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Monterrey, México.

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My Name is Mavi Novelo I'm from México, I like to read a lot of fiction and fantasy. I'm legal enough in my country to do everything as an adult, I don't like it but It can't be helped. My favorite author of all times is mexican and his name is José Agustín, he writes from poems and fantasy to novels and sexually loaded short stories.

I like physics, chemistry and hate math... odd, rare but true. I love music and everything about it. Cooking is my passion, yei! for molecular gastronomy.

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“I found a gay friend who basically saved me from wanting to kill myself half the time. Apparently, everyone in high school knew he was gay, and they just didn’t bother to tell me or I just didn’t bother to notice until he decided to make a pass at me one night and I just flatly told him that I wasn’t gay but I’d still be his friend. After that, I just started to realize that people were looking at me even more peculiarly than usual and then I started getting harassed, especially in gym class. They felt threatened because they were naked and I was supposedly gay, so they either better cover up their penises or punch me... or both. But after that, I started being proud of the fact that I was gay, even though I wasn’t.” -Kurt Cobain


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