In one of those days

In one of those days
you feel a fury!
I could climb over the mountains
steep slopes and steep,
pass over brambles full of thorns!
and feel nothing on my skin

ford rushing streams
without slipping on steep rocks!
cross the valley and the hills,
passing in the woods where the lynx, the wolf and the bear,
are the masters of the territory
begin to climb the mountain,
and not be weary,

while the simmering anger inside
I get no breath,
yesss I am strong, stronger!
reached the top draw a long breath
the sun caressing my face sweaty
and smile looking at the landscape,

my village so small and so far away
under my feet and then forests and forests
tops of mountains and hills,
small villages in the distance,
the whole world at my feet

and the fiery horizon of sunshine throughout
its spectacular beauty,
yess, I'm better now
I'm hungry and almost ...
I smile.

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