How dorky,

How completely juvenille!

How wonderful love can feel while in the throws of passion,

How pleasant even the most delicate of butterflies,

   That rumble in your stomach,

   That churn the anticipation grinder up a notch,

   Sparking the old anxious button,

Where it all ignites an inner flame.

We say the most wonderful things,

We say the most beloved and memorable of "I Love You's."

We live straight from the heart...where the brain has left...


We leap into love without rational thinking,

We give so much of our hearts without questioning.

Then things go bad, terribly awry.

One looks into another's eyes,

Then asks?


What ever comes next, doesn't matter,

It's all laced with betrayal...anger...and rage.

Perhaps one might think the powdered sugar on the cookie,

Is just that, sugar...

But it's arsenic.

For the longest time,

You can't believe it's over,

You go over what YOU did wrong...

Sometimes you never really know.

Sometimes, you want to throw the whole cookie out...

But not all the cookie is bad.

The cookie still has your share of the love in it,

The tears you cried together,

The laughs you made,

And the dreams you shared.

There is nothing wrong in that.

Powdered sugar, the arsenic,

Isn't fatal for no more than traces at a moment...

But it accumulates, like lies and insults,

And that is what kills a marraige.

But Love is powerful and mighty,

It's not the other person who kills your heart...

It's yourself thinking you can tame the bucking bronco...


One has to take time to tame the beast with in,

To keep logic and reason with the feelings,

Let them grow together.

Too much water can kill a plant,

So too can the sunlight.

One has to maintain perspective and stand on solid ground.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Finally thinking outside the box.

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