substantial procedure and also a keen consciousness of the elements of effective prose. These components are made by the writer utilizing specific setting, structure and diction. Based on the level you're writing at a general overview could be appropriate, or you may want to concentrate on one element of auditing in detail.

If everyone does something a particular way, then that might be ideal for societal conditions. To genuinely understand something you've got to acquire in the way that it works. It is inclined to condemn the topic issue.

In case the speaker does not particularly care for what he or she's arguing, it is going to be quite obvious. Begin contemplating how both functions compare to one another. Due to this very reason, plenty of individuals find it difficult to compose this sort of essay. Rocketpaper can write a satire essay for you.

Satire Essay - Dead or Alive?

You already understand what topic you will discuss and what is going to be your principal purpose, and you already identified who will be your crowd. It is possible to also ensure you use interesting vocabulary but never fail to include common sense. It is apparent that you're describing someone who cannot be larger than an elephant, that's why it sounds funny.

Look past the apparent differences and see whether there are not ways where the stories are alike. We don't know the manner it is possible for all of us to freely determine our own partners, but it has to be possible for us when we want to think about ourselves as morally responsible beings. It couldn't be further from the reality.

It might be comforting to attempt to look for a plus side to the losses which many are enduring at the moment. You are able to choose anything linked to societal, political, ecological, or financial problems. The reason is about producing an unexpected source of something.

The Nuiances of Satire Essay

You do not need to wash your own hair, in truth, doing this would rid yourself of those organic oils which develop with time and really hold your hair style set up. It's been a fairly crucial part of my life ever since I might find a pen. The satirical style is enjoyable, but you have to stay within certain limits, dependent on your viewers.

They're awarded seven minutes to produce their case. Reading is something that is slowly increasing even in the distant sections of earth. We're in your shoes a year or two past, therefore we understand the challenges you face each day.


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Essential Elements of a Research Paper

When it comes to writing research papers,it should be noted that there are different ways in which such works are to be formatted. A student has to write research paper  in style mentioned in the instructions to the assignments. Students should also make sure that the techniques and the resultsprovide thorough information about the research project. This post focuses on the searchfor details and will provide detailed information on the matter.

As a student, you might design a well-formatted research paper,but there are essential characteristics that should be considered when writing. These essential features that every person should remember are that a research paper should be fixed to an hourglass structure, which defines its attractiveness. Various details tend to be very specific when focusing on a certain subject when relating to the stated problem. Therefore, with the list of all these processes students consider it a challenging task. This is why students can use a reliableresearch paper-writing serviceto get help with their assignment. In this post, the essential points one should not forget when writing a research paper are highlighted. They include:


The title

In a research paper, the title is the main and the first component that a research paper should contain. It states the main idea or the problem considered in the paper.


An Abstract

The main usefulness of an abstract is mainly focusedonproviding a quick overview of the main agendas in the paper. A general synopsis of the paper should be providedto link the overall statements of the paper with the results and findings.To do my research paper proficiently an abstract should not be excludedfrom writing.


The Introduction

When you write researchpaper,the introduction is always vital due to the provision of the background data on the topic. The introduction should always be aimed at explaining the focus of your paper and the intention you need to be aimedat.


A literature review and the methods

The main aim of a research paper review is mainly providing evidence about the past researchers conducted which will draw you back to the main statement of the problem. A literature review should comprise of the valid data and the possible sources, for example, some journal and book articles.


Conclusion and Discussion

In this section, the main results that collected at the end of the research paper should be statedin this section. It also suggests the ideas for the future research.

With the general overview of how research should look like, it becomes evident why most students may find it very difficult to handle such papers. As a result, they may seek help with writing a research paper from different people so that they may not fail while at school. If they are familiar with online academic writing platforms, they can simply place an order and buy a research paper that has been written by professionals. This will be a sure way of attaining higher marks while at school.


