Monthly Archive for July 2005

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
'See My Soul' Poem dmjmotivation 1 Life/Living Jul 5th
Understanding Poem dmjmotivation 1 love Jul 5th
'First Time' Poem dmjmotivation 9 Sexual Jul 5th
Purple Rose Poem tonitails Abuse Jul 5th
Ravaged Garden Poem tonitails 2 Abuse Jul 5th
Plum Poem tonitails Sexual Jul 5th
Man in the Boat Poem tonitails Sexual Jul 5th
Pool Table Poem spf Jul 5th
Scars Poem stately_lover 1 Jul 5th
Something I didn't know Poem Whitney Jul 5th
Fear of Success Poem wisdomscry 1 Jul 5th
Sunrises and You (A Vampire Poem) Poem 41tulips 2 Jul 6th
In My Arms Again Poem adam03cc Jul 6th
No title Poem adam03cc Jul 6th
Hope You Know Poem adam03cc Jul 6th
More Then You Know Poem adam03cc 1 Jul 6th
You Poem angelfairy212003 3 Jul 6th
ON SOLID GROUND Poem TeagueLChesed Jul 6th
Frustration Poem blumentopf Jul 6th
Fight the Man Poem bobby_2825 Jul 6th
My Woman Left Me (Cold and Blue) Poem bobby_2825 Jul 6th
Feel You Freely Poem bobby_2825 Jul 6th
Happy Poem brokenfairy Jul 6th
Scally At The Gates Of Saint Peter Poem brokenfairy 1 Jul 6th
They Wouldn't Want You Poem brokenfairy 1 Jul 6th
He's My Baby Now... Poem brokenfairy Jul 6th
My Demise Poem casper06 Jul 6th
Chasity Poem ccasey987 Acrostic Jul 6th
My Dark Addiction *WARNING* Poem Megsamoo00 Drugs Jul 6th
COUNTRY COUNTING LOVE SONG Poem chris Cowboy/Western Jul 6th
your love for me Poem eternity Jul 6th
Will you hold me? Poem fighter4life 1 Faith Jul 6th
unsure Poem Briana518 Jul 6th
Idea(l) Poem grahf Jul 6th
untitled Poem kinky_dominatrix 1 Loneliness Jul 6th
trapped Poem kinky_dominatrix 1 Suicide Jul 6th
criminal of night Poem kinky_dominatrix 1 Jul 6th
some weird thing i wrote...not finished Poem kinky_dominatrix Jul 6th
relation issues Poem kinky_dominatrix 2 Other Jul 6th
dirty.... Poem kinky_dominatrix 1 Lust Jul 6th
fallen angel Poem kinky_dominatrix 1 Fantasy/Magic Jul 6th
~Call it what you will~ Poem kinky_dominatrix 2 confusion Jul 6th
SINGULAR EVENTS ARE WE Poem kittymonkey 1 Abstract Jul 6th
Graduation Nears Poem lovelymissrai Jul 6th
A Kiss Good-bye Poem lovelymissrai Jul 6th
A Poem for Daddy Poem lovelymissrai Jul 6th
A Poem for Momma Poem lovelymissrai Jul 6th
Back In Elementary School Poem lovelymissrai 1 Jul 6th
Better Off Here Alone Poem lovelymissrai 1 Jul 6th
Empty Poem lovelymissrai Jul 6th
Ended My Pain & Strife Poem lovelymissrai Jul 6th
Gone Poem lovelymissrai Jul 6th
Here In My Heart. Poem lovelymissrai Jul 6th
A Cry For Help: I Beg You Mom and Dad Poem lovelymissrai Jul 6th
I Miss Him Poem lovelymissrai Jul 6th
I Miss You More Than You Know Poem lovelymissrai 1 Jul 6th
I Will Find A Way Poem lovelymissrai 1 Jul 6th
If It Is Good-Bye Poem lovelymissrai Jul 6th
In My Heart Poem lovelymissrai Jul 6th
Is it my fault, Someway, Somehow Poem lovelymissrai Jul 6th
July 5, 2004 - I Miss You Poem lovelymissrai Jul 6th
