Bullies (Do Something About It)

An epidemic
Plaguing the youth
Of todays society
Nothing new
At least not to me
Walking the halls
Walking the streets
There is no escaping
Any of the them
The bullies

Kids who think
Thay have the right
To make others lives
Nothing short
Of a living nightmare
Kids who are never
Taught to know better
Kids who just don't see
Or even care to see
The reality
Of what they are doing
We all know kids will be kids
But we should not
Just put up with this
Someone must be done
Before they claim the life
Of yet another innocent victim
Who was bullied
For nothing
But being
We need to stop
This bull shit now
Because eventually
All those bullies
They grow up
And it is much
Easier to teach a child
Than to change an adult
Who was never taught
To know any better
Think about it
And do something about it
Before you are forced
To regret it

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