A tiny person appeared
so small she sat on
my finger.

She called and called
my name,
tossed fairy dust in
my eyes.

For a moment I was
slowly opening my

There amoung the
sat you-my fairy man.

(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

There he sits waiting for me. My fairy man became reality.

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Yesterday, as we strolled
together in a fantasyland,
I was taken back to another
time of our youth.

A handsome young man, a
young naive girl, holding
hands. Looking at each
other with stars in their

Anticipating tomorrow.

The grassy meadows were
lush and green.Valleys
were ablaze of color.

Baby buds yawned, waking up
from their long winters nap.
Began to open their eyes,
as the warmth of the season
penetrated them..

Petals opened displaying a

You gently touched my
lips, asking me, I
That day so long ago, I
found my hearts delight.
knowing this love would
last forever, and it has.

(c) copyright heather burns

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The moon and stars tonight

   I look out my window and into the midnight sky. I see the stars and moon shinning bright. The stars are like little slivers of broken mirrors glistening all around. The mood is so enchanging, as it glows never growing dim. The flashs of light reflects off my face, and covers my eyes with a magical mist. It makes my mind wonder how does this exist? How does such a beautifull object appear? It makes no sense to me how the night turns to day. But ill find out how one day. Till I do, ill just go to sleep and close my eyes and drift off to space. And wait for day lights hours to pass so I can see the skys special treasures at last.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Beauty at its simple pleasures :)

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~Dancing Faeries~

(monorhyme poetry)

As I see the land on the prarie

I'm here just sneaking on faeries

They all swirl and dance so merry

til they see a troll thats really scary.

Then they all soar and hide with Carey

he'll cover them and be very wary

Meanwhile the rest waltz with Dery

til' the faerie Queen arrives with Gery!

She smiles and partakes sweet cherry

and forest fills of mirth and cheerie

As the faerie Queen dances with Barry

And gracefully spins and swirls so airy!

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000


January 22,2010

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Whispers In The Night

Whispers In The Night. Bring Us Back To Life. Show Us The Way To Bring Back The Light. I Can't Believe It's Come To This, The Warmth Of Day Here And Gone Like A Couples First Kiss. We Long For The Light As All Of Us Of The Night, Were Forced To Live In Strife. So Give Us Peace And Realize We Are People Of The Night. Were Just The Same As Of The Light Exept We Listen To The Whispers Of The Night.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

~no comment~

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(Rhyming couplets)

Enjoy to read 'bout everything

What other people do and anything

Great to read a good book anyday

They take me all the time  away

As I read of  distant lands

knights and castles very tall stand

Adventures carry me to places

Where many challenges I face

History,fantasy, name it

I love everything about it

As I venture thru each page

Dragons and fairies take first stage.

Dorian Petersen Potter

aka ladydp2000


November 17,2009

Author notes: Every couplet was done using a count of 8 syllables per line.

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A Midnight Flower

Fantasy Poems

She came to me in a midnight flower

As I nestled abed in my darkened tower.

Around her I could see the power,

Dancing in a sparkling shower.

Feline eyes they drank me in,

In the room the scent of sin.

Her arms raised, her claws high,

Wrenched from me a tortured sigh.

Elfish ears listened with intent,

As my breath I held in a rush was spent.

I whimpered and let out a cry,

So sure that now I would die.

My fears though were for naught,

For the ecstasy she wrought.

For this complete absence of sorrow,

I would live and die again tomorrow.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written long ago as most of my writing is. I have lost my inspiration.

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Gemstale Sisters

No one knows but she was born to the Gemstale family the eldest of all families of gnomes. No one knows that one day she will return to take her place as a leader among her people. Many think she died when a burrow collapsed many years ago, but to her it was nothing more then a way to explore and learn about the world from more then books and stories. To meet new people like those few she met years ago. She stands 3 foot tall and has light green hair intertwined with braids and jewels. Her skin is a light brown and her eyes are as blue as the sky. Dressed in dark brown leather armor with a few well placed jewels along the bottom edges her nobility shows through. Her true name is Wallien (wal le nay) Gemstale, but she has gone by Lienay Stalefay for many years. Her druidic path has leaded her to the city of Kruss.

As a young gnome she was the perfect student and great child in the eyes of the elders. She was the exact personification of a future leader. She always loved animals and believed that they are the beings that made this world livable. She relished in the chances to go top side to see the world and all the animals in it. Her youth was full of great memories and stories, but being born into a noble family was at times very limiting. She was studding all the time and never got to explore like she wished. Every now and then she would find time to get into the hills and forests above with her brothers and sisters. One time she even managed to make a few friends killing some rats in some cave. This one girl was screaming and Lienay swore she heard a dragon when they left the cave. Besides that she has not met anyone, but other gnomes.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I spent a great deal of time on this one but something is missing. Another novel idea.

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Cartos an eleven spirit shaman awakes in a startle. A nightmare of the days many years ago still haunts his dreams. Golden blonde hair snakes down to his mid back braided into two thick coils, and his sharp blue-green eyes are fixed as if he is still in the dream, sweat rolls slowly down his face. As he awakes, from the so lucid trans, he stands to reveal his slender well built body. He dresses in a dark green set of studded leather and puts on his bandana to match. Then reaches for his weapons and slings them on his back. All these items were given to him by his father when left to return to Korvosa.

Cartos’s past is quite remarkable. At the age of 14 he was captured in a raid on his small village. He to this day still does not know who these raiders are and will continue to search for them. All he has is a symbol he remembers on their armor. He was dumped into the city of Korvosa. He spent two years in this place eating on scraps and sleeping in the shingles. He then made a bad choice he will regret for the rest of his life. A man named Gaedren offered him food and shelter if he would work for him. Not knowing better he accepted.

For the next 4 years he spent his days getting tortured by Gaedren’s men or stealing for them. Then he found in one of the pockets of a merchant a religious relic of Gozreh. His memories of his tribe rushed over him in a quick reassuring moment. He knew this was the god of magic and he had to find a way to pursue his teachings if he ever wanted to escape. Right then he decided Gaedren would no longer rule his fate.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yet another novel idea i really like this one, but who knows.

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