Nobody Knows Poem lovelymissrai Jul 6th
Standing. Poem lovelymissrai Jul 6th
Why Did You Die? Poem lovelymissrai Jul 6th
Scars Poem lovelymissrai Jul 6th
Maybe You'll Know Me Too Poem lovelymissrai Jul 6th
Halie Poem mia0917 Jul 6th
Hidden Beneath the Rain Poem mystery7905 1 Jul 6th
Atteignez pour l'éternité (reach for eternity) Poem nomes2riches 1 love Jul 6th
"Don't lie" Poem oh_so_odd Jul 6th
GOD IN A PICTURE OF ENDLESS GRACE Poem palewingedpoetess 1 Jul 6th
BEHOLDING SUCH HONOR Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 6th
"Midnight Dreams" Poem passionaterider Jul 6th
"Dust To Dust" Poem passionaterider Jul 6th
* Down At The Cross * Poem poetvg 1 Jul 6th
on logic Poem rashmiitz 1 Jul 6th
How to Care Tenderly for Your Bruise Poem tonitails 2 Abuse Jul 6th
The Tiny Death Poem tonitails 1 Sexual Jul 6th
life ends with a curse Poem thekirby Abstract Jul 6th
life ends with a hope Poem thekirby Abstract Jul 6th
Fundamental Faith Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jul 6th
DarkChyldesKiss Poem tullia_mays Jul 6th
If You Have a DREAM Poem unrulyspring Jul 6th
Apocalypse Part 4: Light into Genocide Poem xephornite Jul 6th
How I want to Fall Poem Letty467 Suicide Jul 6th
Suicide note #117 Poem Letty467 Suicide Jul 6th
Summer Poem _jennita_ Jul 6th
That Little Voice Poem _jennita_ Jul 6th
Doors Poem _jennita_ Jul 6th
Eyes Shut Wide Poem _jennita_ Jul 6th
___ To my translator___ Poem alihekal Jul 7th
عزف منفرد Poem bakri 1 Jul 7th
(untitled) Poem big_loser Pain/Sorrow Jul 7th
Untitled, 2 Poem big_loser 1 Pain/Sorrow Jul 7th
Eternally Yours Poem big_loser love Jul 7th
Across the Miles Poem big_loser 1 long distance Jul 7th
My Bloody Rose Garden *WARNING* Poem Megsamoo00 1 Suicide Jul 7th
** Read First Poem Megsamoo00 2 Speeches Jul 7th
FREDDY: A DOG IN A TRUCK Poem chris 1 Nature/Environment Jul 7th
Three's And Four's Poem dasweetyjd Jul 7th
Late Night Fight Poem dasweetyjd Jul 7th
A Bad Speech Poem dasweetyjd Jul 7th
I'm missing you Poem follow_the_knyht Jul 7th
Just a Fantacy Poem follow_the_knyht Jul 7th
Soulfire Poem forgeteden 2 Jul 7th
Paradise Poem geministar Jul 7th
The Door Poem geministar 1 Jul 7th
Poverty Stricken Poem geministar Jul 7th
Handa ka ba? Poem i_Am_GraziE love Jul 7th
Totoo o ilusyon Poem i_Am_GraziE Lost love Jul 7th
I used to be special.. Poem i_Am_GraziE love Jul 7th
Dating Tambayan at Gin pomelo Poem i_Am_GraziE friendship Jul 7th
grandpa... Poem jessima Jul 7th
who... Poem jessima Jul 7th
exists Poem jessima Jul 7th
your Poem jessima 1 Jul 7th
I wish Poem jessima Angels Jul 7th
every day Poem jessima 1 Jul 7th
worry bout me Poem jessima 1 Jul 7th
one wish Poem jessima Jul 7th
Family Feud Poem jgupta Jul 7th
Malaise Poem jgupta 1 Jul 7th
my fate Poem kayspoems Jul 7th
away from your eyes Poem kayspoems Jul 7th
lovechild Poem kayspoems Jul 7th
superfluous thoughts Poem kayspoems Jul 7th