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Managing Online Service

The international and part-time students who have jobs face the agony of the workload while in school and at their workplaces. This is a critical factor that academic online writing seriously considers on the part of students. The custom online writing enables the students to reach their standards in class-based coursework. The writing of student work through the online site depends majorly on the designed courses in any institution. However, although the face-to-face class work for students creates more work for both the students, the international students face much junk work. Therefore the students face hard tussles in sustaining both ends. The class courses mostly differ thus the students find it convenient to buy custom essay that write down their essays online.


The chance of any student worldwide to study in an institution, students buy custom online work so as to enable them to write essays online thus cover and meet the course requirements. The idea of working and studying at the same time may seem stressful but the online services have introduced ways to help both the international and part-time students to subsequently learn adequately.


 The efforts made on the part of the students to visit the sites help them to have easier campus stay hence the education system for the students week after week is dully credited.  The students choose categorically the custom online services and invest heavily in it to provide a common goal of returning best writing online essays.


The online service enables the students to combine work, studies as well as solving family issues. The statistics have it that students finalize on their coursework with a lot of drive from the online writing services. The effect of such learning through buying of online writings helps students to achieve their coursework in any learning program just as the full-time students who undergo face to face coursework. The duration campus working is countered heavily by the part of buying custom online essays that are written for the suitability of students.

For any international student and part-timers, buying custom essays through the online writing platform makes the availability of the market to all the programs offered in institutions. The online writing applies to all programs based and necessary for school course priorities. The writers, in particular, have necessary and suitable skills that are needed by the students for their success in education programs. Most online writing services have a lot of information that helps the students freshly provide better completion of university degrees. The top writing materials are found on the custom online writing thus the students are offered high technical and quality support. The instructors on the sites make it more successful for the students to get involved as the fully automated online writing provides answers. The students make self-assessment on the level of hard tackling of assignments thus improving their great way of learning. The assurance of security when enrolling for the custom online writing helps students to buy the services that are available.

High School GPA Calculator

Being able to figure out the high school grade you are going to attain is a great relieve with the calculator GPA. We have a GPA calculator that can efficiently enable you to calculateyour final grade for tracking your progress while at school. By doing this it will give you a brilliant chance of enrolling into a prestigious university of your choice for a bachelor’s degree program. In addition to this, the online GPAsystem has brought much change since students have been using it in a stratified manner making their progress in school become awesome. Below are the general guidelines you should follow when you want to calculate your GPA in high school they include:


Step one – you should be able to choose your current grade format, it can be either in letterform or in percentage format in order to be able to calculate your grade.You can request your class teacher to issue you will a rough draft of what you are going to expect your results.If your teacher is not able to provide you can either estimate your grades.


Step two – you fill in your attained GPAgrades, which can also be of your choice. You will have to enter thenumber of credits you have takenand the current GPA, automatically the GPA calculator will commence the calculation considering the present grades you have.Itis an optional step thus; you can decide to choose to fill in anykind of data you wish.


Step three – Enter you semester name, which can be done by customizing your name so that you can remember easily.


Step four – you should add all your courses in order to attain your total marks. The course formats are written this way: the name and the type of grade with respect to the number of credits attained, and the course type. When you are attending a regular class creditwill bebased on a standard scale for example, (A=four, B=three, C=two).On the other hand, honors can be increased to a maximum of half the points.


Step five – you can add another semester if you would like to calculate for a multi-semester GPA. You can add semester and follow some steps in order to enter the grades set aside for the course. Once you do that each of the respective semesters GPA will be indicated on the section of “your GPA”.

Conclusively, making decisions regarding the choices to pursue requires great experience. Therefore, work with parents in order to attain their best in their education. Gathering with a counselor to plan the category, of course, you are going to selectwould be helpful in making a decision whether you want to continue with a subject. Since steadiness is always a vital point to put into consideration, it is also important to know the grades you attain in class. This is achieved by many students being exposed to a variety of brilliant and unique ideas and thoughts, which could be essential in course selection options.


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