There are

There are days that bronng me down

There are days i dont care

I just want to walk away

flow into another day

There are times when i have givin up

There are times that really don't matter

But when i am with you everything goes away

You have helped  me

You are the only one for me

So hear i am to tell you

That I love you

LEts stay together

There are  days when i get so cold

There was no one for me

I cried myself to sleep at night

Still no one heard me

When will anyone recommend

that all I need is you

You HAve helped me

You are that special one

I love you til i die

You will always be inside my fragile heart

So hear i am to tell you

That  I Love you

Because of your strenght

YA because of you I've made it

Ya BEcause of you I survived


You are special

You are special to me

You are the only one for me

So here  I am to tell you

I love you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a song

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