jelaousy Poem kayspoems Jul 7th
(un~named) Poem kinky_dominatrix 2 Other Jul 7th
losing control Poem kinky_dominatrix 1 Jul 7th
Confusion Poem kinky_dominatrix confusion Jul 7th
anxiety Poem kinky_dominatrix 1 Jul 7th
ALONE WITHIN Poem kittymonkey Acceptance Jul 7th
WHEN GOOD PEOPLE DO NOTHING Poem kittymonkey History/Past Jul 7th
BEHIND THE HEART'S CURTAIN Poem kittymonkey 1 Being Loved Jul 7th
WHERE SKELETAL STRUCTURES CANNOT GO Poem kittymonkey Abstract Jul 7th
Insomniac '05 Poem lostandbroken Jul 7th
To whom it may concern: Poem lostinsoul Jul 7th
Four to Five Poem icifan 1 Jul 7th
Post Paul Poem icifan 1 Jul 7th
Viking Poem icifan Jul 7th
"Giving Up!" Poem Nediot 1 Jul 7th
"The Flame!" Poem Nediot Jul 7th
"6 LETTERS!" Poem Nediot 3 Jul 7th
My neopet Poem ozzypoemgirl 2 Comedy/Humor Jul 7th
Attacked Poem phantomsheart Abuse Jul 7th
* Anusha * Poem poetvg Jul 7th
Feelings Poem sardarkhan 3 Poetry/Writing Jul 7th
loosely gripping pencils Poem schizophasia Jul 7th
war and peace Poem schizophasia 1 Jul 7th
It's Not a Secret Anymore... Poem VJB 1 regret Jul 7th
Sorrow, and freedom Poem snickers0079p Jul 7th
Destroy Poem snickers0079p Jul 7th
A living hell Poem snickers0079p Jul 7th
Realization Poem snickers0079p Jul 7th
Bow Down Poem snickers0079p Jul 7th
Those Who Come Across Poem stephanietagle Jul 7th
UNDER THE STARS Poem teresa_r 1 Jul 7th
Valley of Peace Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jul 7th
Journey Poem wisdomscry Jul 7th
Trensations Poem wisdomscry Jul 7th
Beggar man Poem wisdomscry Jul 7th
Tongue Poem wisdomscry Jul 7th
Sleeve Poem wishful_thinking Jul 7th
The First Great Flood Poem wishful_thinking Jul 7th
The Third Time (Usually Is Cynical) Poem wishful_thinking Jul 7th
Idle On End Poem wishful_thinking Jul 7th
To You, I Am Alone Poem wishful_thinking Jul 7th
The Last Epiphany Before The Change Poem wishful_thinking 1 Jul 7th
Gone Poem wsusnowbunny Acceptance Jul 7th
Untitled -- 7.7.2005 Poem wsusnowbunny regret Jul 7th
The Bandit (#100) Poem 41tulips Jul 8th
Yo misma a mي Poem amores Jul 8th
!!! سفيرة !!! Poem asaihati Jul 8th
ذاكرة طفل Poem bakri Jul 8th
Life Poem Acruxansata Life/Living Jul 8th
Your search Poem Acruxansata obsession Jul 8th
Missing you Poem Acruxansata 1 Missing You Jul 8th
London's 911 - Shoulders to Shoulders we stand Poem blumentopf 1 Jul 8th
Before I Was Yours Poem brokenfairy Jul 8th
Death Awaits You (song) Poem Syzoth Jul 8th
Diminish The Torture (song) Poem Syzoth 1 Jul 8th
obnoxious friend Poem converseallstar Goodbye Jul 8th
Hallways in forever Poem dhoomedprincess Rejection Jul 8th
Kissing life goodbye Poem dhoomedprincess Angst Jul 8th
best friends Poem jessima Jul 8th
friends Poem jessima Jul 8th
you are... Poem jessima Jul 8th
How a Mother Feels on 7th July Poem jgupta Jul 8th
Awash Poem jgupta Jul 8th
Cowards Poem jgupta Jul 8th
Some like it Straight Poem jprok 1 Jul 8th
