Four to Five

The days go so fast

Since the time of our meeting

You standing there, unaware of our greeting

We've walked right by and smiled at the same sights

We've laughed at the pictures and hurt from the fights

Just at differnt times

I'm four to five off from the time when we met

At the line there standing trapped by your net

Behind the bleachers we cheered for a team

In differnt seats but with the same dream

We'll go to State in '98

We're back for more in '04

Yeah in '98 that time we met each other

It was a friday unlike any other

You had dropped that fateful spoon

And left youself wide open for me to swoon

I dried your eyes and handed you the utensil on a dime

I was four to five seconds short of the rule's time

I will go and get you a new one, a plastic worthy to

Touch your lips and fully equipped for all you need to do

We were both young but still remember the hour

When blue eyes meet blue eyes and that meeting holds power

I've found my girl, the one for me

But I'm four to five off from where I should be

I've seen the state game, I've been at the dances

I've had the heart breaks and all the romances

I put on my arm bands to be just like him

They made me look like he did when on his each limb

I'm the embodiment of years, gathered in my soul

Your diamond is still in its process of coal

But mine is too and we know it will happen- someday soon

And I'm still fine as long as you have your white plastic spoon

Come on lil lady, can we get any older?

Let's eat some ice cream before November gets any colder

Too cold for ice cream some may say

But we'll heat it up in our own special way

Author's Notes/Comments: 

during football games it is legendary to eat ice cream on cold ass days with a hot ass gurl

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jaime's picture

i miss your football games a lot. i still want us to win, but for differnt reasons now. i liked how it was before. i liked the love i had in the game, cheering on the side, watching you, 45.