THE HAUNTING LINGER Poem kittymonkey Ghazal Jul 8th
Missed Eyes, Dotted Tease Poem lillep 1 Abstract Jul 8th
Dad Poem liltigg10 Jul 8th
Love in this House Poem lovelymissrai 2 Jul 8th
Till I Bring You Home Poem maddiejace Jul 8th
Black and blue Poem miss_terious 3 Abuse family bullying Jul 8th
New Beginnings Poem miss_terious love Jul 8th
Emotionless & Numb Poem miss_terious 1 Emotionless Mental Health Depression Anxiety Trauma Jul 8th
Perfect Poem mystery7905 Jul 8th
~Promise Poem naushin84 1 Being Loved Jul 8th
Late Poem DarkStatic Awakening Jul 8th
16. Solitary Poem DarkStatic 1 Abstract Jul 8th
Numb Poem ozzypoemgirl Goodbye Jul 8th
* Love Letter Sent From * Poem poetvg Jul 8th
Luther Vandross, Oh Ronnie Poem prboggs Tributes/Odes Jul 8th
ON A CHRISTMAS MORNING Poem profrksingh Culture/Society Jul 8th
As does the pain Poem sady_ct Jul 8th
everlasting love? Poem vatchejames love Jul 8th
Rattlesnake Island Rattlesnake Poem Sivus Abstract Jul 8th
Another Fine Mess Poem spf Jul 8th
Untitled -- 7.8.2005 Poem stoleninnocence 1 Jul 8th
OLD TO NEW Poem Mrs_Setliff Jul 8th
Fairytale Ending Poem taken_angel122804 Being Loved Jul 8th
Big Man Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jul 8th
Write Them In Your Heart Poem unrulyspring Jul 8th
NO S.P.I.T : A FUCKING PROMISE Poem vettie Jul 8th
finding directions Poem voighdt Acceptance Jul 8th
Afterlife.... Poem Letty467 Suicide Jul 8th
*~ طريقنا الأخير ~* Poem 3abak_alyasamine love Jul 9th
Starry Night Poem 41tulips Jul 9th
Forever you'll be alone... Poem amy_howard 2 Anger NonViolent Jul 9th
Pleasure Worth The Pain Poem BackstageMom 1 Jul 9th
Never Enough! Poem boarster Bittersweet Jul 9th
R.I.P Emmanuel and Optimism Poem boarster Apathy Jul 9th
Bend Poem timbiondollo Jul 9th
Not here Poem converseallstar Suicide Jul 9th
Prince Poem converseallstar Fantasies Jul 9th
There are Poem converseallstar Song Lyrics Jul 9th
My bracelets Poem converseallstar Other Jul 9th
This day Poem converseallstar Missing You Jul 9th
I would Poem converseallstar Lost love Jul 9th
Not knowing Poem converseallstar Missing You Jul 9th
You Poem converseallstar Breaking Up Jul 9th
You're in me Poem deathflavoredgum Jul 9th
You All Stare Poem ers Abstract Jul 9th
Yeast Of Little Faith Poem ers Comedy/Humor Jul 9th
sometimes not as planned Poem gemboy romance Jul 9th
the hispanic neighbors Poem gemboy romance Jul 9th
riding a railcar Poem gemboy romance Jul 9th
taking a steamer Poem gemboy romance Jul 9th
That would be perfect Poem geneconner2008 love Jul 9th
lost between reality and a dream Poem Briana518 love Jul 9th
i dont want you Poem jessadawn 1 Jul 9th
Shattered and unknown Poem jessadawn Jul 9th
Bedtime Poem kinky_dominatrix Jul 9th
werewolves Poem kinky_dominatrix Fantasy/Magic Jul 9th
Boost Of Reality Poem kinky_dominatrix Imagery Jul 9th
FREEDOM OF LOVE Poem kittymonkey Ghazal Jul 9th
WOMAN'S BREAST Poem kittymonkey 2 Ghazal Jul 9th